Apex Legends has been out for two years now. As a result, we’re moving through the game’s seasons at what seems an alarmingly fast pace. Every new season changes the meta for weapons and characters, also known as Legends. In this guide, we’ll be going through our Apex Legends Season 8 tier list. Covering all of the Legends in Season 8, and how good they are this season.

Apex Legends Season 8 Tier List

This lists consists of five separate tiers. We’ll explain what each one means as we get to it. While all Legends are viable, the ones in the higher tiers are the ones that are generally considered to be the best for Season 8 right now.


These Legends are the best of the best for Season 8. If you want to win, you need to get good with these Legends. You’ll be able to carry a team all the way to victory as long as you can support them as one of these characters.


Image Source: Eurogamer

Wraith has always been an S-tier Legend. Her key abilities include the ability to become invisible, allowing her to sneak up on the enemy. She can also produce a portal that will make moving forward much faster for her teammates. This ability helps others avoid taking damage along dangerous paths, which is key when there are snipers about.


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Since the middle of last year, Bloodhound has shifted up and up the tier lists. Now they’ve firmly become an S-tier Legend. They’ve now got a much stronger ability to spot enemies from afar, making him an essential component to all teams. Their abilities are pretty much second to none as far as active support goes.


A-tier Legends will benefit most others with their abilities. You still need to be actively good with these characters, but as long as you put the effort in you should be alright.


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Fuse is a brand new addition to the list here with Season 8. He was only added with the latest season, but already he’s become a powerful Legend. The reason for this is that he has two damage-dealing abilities. He also has a passive ability that comes into play multiple times in a match, making him a helpful Offensive monster.


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When it comes to tanks, there’s no one better than Gibraltar. With his weapon shield and dome, he’s a deadly Legend that can rip apart the enemy in seconds. Being able to take 15% less damage when shot is also a huge boost to any team’s composition. Look to him for those who want to forge paths and clear out foes.


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Pathfinder has dropped this season thanks to his grappling hook getting a good nerfing. This ability is still good enough that he’s a viable Legend in most instances. Picking him is always a good bet.



The beauty of Wattson is that she can lock down an entire building or area on her own. She’s a defensive nightmare when it comes to trying to take a team out. She’s not quite S-tier because her ability is only useful in specific situations. Choosing her is never a bad thing though, you’ll always benefit.


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Lifeline is exceptional, but she’s still not quite S-tier. She can heal other Legends and call in resource drops to help a team out in a jam at any point in the game. Her best ability allows her to heal an ally whilst also fighting off an enemy. There are so many moments in any given match where this ability is useful, no players can deny this. Getting good with Lifeline will make anyone an asset, there’s no denying it.


These Legends can have an impact on any match, but you need to use them correctly. If you’re just going to run around and treat them like any old Legend, you’re not going to be helping anyone.


Image Source: Polygon

If you’re looking for an average Legend that provides no real advantage or disadvantage to your play style, this is it. the only useful ability is her smoke grenades. These can create some great cover right when you need it. Outside of that though, she’s just a good Legend to pick if your first choice has already been chosen.


Image Source: EA

Mirage is a brilliant Legend, and the mascot for Apex Legends as a game. In practice though, he’s not that useful. the issue seems to be that his ability to clone himself isn’t that practical when you’re playing as him. If he were to get a buff, making his cloning more powerful, then he’d probably get above B-tier at some point. He’s still a good middle ground pick though.


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Loba is one of the few Legends that’s probably been designed for players to use in solo matches over groups. She’s got a strong Ultimate ability that does help out other players, but for the most part, she’s very much a solo Legend. I’d say she’s still worth picking if you’re looking for something after your favorite has been snapped up.


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This is an example of a Legend who can be upgraded to the A-tier list when used correctly. That requires a lot of skill on the player’s part though, and if you don’t have it, he’s very much a B-tier. If you can use his abilities to truly devastate an enemy team, then you need to be picking him every time. Only let this one pass you by if there are literally no other options.


Image Source: PCGamer

Horizon is probably my favorite Legend in the game to date. She’s got some extremely powerful abilities, but again, they need to be used correctly to make her anything more than B-tier. Int he right situations, her Black Hole Ultimate can be powerful, but you need the skill to back her up. If you want to learn a new Legend, she’s the one you should go for.


These Legends won’t have a huge impact on whether you win a match or not. If you’re just getting into the game, these ones are good to go for. No one will expect you to be particularly good, and you’ll be able to explore abilities as well.


Image Source: SlashGear

Sadly, Revenant just isn’t interesting enough to make him truly viable in a match. His Ultimate has a number of counters, and if you’re using it in the endgame of a match, you’ll probably get put down pretty quickly. Out of all the Legends in this Apex Legends Season 8 tier list, he’s the most boring. He’s really quite a standard soldier, and you could even go as far as ignoring his abilities.


Image Source: WCCFtech

Crypto isn’t necessarily this bad as a Legend at all times. If you’re part of a team using chat to communicate, then his drone is extremely useful. In fact, it’ll help you win if you know how to use it. However, most players aren’t doing this. With this in mind, Crypto has to sink this low just because he’s basically useless.


Image Source: Dot Esports

The key to playing as Rampart is using her ability to buff LMGs. Outside of this, she’s pretty useless. However, if you know how to use her, she can be a very powerful ally on the battlefield. Her cover can easily be countered by moving around it, and her weapon is hugely loud, giving away her position. Overall, she’s not brilliant, but also not entirely useless.


Luckily we only have one Legend down here. They should only be picked if you have to complete a challenge really. Otherwise, you should be avoiding them like the plague. There are so many other viable options that you should stay away from this Legend as much as possible.


Image Source: AllGamers

Octane is great fun to play as. He’s very fast, throws bombs around like they’re candy being handed out by Santa, and has a great double-jump pad. However, he’s also useless. Most Legends are agile enough that they don’t need his Launch Pad, so it becomes more of a gimmick than anything. What would be good is if he was taken out of rotation, reworked, and then brought back with entirely new abilities.

As I mentioned, you should only be using Octane if you need to complete a daily challenge or something similar. Get the rewards as soon as possible and then stop using this Legend.

Those are all the Legends in Apex Legends Season 8 in order of how great they are to play as. Use this list as a way to gauge which Legends you should be picking when playing. If you’ve got a favorite, then let us know who they are in the comments.

Please note that the meta here may change throughout the season. With Season 9, whenever it releases, the meta will also change. We’ll be doing a new list for that season as it releases, so keep an eye out.