TaleWorlds Entertainment is hard at work pumping out patches and hotfixes for their new game. Today’s patch on Bannerlord, patch 1.0.8, aimed to fix more bugs and crashes in the game as well as improve upon some mechanics. One notable change is that parties started by companions will no longer start with their own troops as players were exploiting this by creating parties, taking the units for free, and then disbanding the party. Another big change comes to the way mercenary armies work and you are now even able to hire your own mercenaries for your kingdom! A lot of good things in this small patch, read on below for more!

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Bannerlord Patch 1.0.8


  • Fixed a crash that happens mainly when exiting the game or leaving a scene.
  • A crash that occurred when making peace with lords in an army through barter has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to execute a prisoner.
  • Solved some memory leak issues related to loading a game and entering a scene.
  • An infinite loading issue that occurred when the player was leading an army and attempted to defend a castle was resolved.
  • Fixed an infinite loading screen bug while starting a battle as an army.

Save & Load

  • Loaded games now start in a paused state.

Battles and Sieges

  • Fixed a menu bug that appeared when the defender side of a siege sallied out.

Clan and Party

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to repeatedly create and destroy new parties after reaching each clan tier to take the starting troops of the new party into their own. Player created parties now start with just 1 hero.
  • In rare cases, a lord’s party was spawning at the centre of a settlement and was unable to move. This is now fixed.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

  • Fixed a bug where ending your mercenary contract with a kingdom resulted in a loss of relationship with the lords of the kingdom.
  • Kingdoms at war with powerful enemies will now offer higher payments for mercenaries. In addition to this, the ruler’s economical situation is important too while determining payment. With this change, mercenary factions will now generally prefer to take a contract from factions which have powerful enemies and rich rulers.
  • Mercenaries are less likely to join kingdoms immediately and will instead wait for a decent offer. With these additions, there is a bigger difference between payments offered by different kingdoms to mercenaries (changes between 30-300 denars per influence).
  • Players can now hire mercenary factions to their own kingdoms via dialogue (using the same formula as above).

Quests & Issues

  • Dialogue screen now returns to normal conversation after discussing the “Battle of Pendraic” with related nobles instead of closing.
  • Fixed a bug that showed some issue quests’ days remaining as a negative value.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some quests to fail immediately when activated.

Conversations & Encounters

  • Fixed a conversation bug that caused the conversation to get stuck after returning to the menu while the persuasion conversation is still active.
  • Fixed a bug that caused prisoners to smile. 🙂


  • Made the splash screen intro when launching the game skippable.
  • Fixed the age of “Watchman” troops.
  • Fixed an exploit where hitting a shield in a town gave combat XP.
  • When we entered a scene, the clothing colors of our clan members are now the same as our clan colors.