During the character creation screen at the beginning of Stardew Valley, players are faced with a variety of choices.

Some affect gameplay while others don’t at all. One common question is, “What does the Favorite Thing in Stardew Valley do?” 

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stardew valley favorite thing character creation menu

The character creation screen gives players a variety of choices. There are 2 genders, 24 skin tones, 32 hairstyles, 112 shirts, 20 accessories, and 2 animals to pick from.

Players can also change their hair, eye, and pants color. Animal preference is one choice that affects gameplay. Your pick determines which pet will arrive on the farm later.

Gender does not affect in-game marriages so feel free to pick either one. 

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing Explanation

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing

One of the last options to talk about is Favorite Thing. A custom text field on the character creation screen, Favorite Thing is referenced in Stardew Valley whenever the player eats a stardrop. (Modafinil)

For example, if you enter “apples” as your favorite thing, when you eat a stardrop you will be shown the following message:

You found a stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of Apples.  Your maximum energy level has increased.

And the other effect your favorite thing has is… absolutely nothing. There is nothing else it does.

It literally serves one purpose and that is that every time you eat a stardrop the game will tell you that the stardrop reminds you of your favorite thing.

Be careful what you enter as your favorite thing! It would certainly make for a weird situation if your favorite thing was Grandma or your best-friend Ted.

Secret Favorite Thing

However, there is one secret to be found. If you enter ConcerendApe as your favorite thing you will get a secret message. Instead of the usual message, you will get:

favorite thing stardew valley concernedape

ConcerendApe is a reference to the sole creator of Stardew Valley. Eric Barone is his real name and he singlehandedly programmed the game, wrote it’s story and dialogue, and created all the art and sound effects.

It took him four long years to get us this great game and we can pay him a small homage by making him our favorite thing in Stardew Valley.

So there you have it, the favorite thing field in the character creation screen of Stardew Valley serves little to no purpose and will not affect your gameplay.

It can, however, make for some funny moments when you do find a stardrop.

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