Ubisoft has revealed its The Division content roadmap for the foreseeable future. It seems like it covers at least a couple of years, leading into 2023. However, we can’t be sure on that. What we do know is that this roadmap shows everything that the company has planned for the franchise so far. It’s got a lot of gaming content, but also some other stuff that will transform The Division into a multi-media IP. This seems to be the plan for all Ubisoft properties, like Assassin’s Creed, and it must be working otherwise these products wouldn’t be going forward. In this guide, we’ll cover everything in the roadmap so you have an idea of what each entry is.

The Division content roadmap
Image Source: NME

The roadmap starts out by showing you what content has come out so far. For reference, this is The Division, The Division 2, and The Division: Warlords of New York. Everything else on this roadmap is new content that isn’t available at the time of writing. (https://norvado.com/)

The Division Heartland

The Division Heartland is a brand new game within The Division universe. It’s set in the same world as the main games, but it’s not going to be linked to them. Instead, this will be a standalone title that players can enjoy without needing to understand anything about the established lore. It sounds like it’ll be a fresh place for players to start. It also sounds as if it will offer a different type of gameplay, one that players can get into without needing to get bogged down in the min/max formula of the main MMOs. This is a bold move for Ubisoft because there’s already an established fan base for the main games and what they offer.

It’s possible to sign up to play this game early here. This shows that Ubisoft wants to work with a community of players to develop this game leading up to release. Hopefully, this means that the final game that launches is one that everyone wants. Not something that’s been made in a bubble.

The Division 2: New Content

As Ubisoft has previously confirmed, new content is coming to The Division 2. Its place in The Division content roadmap indicates that it’ll come after Heartland has released. At the time of writing, Heartland is planned for 2021, and Ubisoft has claimed that new The Division 2 content will also be coming in the same year.

What form this new content takes is anyone’s guess. However, there are two most likely scenarios that we’d like to put out there. The first is a set of new seasons. Each season adds a new activity and season pass with gear to earn. There will also be events and other things to keep players busy. A full year of seasons could be announced, ending with a reveal of The Division 3 or another year of seasons.

The second form this new content could take is a big new expansion for The Division 2. This would be similar to Warlords of New York. It should add a brand new area to explore, loads of new things to do and see, and a big new campaign to master. This is what players will want more than new seasons. However, it all comes down to what Ubisoft is capable of developing in the time it has.

The Division Mobile

The next entry on the roadmap is a mobile game, The Division Mobile. Almost nothing is known about this game, other than it’s probably also going to be free-to-play. This would make sense since it has to compete with the likes of Fortnite and other hugely popular mobile games that have no buy-in costs. We do have a theory around what this game might be, but it’s pure speculation.

The best way we can see this game working is if it’s got a core focus on the Dark Zones. Players would take on the role of special agents tasked with cleaning the Dark Zones up. Every match drops players into a Dark Zone, and they have to kill enemies to upgrade their stats for that match and collect loot, like weapons and armor. Players will be able to work together or kill each other if they want to. If you kill another player, you can claim all of their items. The endgame would revolve around getting out on a helicopter, as it does in the main games.

This game could work, but it would need to offer a similar level of gameplay for free as Fortnite does. In addition, season passes would have to add enough meaningful content that they’re worth buying into each season. With so many great examples out there to follow, this mobile game could take off.

The Division Novel

The penultimate entry on this The Division content roadmap is a book. The Division Novel is simply known as that for now. Given how successful the Assassin’s Creed books have been, this book could do very well. The novel will probably follow the events of the first and second games, covering the story to date. However, as with the Assassin’s Creed books, more details and lore would be included. This is what fans are after, more story building and lore to follow instead of action-packed books. Ubisoft is good at getting these books right, so it’s easy for us to say that this will be a winning entry.

The Division Netflix Film

The final entry on the roadmap is a film in collaboration with Netflix. The streaming service has a number of video game projects in the works, and the ones that have released so far have done extremely well. One based in the universe of The Division would meet the need for tactical military shooters with serious themes. It could also introduce more people to the franchise, something that Ubisoft will be keen to do at all times. We’re still apprehensive about this entry, but it could be good if done well. All it needs is a good story to follow, one that could even tie in to all the games released up until this point.