TaleWorlds Entertainment is still hard at work pumping out updates for Bannerlord. Today’s patch on Bannerlord, patch 1.0.9, fixes some crashes and tweaks other aspects of the game. One notable change is that lords will now sell their goods to cities if they have a lot of them (after a successful battle for example) stimulating the games economy even more. Another big change is that you can now end your mercenary contract through dialogue without hurting your relationship with that faction!

If you’re interested in more Bannerlord content besides patch notes, check out our following guides.

Bannerlord Patch 1.0.9

Multiplayer – Other

  • Added a maximum limit to the number of characters a player can type in multiplayer chat (500 characters).


  • Fixed a minor crash in the main storyline.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred upon completion of the “Lord Needs Garrison Troops” quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred upon completion of the “Gang Leader Needs Weapons” quest.
  • Fixed a problem with fading out agents without fading out their mounts. This especially affected quests and when you equipped your companions with mounts.


  • VRAM leak fix for the Party screen.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug which applied changes without deducting funds from the player when switching screens from the bottom left menu.

Clan and Party

  • Lords and minor faction party leaders will now visit settlements to trade if they are carrying a lot of loot (especially after successful battles and raids).

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

  • Ending mercenary contract with a kingdom through dialogue will no longer result in a relationship loss.

Economy and Trade

  • Fixed a bug where bartering items with lords that were staying in settlements was not possible.
  • Made some economical management improvements to clan leaders’ finances over an extended period to try and reduce the chances of them becoming too rich or too poor.

Quests & Issues

  • Sending the culprit from the “Family Feud” quest as an alternative solution to an issue is now blocked.

Conversations & Encounters

  • Bandits will now surrender more easily if their opponent is vastly stronger than them.


  • Simplified Chinese translation improvements.