Hollow Knight is a game similar to Returnal. While it has no random elements connected with it, players do need to work their way through several bosses over the course of the game. In this Hollow Knight Dung Defender guide, we’ll walk you through how to eliminate this boss fast. We’ll also throw in some added information you won’t know anything about. For example, some of the lore surrounding this boss.

What is the Hollow Knight Dung Defender?

Hollow Knight Dung Defender
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This is one of the main bosses in the traditional Hollow Knight progression path. It’s a defender of the path to Isma’s Grove, and has defeated many champions before. His dream variant is the White Defender. You’ll face this boss early on, depending on the route you take through the world. As part of the Hidden Dreams content, you can face him inside his dreams by killing all three dreamers and then hitting him with the Dream Nail in his sleep.

Attacks and Strategies

dung defender
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Dung Defender has a single phase. We’ll cover all the moves that he uses now, as well as some tips to help you avoid taking damage.

Dung Toss

The boss will gather up and throw a single dung ball. After that, he’ll use a second move. The dung ball will bounce around the arena in large arcs for a while. It can even reach up to the top of the arena. You’ll be faced with avoiding the ball for about five seconds, but you can deal enough damage to it to destroy it. Even if the ball hits you, it’ll keep bouncing.

The best move here is to just avoid the attack. Dodge out of the way and position yourself smartly. However, hitting the ball enough to destroy it will also work as a viable tactic.


The boss dives underground and moves back and forth around the area. This will cause some disruption around the arena. The boss will be underground for about five seconds, and then he’ll jump up from the ground. Four dung balls will burst out from where the boss emerges. If you’re hit by them, they deal damage. The enemy will pop up from anywhere in the arena, and the balls will break when they hit either you or the floor.

Once again, dodging is the best tactic. Once the boss emerges, get into a point where the dung balls won’t hit you. This is also a pretty good opportunity to hit the boss and deal some damage before moving on.

Toss Combo

The boss will gather up two dung balls and throw them now. They’ll be thrown pretty close together, and aimed at you. The balls will bounce around the arena for about six seconds and then disappear. You could also jut hit them to deal with them. After this attack comes, the boss will use one of the following two.


If using this move, the boss will throw two dung balls and then curl up into a ball. It’ll then bounce around the arena and cause a lot of damage if it hits you. He’ll do this for about four seconds. All you can do is hope to avoid the attack.


This is the exact same burst move as the one above. It causes a lot of disruption, and you’ll have to work quite hard to avoid taking any damage. Use the same tactics as above, and you’ll probably avoid most of the incoming damage.


The boss appears to be swimming through the ground. It’ll dive up and down around the arena. This is an odd move, but it’ll be one that causes a lot of damage if you don’t avoid it. Use your dodge skills to the highest degree to avoid most of the damage that’s coming your way.


This move comes at 350HP. The boss enters a sort of frenzy mode after letting out a huge shout. This state lasts for about twelve seconds. The boss will also chain together several other attacks within this space of time. This is likely to be a set of burst attacks, seeing it blow out of the ground and cause a lot of potential damage. Watch out for the falling debris. During this time, he’ll be able to detect where you are in the arena. He’ll use this to try to jump out or dive down where you’re standing. It creates a lot more to avoid.

Keep dodging, that’s all you need to do. Wait for the phase to be over and deal some damage when you can.


This is a tactic to avoid damage. The boss will curl up and roll backwards to avoid your hits. Once this has happened, it might then do an attack as well.

Best Strategy

Your best strategy throughout this entire fight is to avoid damage and deal with it when you can. When the boss is bouncing around the room, or balls of dung are, keep away and get hits in when you can. This can be difficult, but if you get to grips with it all then you’ll be able to deal damage and get through the fight fast.

Hollow Knight Dung Defender Lore

hollow knight dung defender boss
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The Dung Defender was once known as Ogrim. It was the most loyal of the five great knights of the Hallownest. HE participated in many adventures and battles as a part of his role. However, he was also well known for his incredibly bad smell. This didn’t keep him from enjoying the White Lady’s company at all. He was also particularly fond of the knight named Isma.

Ogrim made it through the infection. However, he has isolated himself in this part of the Royal Waterways. This is where dung gathers, but it’s also where the boss guards the entry to Isma’s Grove. The boss likes to roll the dung and create statues out of it. He’ll also attack anyone who comes near him.

In isolation, the boss has no idea that his king is dead. That’s why he keeps working on defending the area and working as if his king is still around.