Monster Hunter World features a huge open-world map that players need to trek across in their search for different beasts. Like real life, your character has stamina. Unlike real life, we can see how much stamina our character has left during the game. The yellow bar at the top of the screen indicates how exhausted your hunter is. If you do not have enough energy to perform an action, your hunter simply will not do it. Once you’re out of stamina, your hunter will have to stop and catch their breath which can be dangerous depending on the situation your in. That’s where dash juice comes in. Dash Juice in MHW helps your hunter keep their stamina up so they can keep fighting!

What does Dash Juice do in MHW?

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So, you know that Dash Juice helps keep your stamina up, but what exactly does it do? It’s pretty simple actually as it only does three things.

  • Completely Restores your stamina
  • Raises your max stamina by 50
  • Reduces the amount of stamina you use by 50%

These effects last for a total of 4 minutes and Dash Juice can be made with materials found out in the field and from drops/quest rewards. The stamina buff is pretty useful in a lot of situations, but Dash Extract (used to make Dash Juice) can be considered hard to come by so use it wisely.

How to Make Dash Juice

Dash Juice can be crafted by combining the following ingredients:

  • Catalyst
  • Dash Extract

Catalyst is fairly easy to acquire and you can get it in two different ways. Combine Bitterbug and Honey when crafting to get Catalyst or it can be made at the Elder Melder for 20 research points and 30 melding points.

Bitterbug and Honey are fairly easy to obtain. They are a quest reward for a number of quests and it can be found in the field. Honey also drops from certain monsters occasionally.

How to Get Bitterbug

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Here are all the quests that have a chance at rewarding you Bitterbug. If you do end up getting it from one of these quests, you will get 3 Bitterbugs.

  • Jagras of the Ancient Forest (16%)
  • Butting Heads with Nature (16%)
  • Fungal Flexin’ in the Ancient Forest (16%)
  • A Thicket of Thugs (16%)
  • Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest (16%)
  • A Kestodon Kerfuffle (12%)
  • The Great Jagras Hunt (12%)
  • Bird-Brained Bandit (12%)
  • Urgent: Pukei-Pukel Hunt (12%)
  • Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi (12%)
  • The Encroaching Anjanath (12%)
  • A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest (12%)
  • Scattermut Shortage (12%)
  • The Current Situation (12%)
  • One Helluva Sinus Infection (12%)
  • When Desire Becomes an Obsession (12%)

Here are all the locations where you can gather Bitterbug in the field. You get 2 Bitterbugs every time you gather them, so be sure to farm them up!

  • Ancient Forest (2, 3, 7)
  • Wildspire Waste (1, 5, 11, 13)
  • Coral Highlands (11)
  • Rotten Vale (1 – 4. 7 – 10, 12)
  • Elder’s Recess (15, 16)

How to Get Honey

Honey can be gotten as a reward from a large number of quests. It can also be gathered and dropped from a certain monster. Here is the list of quests and their chance to reward you Honey upon completion. They all reward you three Honey unless specified otherwise.

  • The Great Jagras Hunt (15%)
  • Bird-Brained Bandit (15%)
  • One Helluva Sinus Infection (15%)
  • The Encroaching Anjanath (15%)
  • A Kestodon Kerfuffle (15%)
  • The Current Situation (12%)
  • When Desire Becomes an Obsession (12%)
  • Scattemut Shortage (12%)
  • A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest (12%)
  • Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi (12%)
  • Urgent: Pukei-Pukei Hunt (12%)
  • Hard to Swallow (5, 10%)
  • Googly-eyed Green Monster (5, 10%)
  • A Hair-Raising Experience (5, 10%)
  • It Can’t See You if You Don’t Move (5, 10%)
  • The Sleeping Sylvan Queen (5, 10%)
  • Stuck in Their Ways (5, 10%)

And here are the locations where you can gather Honey and the single monster that drops Honey.

  • Ancient Forest (2, 6, 8. 10, 11, 14, 15, 17)
  • Wildspire Waste (1, 4 – 6, 10, 15)
  • Coral Highlands (2, 5, 9, 11, 14)
  • Rotten Vale (2, 8, 10, 15)
  • Elder’s Recess (Area 7, 8)
  • Vespoid (21%)

How to Get Dash Extract

Dash Extract is a little bit harder to get. As a Master Rank Material, it can be tough to get your hands on. Master Rank Materials are only obtained from certain areas or from defeating Master Rank Monsters. Here are the three commonly farmed monsters that drop Dash Extract upon death. Remember, there is just a chance – it is not a guaranteed drop! You may have to farm these monsters for a while to build up a sizable collection of Dash Extract.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (Coral Highlands)

Banbaro (Hoarfrost Reach)

Diablos (Wildspire Waste)

diablos dash juice mhw

And that is everything you need to know about Dash Juice in MHW! It’s got a ton of great uses especially for playstyles that need a lot of stamina. If you have any tips of your own about Dash Juice or Dash Extract, let us know below!