TaleWorlds Entertainment is still hard at work pumping out updates for Bannerlord. Today’s patch on Bannerlord, patch 1.0.10, fixes crashes and a few bugs that were in the game. There isn’t anything major in this patch. With almost a patch a day since the games release and everyone more than likely working from home due to the pandemic, fans of the game are grateful for the continued attention and devotion to the game from the developers.

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Bannerlord Patch 1.0.10

  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when players created their own kingdom in the main storyline.
  • Fixed a crash with the text management system.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happens when attacking a besieged settlement after an external interruption to the world map siege occurred.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happens when attacking hideouts after leaving during the attack and returning to the preparation.
  • Fixed a bug that made the “Escort Merchant Caravan” quest’s remaining days an unreasonable number.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when determining opposition kingdoms in the main storyline.
  • Fixed a cloth simulation issue that reduced FPS in big battles.
  • Fixed a flickering issue with flag marker UI elements.