Let’s be real, Stardew Valley is quite the gobstopper be it hidden gems, hidden facilities or should I say secret notes? Notes in Stardew Valley are basically like the pop quizzes of existence, totally unexpected but oh-so revealing.

Trust us, these notes are not just your standard not-so-significant bit of content largely because of how they clue you into the juicer bits of this finite world. Today, we’ll be going on and on about this one note in particular.

Can you guess what it is? OF COURSE! The Secret Note 19!

This one’s quite the bugger, kinda like the avocado toast of Secrets. Intrigued yet? How about we dive right into it?

What Really is The Secret Note 19?

Look in the sea of Stardew secrets, Note 19 is the Kraken. Yeah, it’s that unique. Being a collectible this note’s inherent value is off the charts, containing a picture of Sam, Kent, Jodi, and Vincent’s house at 1 Willow Lane.

Do not think we’re done fellow gamer, the night’s still young, It also contains 10 directional clues and these clues lead you to something greater than what you might expect.

Decoding these clues is definitely not rocket science, but it’s also not a walk in the Valley either. Once decoded you will reach the location of The Solid Gold Lewis Statue. Yes, This statue alone is worth 5,000 gold!

How to Get a Hold of Secret Note 19?

Now before we get into the specifics, why don’t we get to know the whereabouts of the wonder of our seemingly endless valley?

via Stardew Valley Wiki

However, it seems that there is no distinct establishment from where you could fetch the note of secrets meaning that it is not the location that matters but the activities carried out to get one.

Don’t be confused Stardew enthusiasts! We’ve looked for the best ways you could get a grip of this note once and for all.

1) Growing Giant Crops

Growing a giant crop is no intricate task and yet it yields great benefits to our cause.

Crops like Melons, Pumpkins, and even Cauliflower have the potential to become a giant crop. However, that’s only if they are planted in a 3×3 grid.

Plus, they have the highest probability out of all the crops of dropping us some Secret Note 19.

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And that’s not all folks because it’s definitely worth noting that all of the constituent crops are supposed to be of the same type.

Additionally, We must understand that results will not be instant, as it is with every Stardew Crop, and there will definitely be failures but patience is key.

You see even if the crop is fully grown and watered, it may still require some time until it could blossom into a giant which is why you must wait.

Considering how there’s a 1 percent chance of a crop actually becoming a giant, you definitely don’t want to ruin your chances by harvesting a crop before it evolves.

2) Fishing

Fishing is another alternative you could opt for if growing a giant crop doesn’t work well for you. It might very well be the most convenient approach but it certainly takes time and happens to test your patience on the way.

But you know what they say, You’ve always got a fighting chance!

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It has been made really clear that you are free to engage with your grind on fishing activities at any given location in the game. Also, a quick side note, Fishing has an overall 8 percent chance of acquiring the infamous Secret Note 19.

This revelation establishes that mathematically speaking fishing may in fact be the better choice when compared with growing Giant Crops.

3) Breaking Stones

Who would’ve thought that breaking stones could ever lead to high-level yields of any sort? Well, think again because these clumps of earthen material could very well be our key to The Secret Note 19.

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To obtain a document of such value players must focus on breaking stones both in the mines as well as on the farms by the use of pickaxes, nothing too fancy.

However, it goes without saying that the drop itself is not guaranteed just like any other method cited before this.

And if it ever feels like a bother just remind yourself that you’re gonna be fishing bad mining anyway, right? Why not find some notes while you’re at it?

Depicting the Clues in Secret Note 19

Let’s rewind a little, The Secret Note 19 contains a picture of Sam, Kent, Jodi, and Vincent’s house at 1 Willow Lane as we’ve discussed already.

It is also worth noting that the same note also contains 10 Directional clues that help in leading the player to the infamous statue. Now here’s where the real starting point for this puzzle begins.

via Stardew Valley Wiki

The clues are depicted as arrows, and the same arrows point in different directions. This might be confusing at the start but you’re in luck. Why? Because We will be guiding you from start to end.

Players need to follow these arrows in the same order they are laid out in the note to reach the infamous statue. You must move in the direction of the first arrow until you can’t anymore.

Consequently, you may follow the second arrow’s direction until you can’t anymore. The arrows would eventually lead you to Mayor Lewis’s house but guess what? The journey doesn’t end there!

You see, The statue itself is hidden in the Mayor’s backyard.

The exact location would be where the eave of the upstairs window appears to meet the roof of the first story of the house a.k.a the top left corner of the yard.

Community’s take on Note 19

Be it Reddit, Youtube, or Discord, the community has takes that are more tangled than a wired handsfree. Although the general view is really positive, thanks to the amusing challenge it brought to the plain of Stardew Valley.

Of course, it isn’t all perfect because players have reported the absurd difficulty level that exists to obtain and depict the Note itself. And rightfully so, because the drop rate is dangerously low for any of the existing methods.

All in all, if we compare the complaint ratio of The Secret Note 19 to the rest of the 24 Notes, it’ll be fair to conclude that Note 19 passes the ideal threshold quite well.


To wrap it all up, We’ve given you the 411 on Note 19 and how to make it your next Stardew Valley trophy. Consider this all, your treasure that’ll help and guide you to a state of Stardew Mastery.

Now enough with the small chatter, Get your tools polished all the way to the top, and so let’s uncover what stardew has kept hidden all along!