GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners is the latest expansion to the online game that Rockstar Games is launching this week. It adds a plethora of new content to the game that car enthusiasts in particular are really going to enjoy. While it doesn’t launch until later this week, we still have some details on what’s coming. This guide covers everything we know you can do in the new expansion to the game so you can be ready for the day.

GTA Online- Los Santos Tuners
Image Source: Dualshockers

The Los Santos Car Meets

One of the major new additions with GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners is these new meeting events. You’ll be sent off to some non-descript warehouses where you can hang around with other car enthusiasts and show off your vehicles. It’s also where you might be approached by some shady contacts to head out on dangerous missions around the city. all of it is under the radar of course, the police can never know what you’re up to.

LS Car Meet Membership

The LS Car Meet Membership is a new type of track that you’ll have to earn reputation on. It’s also like a new battle pass that you can buy. This one will get you more in-game items that you can enjoy and will enhance your overall experience when it comes to this brave online world.


This expansive car DLC wouldn’t be complete without new races to compete in. These are specifically all about the underground racing scene. There are so many new events to take part in that you’ll find yourself stuck for choice. There are organized events that require you to hit checkpoints, and a test track where you can build up your score on the leaderboard. However, it’s the street race scene that you’ll want to be a part of. This is where you really make your name, and it’s where the most daring races are held. Nothing is more insane than these races through the tiny neighborhoods of Los Santos.

New Vehicles

A car expansion wouldn’t be complete without some new cars, and this has them in droves. You’ll be able to buy new cars and kit them out with all sorts of awesome cosmetics. The customization options available in the game have been greatly expanded here to make for a much more satisfying experience. Those who enjoy cars as a hobby in real life will definitely find something they can dig their teeth into in this side of the expansion.

Release Date

The expansion hits GTA Online on July 20. It will most likely go live at the normal daily reset time. This is about 2 PM BST, but should be translated to your time zone to be sure. There will be an update on the official Rockstar Games Twitter account closer to the time. This is somewhere that you should always check if you want updates. It’s when the Blood Money expansion for Red Dead Online launched, so makes sense to be the same for this title and its expansion.