The world of gaming is an expansive and immersive place. You have your seasonal titles that come and go without any lasting impressions. Then comes those titles that manage to capture a vacancy in your heart; one such example is Creepy Tale.

However, despite the story being downright jaw-dropping, it can take a while to understand how everything works.

That’s where walkthroughs come in, and to ensure we’re giving you the best of the best, here’s a complete walkthrough of Creepy Tale.

So grab your popcorn, and wear your comfort attire; this is going to be a long ride folks!

Creepy Tale Walkthrough – Format Explainer

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Creepy Tale has a total of three main chapters that span over 8 sections in total. The game is meant to be played on the basis of the story.

In order to capture that spirit, we’ve segmented this walkthrough into the exact series of chapters and episodes, so you can cross-reference whenever you want!

With that said, here’s how this walkthrough will proceed:

Game Overview:

  • Introduction

Chapter 1: Beautiful Butterfly

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3

Chapter 2: Obscure Side of the Forest

  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6

Chapter 3: Little Evil

  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8

With everything listed, let’s jump right in!


Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Welcome to Creepy Tale Walkthrough! This game is a chilling adventure where you must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to save your brother from a mysterious forest filled with danger.

As you explore this eerie world, you’ll collect items to help you along the way and encounter strange creatures that will test your skills and bravery.

With its creepy atmosphere, classic quest elements, and intense moments of hiding and escaping, Creepy Tale is an unforgettable experience.

The beautiful 2D art and haunting soundtrack will transport you to a dark tale that you won’t soon forget. Get ready for a journey unlike any other in Creepy Tale!


Here is the list of controls for both PC and Nintendo Switch players:


  • Space bar: jump
  • Z: interact with objects
  • X: perform special tasks

Nintendo Switch:

  • Joystick: move the character
  • B: jump
  • Y: pick objects or interact
  • X: perform special tasks (e.g. place mushroom, play flute)

How To Play

You’re one of the brothers and you’ve got some sick moves! You can run, jump, grab, and use items quite easily.

And if you ever want to revisit an Episode you’ve already unlocked, just head to the Main Menu and you’ll be able to access it with no problem!

The inventory items are all displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen, and the tools are all on the left, so you won’t miss a thing.

Keep your eyes peeled for the on-screen prompts because you gotta inspect, grab, and pick up all the items you come across.

And don’t worry, every time you enter a new room or approach a new puzzle, the game automatically saves so you won’t have to remember anything.

Plus, even if you fail or get caught by a monster, there’s no penalty, so you can just keep trying until you win!

Creepy Tale Walkthrough

With the borderline mechanics established, here’s the complete walkthrough of Creepy Tale:

Chapter 1: Beautiful Butterfly

This marks the start of chapter 1:

Episode 1

It was a crisp autumn morning, the sun just beginning to shine through the trees.

The leaves crunched beneath your moccasin-clad feet as you walked through the woods, a basket of gathered mushrooms in hand.

You didn’t mind the solitude, though.

It gave you a chance to admire the natural beauty of the forest and to reflect on the sacredness of this land.

As you continued to gather mushrooms, you couldn’t help but feel as though you were being watched.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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You gathered a few more mushrooms and decided to check on your brother. You followed the path he had taken, following behind him.

You heard rustling in the bushes, and when you approached, you found that your brother had found a trove of brown mushrooms.

Task: There are a total of 4 mushrooms! Pick the leaves and scatter them on the left side of your brother in order to collect the mushrooms. They can be revealed if you run back and forth.

As you were about to leave, the golden butterfly appeared, fluttering just out of reach. Your brother chased after it, leaving you to follow in his footsteps.

You ran and jumped over rocks and logs as you went, trying to keep up with your brother.

Eventually, you arrived at a small cabin in the middle of the forest.

Your brother headed inside, and you heard the door lock behind him.

Task: Head towards the window to find your brother!

Suddenly, a monster appeared, grabbing your brother and holding him captive, and then giving him to another monster.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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You knew that you had to save him, but you couldn’t do it alone.

You remembered one of the brown mushrooms you had collected, and you decided to use it as bait.

Task: You need to place the mushroom on a tree stump to the left of the cabin, and then knock on the door. The monster will emerge, and you would need to run and hide behind the window. 

Once the monster begins to eat that mushroom, use that opportunity to find a hiding place inside the room.

Episode 2

Task: You spotted a chest near the locked door, quickly hide inside! Now, pull the lid closed over your head, and wait for the monster to fall asleep. 

You heard the golden butterfly leave the monster’s eyes, and you knew that it was safe to emerge from the chest.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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You realized that you needed the key to unlock the door and save your brother, but you couldn’t reach it from your hiding place.

You spotted a bone used to bar the door, and you decided to use it to repair a stool.

Task: You need to drag the fixed stool towards the table, and then jump up and grab the key. Now, unlock the door and escape the cabin.

Episode 3

You emerged from the cabin and continued your journey in search of your lost brother.

The forest trail leads you to a ditch camouflaged due to the dry leaves surrounding it. You jump across that ditch and hide behind a wooden log.

Task: Push the log to uncover the ditch to reveal a cave!

The log rolls down and falls on top of a trap comprising of spears and spikes, revealing a large underground cave.

As you go below that underground cave, you must be cautious so as to not awaken the sleeping creature on the right side.

You carefully drop down on top of the previously-displaced wooden log, and from there, you jump to the ground.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Task: Spot a bunch of glowing purple mushrooms next to the sleeping creature and pick it up quietly. Then jump over the creature and collect all the purple mushrooms in your path.

At the end of the underground cave, you find a giant climbing vine that leads to the exit.

Task: You need to move a bit closer to that dead vine. Then, just press on the “X” button in order to have the purple mushroom placed right next to the vine. 

You then step on the mushroom and crush it, releasing its fumes that stimulate the vine.

With quick reflexes, you jump from top of one leaf to the top of another, moving fast before the creature wakes up and catches you.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Eventually, you reach the top of that vine. Then, you conjure all your energy to your legs to make one last effort to reach the ground.

As you continue your journey, you come across a broken bridge with only two wooden planks on top of it.

Task: Solve the puzzle! You need to move to the second plank, turn around, and pick up the first plank. 

Then place the first plank in front of the second plank, and then proceed with the second plank. 

Pick it up, and reposition it to make space for the one behind it. Repeat this process until you place these planks in the middle of the near-broken bridge. 

After crossing the bridge, you pick up a wooden stick from the ground. You soon come across another bridge with a small rectangle indentation on top of it.

Task: Move closer towards the indent and try to place the wooden stick there, converting it into a lever.

As you continue walking on top of the bridge, you see a monster lying there with a glowing butterfly hovering on top of it.

You move closer to the monster, and it wakes up, chasing after you.

You run away from it, quickly turning back and running as you notice the butterfly entering the fur of the monster.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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The monster follows you back to the broken bridge, where you had placed the two planks in the middle.

You jump on the planks as fast as possible, and the monster stops following you and returns to its lair.

Task: You need to make the monster follow you to the second bridge. Then, simply pull the lever from the middle section in order to make it fall through the bridge. 

The middle part of the bridge collapses and falls in the lake, separating you from the monster.

You pull back the lever to reinstate the bridge, and you escape to safety, one step closer to finding your lost brother!

Chapter 2 – Obscure Side of the Forest

This marks the end of chapter 1, and the beginning of chapter 2, the main beef of the game!

Episode 4

You start making your move toward the creepy forest only to find a cabin located in nowhere.

Task: Head inside to grab the bucket. Then move outside towards the well sweep, and use it to fill it with water. While you're at it, grab the nearby twig as well, and then move the bucket inside the cabin.

Protruding out of the cabin once again, you go to fill your water bucket once more only to find a small mushroom nearby.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Task: Plant that mushroom into the pot within the cabin, and water it to make it grow. Then use it to head toward the upper portion!

Your survival senses start to tingle as you find a small needle and a sacrificial lamb near the bedside.

Grabbing it, you head outside.

You’re heading through the forest, following a path that will lead you to the Sacrificial Alter.

As you walk, you can’t help but feel a sense of unease.

The trees around you seem to be closing in, and the quiet rustle of leaves and branches is the only sound you can hear.

You can see the outline of the alter up ahead, and you quicken your pace.

The altar is a large stone platform, surrounded by tall trees and bushes.

You notice a stone door underneath the old tree, and there are strange symbols etched into it.

You know that you’ll need to perform a sacrifice in order to open the door, so you start to search for something to offer.

You take the lamb and move closer to the altar, but you quickly realize that you’ll need to draw blood in order to perform the sacrifice.

Task: Reach for the nearest object – a knitting needle that you found earlier – and use it to prick your finger.

The blood drips onto the altar, and as it does, the symbols on the door begin to glow.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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You place the lamb onto the altar, and in an instant, a lightning bolt strikes down, igniting the lamb in a blazing inferno.

The stone door begins to creak open, and you can see a treehouse beyond.

You step through the doorway and find yourself in a dark and creepy place – the witch’s lair.

Episode 5

You’re immediately on high alert, knowing that the witch is lurking nearby.

You’ll need to be careful and quick, as you gather the ingredients to make the potion that will defeat her.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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You’ll need to hide in wardrobes and sneak around, avoiding the witch at all costs.

Task: You'll need to find three mushrooms - blue, yellow, and red - and use them to make the potion. You'll also need to find a key hidden beneath a pillow, which will allow you to access a locked cupboard where you'll find an empty glass bottle.

After you've made the potion, you'll need to sneak up on the witch and use it to defeat her. Once she's defeated, you'll take the key from her neck and escape from her lair.

Episode 6

You finally make it out of the lair, and just then, you come across a large tree with two big sockets on the base and trunk sections of its body.

Peeking into the hollow’s base, you find a flute.

Task: Grab the flute and then use the purple mushroom to jump onto the upper branch and peek inside to find a creature. Press X to play the flute!

Through trial and error, you begin to play the flute for the creature only for it to lunge a hazelnut at you whenever you make a faulty tune.

Regardless, you persevere for the sake of your brother and manage to convince the creature into giving something to you.

Biding your time, you gather the courage to head inside that tree house only to find a bed and a lever with weird symbols suspended on a string.

Task: Pull the lever in order to obtain the right symbol before sleeping in the bed, or you will have nightmares during your sleep!

By changing the pieces again and again, you manage to find the correct tune for your flute with the help of dreams.

Like a careful cat, you have been smart and have only utilized glowing symbols.

You embark on a journey to save your brother from a witch’s lair.

As you make your way through the forest, you come across a large tree with two big “tree hollows” on the base and upper trunk. Peeking into the base hollow, you find a flute and take it.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Using a purple mushroom, you jump onto the upper branch and peek into the second hollow to find a glowing yellow orb.

You make your way to a tree house, using the yellow orb to unlock the door. Inside, you find a forest creature sleeping very peacefully on top of a bed.

As soon as he sees you, he flees, frightened of the intruder.

You go outside and find the frightened creature high above on the top of the tree branch, perched, and as frightened as ever.

To get something from the creature, you must play the correct, melodious tune.

You go back inside the tree house and find a bed along with a lever on the right, and an assortment of strange symbols hanging from a string on top of the bed.

If you sleep on the bed, either nightmares or pleasant dreams will accompany you, depending on the symbol on top of the bed.

Using the lever, you move the blue owl symbol above the bed, making sure it is glowing.

You then lie on the bed and sleep in order to get a dream where you’re playing the tune.

This tune played in the dream is the correct tune for the flute.

You go back outside, play the flute again, and the creature applauds, dropping a yellow glowing orb into a tree hollow near itself.

You head down from the branch, take a peek into the hollow at the tree’s base, take that yellow orb, and return to the tree house.

Task: You need to place that orb on top of the backdoor to open it, and use the second yellow orb to exit that tree house.

Outside, you come across a spooky tree monster that will pick you up and fling you, and end your life.

To avoid this fate, you must grow tomatoes in three hidden places scattered throughout the area.

Task: Escape your fate!

1) The first plant can be found near the first tree, where you found the flute and yellow orb. Move near the plant and play the flute twice to grow and ripen a tomato.

2) The second tomato plant is located close to the purple mushroom, just below the first tree's branch. 

3) The third tomato plant is located near just aside the giant monster tree. You must follow the same steps to grow tomatoes in both of these plants. 

With the three tomatoes grown, you will need to go past the giant monster tree. However, be ready for it to crush the flute before letting you leave. 

As you begin your way toward the woods in hopes of meeting your brother, an evil princess comes in a palanquin carried by two monsters.

Scared, you hide behind the woods to inspect the current turn of events.

Chapter 3

This marks the end of chapter 2 and the beginning of the final chapter of the Creepy Tale Walkthrough:

Episode 7

Now, as you proceed, you will encounter three towers, all with varying structures and designs.

You enter the first tower and immediately notice the intricate setup of the ropes. You make your way through the first two levels.

Task: Collect the first three Runestones, and pick up the Fishing Rod on the right side of the second floor. They're going to be super handy going forward.

You cannot sneak past the librarian on the third floor, so you exit the tower and move on to the next one.

As you approach Tower #2, you see four platforms on the left that rise one level at a time only if you press the button on them in the correct 9-step sequence.

Task: Complete the puzzle by moving the platforms up and down. This can be done by putting your foot on the pedals. The combination is based on random number generation, so get on with it until you find the correct combination! 

You soon realize that there are at least two potential solutions to this puzzle, and the correct next step is always adjacent to the platform you are currently on.

With some trial and error, you are able to solve the puzzle and reach the lever at the top.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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You board the right-hand lift, pulling the lever to ascend to the Bell.

Once you have the Bell, you exit the tower and head to the far end of the dock, beyond the third tower, to catch a fish with the Fishing Rod.

With the fish, the Bell, and the three Runestones, you return to the library.

Back in Tower #1, you need to lure the librarian down to the second floor so you can reach the upper levels.

You have the option of ringing the Bell from the second floor or from the ground floor, then hiding behind the books on the left or behind the plant, respectively.

Moreover, you eventually make it upstairs to the fourth floor and collect the fourth Runestone. You pick up the Mask near the right-hand wall and use it to scare the bird into dropping the fifth Runestone.

Task: You need to turn the dial on the fourth floor in order to lower that hook and then hang the fish with the help of it. 

Lower it to get the librarian's attention. To do this, just have it suspended in front of him, then pull it towards you when he's about to reach it to distract him. (  

Now, descend the stairs and approach the board game.

The Runestones puzzle is pretty similar to the platform puzzle, but the order of the stones isn’t restricted to adjacent stones and the same stone can be selected as many times as needed.

Task: Solve this puzzle by using your problem solving skills in order to obtain the key. 

You visit Tower #2 one last time and utilize that Gear Key by inserting it within the keyhole. You hop up the platforms that extend from the wall and utilize the Fishing Rod in order to hook lever.

In addition, you pull the lever, opening the door to the final room.

Episode 8

It is time for the final portion of your trials!

In order to pass this, you need to look for a book present on the dresser in order to find the ingredients to an ancient potion.

Task: Gather the materials!

It's time to obtain the materials present in the manual. To do this, you first need to grab the butterfly from the left shelves of the room. 

Then look at the left page of the book, and use the materials mentioned by the gots.

These are the following:

- Yellow
- Green
- Red

Now, mix them up, and dip the butterfly in. Once the changes happen, release the creature towards the monster in the right room. 

Making full use of the potion, the time has come for you to drain the secret formula.

You head downstairs to see the awakened monster.

Placing full faith in your potion you head up to gain control of the monster.

Task: Find a carrot! 

You need to locate a carrot to take control of the monster. Luckily, the item is present on the table near the princess. Dash in as soon as she looks the other way, and grab it!

Using a stealthy approach, you head back to the potion creation room to utilize the ingredient for your final plan.

It’s time to mix Orange, Purple, and Green to create the final potion.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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In order to make everything, you begin by heading the solution and dipping the carrot in.

You go back to the monster in the other room to feed this carrot, and with this, all the variables for your final battle are in your favor.

Task: With the control of the monster, you just need to head downstairs and rain hell on the evil princess and her companion. With her companion dead, the princess will try to flee to the third room. 

Just make the monster go there as well, and you're good to go!

Knowing it's not over yet, you head back to the control room, to find a butterfly etched on top of an abacus on the wall. You interact with it, and solve the puzzle by making the following moves:
  • Top: First three rings to the right side
  • Bottom: First ring to the right side
  • Top: Slide the first two rings
  • Bottom: Slide the second ring
  • Top: Slide the first four rings
  • Bottom: Slide the last ring

Once you solve the puzzle, a door slides open, prompting you to head inside to take a look. In order to find the exit, you follow the path to descend further into the tower.

Moving further, you find small butterflies in jars.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Interestingly enough, these butterflies seem to be of different colors, and are locked within jar shelves. There’s also a ladder nearby.

Task: You need to grab that ladder and place it to the extreme right of the room in order to access the shelves. 

There are:

- Four shelves in the middle
- Two shelves in the left
- Two shelves on the right

Be sure to grab the key in the second shelf in order to move forward. 

Feeling a chill creeping in, you use the key near the slot to unlock the next room. Moving inside you find a lever instead.

Task: Pull the level to descend the rooms even further if you want to find your brother. 

While witnessing the horrific scene, you begin to pray for the safety of your brother.

Creepy Tale Walkthrough
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Once the life descends, you use all your strength to run towards the last boy and free him (your brother) from the neck ring.

Once done, you would have completed the final trial of Creepy Tale!


In essence, you just need to be aware of your surroundings in order to complete Creepy Tale.

The story settings can send chills down your spine, so be sure to use your wits and thinking instead of trying to muscle it.

You’re the weakest there in terms of strength, so a little problem-solving and quick-thinking will go long way!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the Creepy Tale Walkthrough.

Stay tuned for more informative articles.