Are you a fan of mystery and gaming? Why not combine the two in this theme-packed joyride called Ghost Case? It has horrible murder incidents, a down-to-Earth detective, and a convincing case.

However, the game itself can very difficult, and the niche player base makes it tough to discern whether the game is actually worth playing or not.

So, in this Ghost Case Walkthrough, we will be taking an in-depth look at the entire story of the game.

So wear your detective hats, as we’re about to take a deep dive into Ghost Case, the complete walkthrough!

Ghost Case Walkthrough – Format Explainer

The game Ghose Case is divided into three sub-sections spanning over 44 minutes of gameplay.

Now, in order to make everything simple, we will attempt to follow the same step-by-step sequences as in the story.

Most of the in-game moves will be made by taps.

So even if it isn’t mentioned, consider performing actions that way.

Similarly, the game offers randomized riddles, so our version and yours might differ!

Now, if that’s gotten you riled up, then let’s begin!

Ghost Case Walkthrough

Here is the complete Walkthrough of Ghost Case:


The game begins by showcasing the plot:

There was a horrible incident 20 years ago. A modern detective named Ren Arsen received strange cues from the afterlife regarding the incident.

Then the scene pans over showing a dead girl showing up randomly in the rearview mirror of his car, and then disappearing.

A similar scene ensues once again when the detective is working, his file folder drops over randomly.

The intro then talks about how the soul of the dead victim is not at rest.

The detective then scans the box to find all the murder incidents that happened 20 years ago.

Ren feels a connected premonition that there’s something going on.

Perhaps, the souls of the dead victims are not at rest.

They want to be heard more than ever!

Understanding the cues, the detective opens those old files to once again solve the mystery of those murders and to help those spirits find the rest they deserve.


The start of this story happens in the police station – in the detective’s office where all the files are located.

You need to inspect the scenes to find hidden cues from the room.

  • The first one is present near the coffee cup. Just tap on it to have the sugar packet revealed, and automatically stored in your inventory.
  • Next, move through the scene to head to the middle drawer toward your desk in order to get a more in-depth look at its contents.
    It will open up upon tapping and will reveal an old map pointing toward somewhere.

Just like the sugar packet, the map will also automatically go into your inventory. Just tap it from there to open it.

There will be two locations on this map.

Unlike old-school realistic maps, this one contains information about all the locations you’ve surveyed so far.

Currently, it only contains the Police Station and the Murder House.

Now, just tap on the Murder House to head there, and try moving inside the first room to look for clues.

The windows on the cabinet seem to be locked.

Try tapping on them to open them and reveal the contents inside.

Unsurprisingly, there is a weird window photo placed inside.

You will need to tap on it to view it, and then head back by pressing the arrow in the left corner.

Aside from the cabinet, this room also contains a table with a tape recorder and a screen.

There are bound to be some clues in there!

Tap on the wires to have “A Plug” automatically added to your inventory.

Now, it’s time to proceed to the next room.

Repeat the cabinet process once again to find more photos.

Do note though that these photos are not directly related to the case, so you have the option of letting them be.

But if you’re looking to complete all the achievements as well, then it will be advisable to not miss a single one of them.

Now, it’s time to move toward the next room. Here, you are going to find a broken bottle inside the table.

Just tap on the table first, and then the bottle to drag it to your inventory as this can be a valuable clue!

There seems to be a lot of broken furniture here.

Tap on the broken bottle in your inventory, and place it inside the broken furniture to try to re-enact the state before the crime scene.

There seem to be 4 holes inside the furniture.

These seem to have been the by-product of termites.

Remember that sugar packet from before? Now, place it inside the broken bottle to lure all of the termites inside.

This can be done by:

  • Tapping on “A Sachet of Sugar” from your inventory.
  • Tapping the bottle on the broken furniture.

The termites will start rushing into the bottle.

Seems like our future-sightedness paid off!

We’re going to have a look at them later, so tap on this bottle in order to store it back in your inventory.

Now, it’s time to head to the next room.

Press the button at the bottom left once again to head back to the first room.

Now, our very first issue with this room was that the door in front was locked due to the patches of wood slabs being nailed on it.

Now, what makes wood go away? Termites! Fortunately, we happen to have an adequate amount of them.

Tap on the “Broken Bottle of Termites” from your inventory and then do a light tap on the wood on the door to sprinkle them in.

Unlike reality, these termites sure do work super fast!

Now that the door is opened, it’s time to head inside to reveal what occurred here.

This can be done by a simple tapping action.

Once you’re inside, take a look at the black spot at the base of the lamp.

The cable seems to have been pulled off and discarded somewhere.

Fortunately, we have just the solution!

Tap on the “Plug” from your inventory, then tap on the lamp in order to get it fixed.

If the automatic magic doesn’t happen, it might be because you not specifically tapping on the base.

Unfortunately, adding the bulb was not everything you need to get the lamp working. It’s been 20 years, there’s no bulb in the socket.

So how do we find them? For now, let’s just remember this and proceed further with our exploration.

It’s time to proceed to the next room.

Just tap on the door In front of you to head inside.

Now, there seem to be two doors, with the right one being closed and the left one having a ghostly figure protruding outwards.

Tap on the door with the figure to find a bedroom with a drawer and two cabinets.

The rest looks pretty stock standard as to what one will find in a murder scene.

Now, it’s time to look inside the drawers.

Tap on the middle drawer to open it, and reveal the Glue inside.

Tap on it once again to store it in your inventory and head to the room view to take a deep look at the aquarium and the left picture on the wall.

We would recommend you save a screenshot since these two hints will be very important in the upcoming sections of the game.

Now that the ghost room is done, head back, and take a deep look at the image of a man pointing at the apple on top of the telephone stand.

Once you’ve gotten that in your memory, head to the door on the right by tapping.

This is another room with a desk and an antique clock. Let’s begin by exploring the desk first.

We have one more picture and a locked drawer.

There’s a book on top of it that seems to be locked up.

There seem to be two symbols in the lock space, so naturally, it will require a combination of 3 numbers to unlock.

Store this book in your inventory, and proceed to leave this room.

Now that we’ve checked both rooms, tap the right arrow on your screen to move to the next room on the right.

There seems to be a chest of sorts with a padlock on it.

Unlike the book, there are four arrows here.

Now, if you happen to remember all the pictures, solving this should be a piece of cake.

Since the order of the pictures was random, your combination might vary.

Just remember the directions in which the hand in the picture was pointing.

Rotate the arrows in the padlock accordingly, and you’ve pretty much done it.

But wait, we’ve only found the pictures, and there are four arrows, so that must mean there’s some sort of hint for the order as well.

Can we go through the door on the left or the stove to the right? No. But are they related to something? Yes.

Head back to the last room we’ve found a picture in, and try to take a closer look.

Remember, the pictures all have an image of a plant that determines its slot in the arrow sequence.

For example, the picture containing a seed must mean that the direction specified in it must be the first of the bunch.

Ghost Case Walkthrough
Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Do the same for the remaining images, but before getting out, take a deep note of the chessboard present on the left side along with the large cabinet that seemingly has another puzzle on it.

Now, the second puzzle should have the seed with the roots growing out of it.

Memorize the direction of the arrows here, and proceed to the third one.

This should have a small plant. Naturally, you need to memorize this direction as well.

In the final picture, you will be able to see a complete apple being sprouted.

You’ve gotten the sequence and the directions for all the arrows, so head back to that room, and dial the sequence in!

Since the chest is unlocked now, it’s time to take a look inside to see what we got.

If we remember correctly, we needed some light bulbs, so pick that one and store it in your inventory.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

But that can’t be it, right? Correct. Tap on the shirt with the number 1 printed on it in purple and examine the inner tag.

There seems to be a symbol there.

If we recall correctly, our book still needs to open.

Since we got one symbol down, there are only two more to go. Just like the size of the plant, there’s order here as well, so the number 1 must mean this is the first symbol.

Remember it, and press X on your keyboard, or controller to put it down.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Now, pick up the shirt with a hand making the peace sign. The reason? It has two fingers, so it must be the second of the order. Repeat the process, and then remember the tag.

Now, move to the shirt with three flowers on it, and do the same once again.

Next, take the book out of your inventory, and enter the discovered symbols in order to unlock the book!

Let’s start reading the contents of the book, and see what we can find out.

The first page seems to be a hand-drawn picture of a teddy bear, stock stuff for a toddler.

Moving onto the next page, there seem to be some weird arrows.

Anything weird in this game is important information, remember these, or just take a screenshot if you don’t want to bother checking it again.

Now, proceed to the next page, and viola, there are some more clues to be found.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Looking at the robot to the left, it seems like there are three kinds of shapes:

  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Triangles

Memorize this arrangement, as it will come in handy later on.

To not drag things any further, head back to the room with the stove, and tap on the symbols present on the stove.

A combination of circles, squares, and triangles, what a weird coincidence! or is it? Change the color of the symbols to match the ones present on that robot in the book to unlock the stove.

Inside, there seems to be a pencil, a vase, and some coal. Drag them all into your inventory in one big tapping action.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Remember the broken vase? Yeah, it’s time to go solve it!

Head back to the room, and use the glue present in your inventory to join the pieces together. Hmm, there seems to be a piece missing.

Would you like to take a closer look at the top of the right drawer? Seems to be another combination lock. It’s time to use the wisdom in the book once again to find the answers.

Keep flipping the pages, until you reach the torn page.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Use the pencil from your inventory to lightly shade the next page, revealing the contents on the torn-out page.

Memorize the square pattern, and fill it accordingly!

There seem to be three items in this drawer. A book, a token, and some sort of a smart card.

Now, sweep them in your inventory, and then open the purple book to find a bunch of fish drawn on one of its pages.

This is your clue to solving the antique clock from before.

Anyways, clock the book for now, and try to open the bottom drawer.

There seems to be a pawn inside. Pick it up, and head back to the blue table.

Leave your pieces or tokens on the board above the table, and move to the next room.

Look at the chandelier in the room, and open your unlocked book to the left side of the robot page to reveal a pattern of the lampshades.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Take a deep note of the checkmarks, and start inspecting the lampshades.

There seem to be two lightbulbs inside, with one housing empty.

We happen to have just the thing for that. But instead, let’s take one out, with the other matching the pattern in the book.

Remember the lamp in the first room? Yeah, it could use some help. Before heading there though, let’s take a detour to use the handy smart card we found.

Go to the room with the fish tank, and slide it in the slot of the right desk cabinet.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Tapping the door will reveal a teddy bear inside.

We’ll take a look into that later.

For now, go to the lamp so we can slot the two bulbs in, matching the pattern in the book.

Now, just turn the switch on for another cutscene to ensue.

The girl from the car seems to have appeared in the mirror, and she seems to be stretching her hands to something – as if she’s asking you to give what’s hers.

Oh, ya! the teddy bear! You have one in your inventory, give it to her and watch her disappear as some numbers pop up in the mirror.

Take a screenshot, or memorize these as they’re going to be necessary for the upcoming future.

Move to the room with the telephone, and dial those numbers.

The phone should be ringing a unique melody that we need to once again remember.

Now, move to the room to the right, and tap on the light-shaded lid on the desk.

There’s a piano inside. Now play the melody you just heard to perfection to unlock another secret.

Once the melody completes, the floor underneath will be unlocked – revealing an arrow dart and a vase piece.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Head back to assemble the dart, but before that, consider looking for the owls, as you’re going to be seeing one more ghostly figure.

It can be seen by opening the window in the room.

Just tap on it to have a clearer view.

Now, go back and repair the vase to see a design of a person throwing a spear in a certain direction.

Let’s memorize this as it’s probably going to be handy later on.

Now, change rooms to reach the clock, so we can get over with that puzzle as well.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Since the second hand is already in place, we only need to add the hour one.

Seems like we already have that in our inventory, so just use the tap-tap sequence to slot that in.

We still don’t know where these hands should be though.

Luckily, you can check the minute hand from the purple book, and the minute hand from the direction of the hand of the man in the Vase design.

Now attach the hour hand on the clock, and open the unlocked book in order to determine its position.

Remember the arrows page? Match its direction with the same shape in the arrows, and you’re good to go!

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Since the clock is working now, a small humanoid statue will come out on the left side- presenting you with a key.

Naturally, save it in your inventory, and tap the right door to find another owl.

Now, it’s time to head to the room with the fish tank and open the right desk cabinet.

Insert the key you just found in the hole, and grab the fish food and the board piece.

Use the food in the fish tank to feed them.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

They will change shapes to something we’ve seen before.

In the purple book, there was a page ordering these from 1 to 4, remember the order, and the color and patterns on the fish.

It’s going to be very integral moving onwards!

Next, head back to the room where the girl showed up with the number, and interact with the blue box near the lamp.

Use the fish ordering and the patterns to fill the lock on the box, and grab the pawn inside.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Counting the two on the board, we now have four pieces.

Perfect for solving one more riddle. Now, go to the room where we fixed the vase and take a look at the cabinet.

Then head to the board, and place the two tokens in your inventory on the board as well.

As soon as you do that, the ghost of the boy will show up re-arranging the tokens and leaving a circular disc.

The boy then looks at you and points toward the table.

Ignore it for now and try to memorize the color of the pawns along with their position if we want to clear this puzzle.

Go to the cabinet for now, and arrange the position and the color of the pawns accordingly.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

The first tile in the cabinet seems to be lacking something circular; Just like the disc the boy left us. Pick that up and place it there.

Next, start rotating the tiles such that the color of the circles should match the color of the board.

You can tap on the four circles to rotate them until you achieve that.

Once unlocked, the cabinet will open, and reveal an envelope with the text “Lian”, and some projector slides.

Getting there, aren’t we?

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

With lots of clues in our pockets, it’s time to head back to the “Police Station”, and sort out everything.

Use your map to head back, and wait for your inventory to change.

From there, choose “Projector Slides”, and tap the white button on your projector.

The first image will show the dead boy gaming with his friend whereas the next slide will immediately lead us to both kids about to go to school.

Apparently, the detective knows that friend. It’s time to head to his home to see what’s up.

Just to be sure, cycle through the entire slide list in order to find one more owl. Be sure to go past the blank ones as well.

Your map has a new location now, head to Lian’s house.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Naturally, Lian does not want to talk about the incident, but fortunately, we happen to have a letter.

Just slide it in (using some tapping), and let the magic happen.

There’s another own on Lian’s mug by the way.

Seems like the murdered kids were very friendly, and they felt persecuted a while before their death.

They seem to have seen “shadows” and whatnot before their death, and their final days were then acting very strangely.

Continue cycling through the questions, to find out that the kids rarely left their house out of fear.

The letter said “It wasn’t your fault”, with the reason being Lian, Dan, and his sister visiting the cemetery due to Lian’s curiosity.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

After this visit, Dan and his sister’s behavior changed drastically, as if they were afraid of something.

Time to get another clue!

Apparently, before the murder, Dan handed Lian a book that contained a card full of holes.

He has no clue, but you do! Take it from him, and store it in your inventory.

Remember the room with the stove where there was a locked room? Head back, and trace the hole pattern on the card to the lock in order to open it (roman numbers indicate the pressing order).

Just tap on it and head inside.

Considering there’s a lot more going on in this room, it’s time to start by opening the bottom-most brown drawer, and swooping the contents inside your inventory.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Move the clothes to the left side to reveal a box containing a note with a pattern inside.

The -+ mentions we should arrange the liquid bottles in ascending order (determined by the liquid amount).

There happen to be liquid bottles on top of the safe, this puzzle refers to that.

Just move the bottles according to the mentioned order to hear a click that’ll open up a hidden compartment in the room.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

A red briefcase seems to be lying here, locked. Use the -+ note you just found to memorize the symbol for every bottle.

We arranged those bottles in order, right? use that order, along with the symbols in the chit to unlock the briefcase.

The symbols on the first 3 bottles (in the same order) go at the right lock, and the last three go in the left one.

There’s a wire within the unlocked briefcase.

Pick it up, and move your focus from the briefcase to the vent on the left side of the room.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Tap on it to do some inspection and find a key lying inside.

Our hands are too big to reach inside, but a wire, on the other hand, is a different story.

Use “A bent wire” from your inventory to get the key out.

We’re going to be using this “White Key” to unlock the upper drawer under the shelf.

Do some tap-taps to open it, and swoop the flashlight, and green book in your inventory.

Let’s start with the book first.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Open it up, and analyze the page with the pirate symbol.

The order seems to be matching the lock order on the safe above. Let’s leave it at that for now, and explore the vent first.

Since we got the hold of a flashlight, use it to peer deeper, and find another pattern.

Once again, commit this in your memory, and move on.

Coming to the sword, tap to unsheathe it to find the same pattern as the one you just saw. What could this mean?

The answer lies in the pirate symbol page of the book.

So far, we’ve checked the vent and the sword from the symbols.

Two more areas remaining, before we can open that pesky lock!

Feel free to dial the pattern in the safe according to what you saw (in the same order as the pictures in the book). Be sure to turn the dots black accordingly.

Now, we also happen to have a pirate poster in the room. Let’s have a look at that!

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

The pirate seems to be pointing in a direction, same with the compass.

These are the dots we need to change to black.

Since we’ve obtained another pattern, it’s time to head back to the safe and dial these in. Once done, just tap on the safe to open it – or so you thought.

Head back, and move the clothes to their original position.

See those sneakers hanging within those 4 mounts? Yeah, that’s the final pattern – with the presence of the sneakers determining the change in color.

We’re done this time (for good). Now, peer inside the safe to find a floppy disc(calls for a trip back) and a broken medallion.

Insert this floppy disc into the computer at your office, and start browsing the contents.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Within the text files, you’ll find the address of a person named Anna, that, according to the images, seems to be a close friend of the murdered siblings.

Time to head to her house, and investigate further!

Just like Dan, Anna is also not very adamant about spilling the beans.

Time for a little persuasion.

While she’s in the window, give the broken medallion to her.

Recognizing it, she’ll let you in like the earlier reluctance was a hoax!

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Look towards the purple drink bottle on her right to find another owl.

Now, cycle through the questions to find the following info:

  • The medallion was just a token of friendship between Anna and Mia.
  • Anna happened to meet them on the murder day.
  • Mia and Dan seemed to be very scared of something on the murder day.
  • Seems like the siblings opened a tomb that freed something very dark from its shackles.
  • Seems like Anna believes this to be the work of an evil spirit.

Anna then lends you a picture of the tomb they opened. Looks like we’re due for another trip.

Pack your belongings (figuratively), and tap on the map to go to the unlocked location!

The grave seems to belong to “Frederick Nolsen”. Head inside to discover more!

The room is pretty dark, but we happen to have a lantern on the left side.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

However, there’s no way to light it up – until you discover the matches lying on the bottom shelf on the right side of the room.

Use those on the lantern, and then use “A lit lantern” to place it on top of the coffin.

There must be some clues inside, tap on the coffin to reveal the contents – Oh.. seems like it’s empty. No matter, let’s memorize a pictorial map of the room.

The shadows of the objects, the painting behind the wall – all signify something.

We can match the shadows with the objects in the painting.

For example, you need to move the cage to the image of the bird in the tree, and vice versa.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

In the end, the following combinations will occur:

  • The Pot goes in front of the Statue.
  • The Skull goes in front of the dinosaur-like creatures
  • The wire-like object matches the stars
  • The Wizard gets the flower pot
  • The bird gets the cage

Once you’re done arranging, a compartment will pop up on the left side, and the coffin will have some sort of puzzle in the center.

Let’s start with the object in the compartment. Pick the ring up, and leave the puzzle for now.

Time to go back to the police station, and piece the new info we found!

Tap the map to move back.

Seems like our detective character has opened up Frederic Nolsen’s file to do a little digging.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Seems like this guy was responsible for killing three people in weird rituals.

He was later executed through electrocution in an electric chair. However, he claimed he’ll return to life before hitting the bucket.

The story seems to be a century old. Creepy…

Anyways, let’s head to the store to find more information on the ring we just got.

Tap on the map to head to the new location.

During the drive, the detective starts to piece the contents together.

It all makes too much sense.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

The dark magic, the victim’s causes of being scared, and the century-old stories, all piece together. But is that really it? Let’s find out more!

Before talking to Laura in the store, tape a peek at the items behind her to find another owl.

Then, just cycle through the questions to have the following info revealed:

  • The ring was a possession of the Shamalu sect. The symbol on it was used for rituals – meaning, the owner knew Shamalu sect magic.
  • It seems like a cemetery guardian (who went crazy) keeps drawing this symbol while being locked up in the madhouse.

After the questioning, Laura shows us an article on Lenny (the guardian).

Seems like he went crazy 5 years ago, and has been drawing the symbol, and repeating a single phrase ever-since.

Let’s move to the madhouse to talk to this Lenny guy and see what’s up.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

But before that, complete your conversation to reveal more info about the ritual:

The rituals included the practitioner making 7 sacrifices. However, this practitioner has to die after making the first three sacrifices.

Next, someone needs to open up the practitioner’s grave.

Seems pretty on point with our current case.

Next, the practitioner has to make four more sacrifices – which will end up granting him/her eternal life. Considering Mia’s and Dan’s death, the practitioner must need two more sacrifices.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

During that time, the practitioner’s spirit will have some control over their body.

Now, can we somehow undo this? The answer is yes!

So all we need to do is to lock the practitioner’s (Frederick in this case) spirit into a doll at the last sacrifice. However, this doll must be the property of the ritual performer.

Similarly, that ring’s symbol must be drawn upside-down in the final sacrifice.

Seems like Laura has been a great help in untangling these mysteries.

She also hands a Shamalu doll to you in case you wanted to stop the final ritual.

All of this is pretty fortunate, but it’s time to talk business again.

Let’s go meet Lenny, and see if we can get any more clues.

Use the map to go Hospital, where Lenny resides.

Time to ask the receptionist about Lenny. But before that, tap the blue book on the desk to reveal an owl.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

You will encounter the following info after talking to her:

  • Lenny has been in the asylum ever since Den and Mia opened the tomb.
  • Seems like Lenny witnessed something traumatic. He’s constantly trying to communicate something through his drawings, but the hospital staff can’t make sense of it.

Within Lenny’s room, tap on the paper under the mattress to find another owl.

Then, let’s analyze all the pictures spread on the wall.

It seems like something came out of the tomb, and is stalking four people.

Considering Mia, and Dan have already been murdered, the other two could only be Anna and Lian. Doing the math, the number adds up!

Time to analyze the line-based images that look like a clue to another puzzle.

Memorize them, and then try to converse with Lenny.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Commit whatever he says to memory, and head to the graveyard.

On your way, you will get a call from the police station.

Upon picking it up, you’ll come to know that Lian and Anna have been taken somewhere, and their houses seem to be forcefully breached.

Now, in order to solve this mystery as soon as possible, you need to rush to the tomb to solve the symbols on the coffin.

Match them according to the pattern you saw in Lenny’s room.

Let’s start by getting the position of the dots right.

Simply drag them into position then decipher Lenny’s riddle in order to obtain the second part of the puzzle.

According to what he told you, arrange the tiles under the dots and you should be good to go!

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

A secret pathway will show itself once you’re done with the riddle, tap on it to head downstairs, and start analyzing.

Let’s leave it at that for now, move to the second room, and do the same until you reach the third room.

Try to keep as many of these objects in memory as possible since we’re going to be using them sooner or later.

With that said, head inside the dark cave in the third toom.

Once there, you’ll see four red stone pillars along with small animal statues underneath.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

You need to move these based on their weight.

The lightest animal will go on the smallest pillar, and the heaviest animal will go on the largest one, and vice versa.

Solving this riddle will unlock the shelves in the room to reveal a pot on the left and a bottle + dead bone on the right.

Pick them up as they seem to belong to Frederick.

On the right side, tap on the pot in order to release a bee that will start making its own unique journey.

Follow it to the next room in order to see where it lands.

On your journey, keep track of the objects the bee lands on, and store them in your inventory, tap her whenever she does land on something to make her continue her journey.

Finally, she will land on the tree in the subsequent room in order to pollinate it.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

This tree will instantly sprout flowers and will wither away leaving nothing but a mushroom in its place.

Pick it up, and store it in your inventory.

Now, it’s time to complete the picture on the wall at the back.

This is a simple left-right puzzle that just needs to be adjusted with constant trial and error.

Once solved, the compartment below will open up revealing the key inside.

Sweep it up, and head to the room with the snake jar.

On your right side, insert that key in the red boxes, and store the Wooden flute, Pestle, and Jar in your inventory. Remember the room with an actual snake?

Let’s go there and try the flute on it!

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Upon doing so, the snake will go to sleep, leaving the stone statue behind it defenseless. Now, let’s move back to the previous room with the painting we just reassembled.

One of the statues seems to have an arm missing, and we have just the thing for it!

Do some tap-tap to get it fixed – which will reveal some symbols on the painting on the wall.

Commit their order and shapes to memory, and move back to the room with the snake.

See that puzzle under the shutter on the left?

Fill the symbols in order according to the picture from left to right, and grab the paper and the jar from inside. Seems like our inventory is filled to the brim.

Let’s solve some riddles to make more space.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Move to the room through the dark passage where four images of people were pointing in a different direction.

Tap on the bowl on the left side, and drop the flowers in one-by-one.

Starting with the blue flower, tap on the bowl to make blue dye.

Then, use the jar to store it away. Repeat the process with the red and yellow ones.

Now take a look at that paper form your inventory, and memorize the colors and the shapes on the symbol.

If you look at the right side of the room, some paintings of similar color patterns seem to be pointing somewhere.

Memorize those directions as well.

Move to the final room in the dark pathway with the circular dials, and patch the symbols with the directions.

Now, grab the Stone with the drawing of the Sun that will reveal itself from a hidden compartment, and place it on the wall painting where the sun rays seem to be shining down.

Grab the revealed key below the image, and pull the lever on the stone.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Memorize the faces of the animals in the follow-up cutscene, and head to the room with the sleeping snake.

Use that key on the blue chest, and store the hourglass inside your inventory!

Time to go to the room with the snake vase, and memorize its color.

Do the same for the room where we placed the animals according to their sizes (there is a vase on the bottom left), and then proceed to the room on the right.

There’s another vase on the bottom right, commit that to memory as well.

Since we now know the colors of all the animals in the cutscene, it’s time to actually head to the room, and use our dyes.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Tap on the dyes, and the water according to the colors and animals you just saw. Upon doing this, a compartment will open above, revealing the moon disc.

We have already slotted the sun disc in one of the rooms before, time to head back there.

Now, slot the moon disc in to reveal the content inside the compartment under the image.

Seems like we obtained a Crystal of Quartz. Better store that in your inventory until a use case pops up.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Speaking of which, move to the room with the two stone eagles, and tap the oddly welcoming entrance they seem to be guarding.

In the follow-up cutscene, we will see Lian and Anna being chained up with Frederick standing in between.

The ritual seems to be in full swing, and it’s up to you to break it.

Let’s start by reversing the symbol on the floor. You have that piece of coal from the siblings’ house. Then, it’s time to do something about the four stone pillars surrounding that symbol.

There’s a drawing on each of them, and we just happen to have matching items.

Place the items matching the shapes on the pillars, and let the eagle warriors reveal themselves on the left and right walls. But wait, there are some minor differences!

Commit these to memory, and head to the room behind to make changes.

Ghost Case

The original stone warriors should match the depictions in the ritual room.

Once done, the game will show the Bad ending.

Bad Ending

This ending will make both (now freed) characters run toward the detective to escape the tomb.

But now with Frederick Nolsen wide awake, you will need to make split-second decisions, or you will be murdered along with the other two.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

If that happens, we will later see an article with the headline of you, along with Lian and Anna being murdered.

Good Ending

In order to ensure such a thing doesn’t happen, you need to select the Doll for rituals from your inventory and use the ring to combine them both right after fixing the statue.

Don’t head in immediately!

Once combined, the same cutscene will ensue, right to the point where you’re about to be murdered.

You need to tap on the combined doll in your inventory, and then tap on Frederick, to throw it on him.

This will cause the now-terrified Frederick to be entrapped in the doll forever.

The follow-up cutscene will show Detective Larsen visiting the graves of Dan and Mia to pay them a final visit as a fitting conclusion.

Ghost Case

However, we still have the doll, so it seems we must make a visit back to where we got it from.

Luckily, Laura seems to be very dependable when it comes to guarding and storing dolls with evil spirits, so let’s leave the headache to her.

Ghost Case | Complete Walkthrough

Time to solve another puzzle! Seems like the box laura is trying to store the doll in requires some puzzle-solving.

Keep tapping on the shapes by looking at the eyes that pop up at their side.

You basically need to create a route between one eye and the other.

Ghost Case

Once Laura stores the doll inside, she transforms into a witch. Bad news alert! It seems we just gave the soul of one of the worst criminals in history to a witch!

Ghost Case

Well… not our headache. At least for this game!


All in all, the game became pretty gut-clenching at the end, and one wrong move would’ve been the difference between you succeeding and failing.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the Ghost Case Walkthrough.

Stay tuned for more informative articles.