Red Dead Online is a colossal MMO that’s built to be enjoyed by millions. There’s a huge world to find your feet in and conquer, but you never really feel like you master it. Now, Rockstar Games has expanded the game with Red Dead Online Blood Money. This is the big summer update for 2021. It adds a lot of new content to the title, though it’s not always obvious how you access and make the most of it. That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide for it. If you have any questions, we’re sure they’re answered here.

How to Start Blood Money Missions

Blood Money content is locked behind a very simple task. Once you load into the game, you need to open your satchel and read the “Letter from “M”” item. This has been added with the expansion, so everyone will have it. Once you’ve read it, you’ll be given. new waypoint on your map to visit. This is important because it’s how you unlock all the new content in Blood Money. ( Follow the waypoint to the far-right of the map in Saint Dennis. There, you’ll meet with the major new NPC for this expansion. He’ll have a short conversation with you. After that, there will be Blood Money vendors all over the map. You can visit them for missions and unlock a lot more by smashing as many as you can.

Why Play Crimes?

Red Dead Online Blood Money
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Crimes are the new activity that’s been added with Red Dead Online Blood Money. They’re a new form of mission, but they’re also very specific. These are the only missions in which you can earn Capitale. This is a new currency that’s used to unlock access to much more challenging missions in the game. You need to grind out a significant number of Crimes before you’re even close to playing these more difficult missions. That’s no problem though because all of the new Crimes are a joy to play. Some are straightforward missions with a single goal. However, there are others that have three parts to them. These are the best Crimes, and you should try to complete as many of them as possible. They’ll have timers between certain parts, but it’s worth coming back as often as you can to complete more.

How to Earn Capitale

how to earn capitale
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There are a few ways to earn Capitale in the expansion now. Crimes are the best way to earn Capitale. You’ll get a certain amount for completing them, so you can grind for Capitale through them. Within each Crime you can also loot the enemies you come across. These enemies will often have a few Capitale on them. It’s important to look for lockboxes as well, since these can have Capitale stashes. You’ll only find Capitale when looting within Crimes. You won’t come across it elsewhere.

The final way in which you can earn Capitale is by stealing it. If you see other players on the map, try to find out where their camp is. If you locate it, you might be able to steal from them. You’ll have to be crafty though because this isn’t always as easy as you think it’ll be. Playing against other real-life people is much more difficult than killing in-game NPCs.

Quick Draw Club

quick draw club
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The Quick Draw Club is a new type of season pass that Rockstar Games has added to the game. It’s a shorter version of the game’s last season pass, with only 25 ranks. It costs 25 Gold Bars, but you’re guaranteed to earn 25 Gold Bars from it. This is similar to how the season pass works in Fortnite, with players guaranteed to earn back their investment if they complete the pass. Another season pass will come in August, so this is just the first of a four-part Quick Draw Club pass. We’ve been playing with it and feel that it’s worth it. There are some nice buffs and cosmetics on offer, and the feeling that you’ve not wasted your money is always nice. Whether you pick it up or not is down to you though.

Hired Gun Kit

hired gun kit
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The Hired Gun Kit is a new item that you can buy with Gold Bars in the game. It contains a bunch of helpful items that will help you get started in Red Dead Online. This is designed for players who haven’t been playing the game for very long and want a helping hand. You won’t find anything that’ll make you better than other players here. What you will find are some nice cosmetics, ammo, and healing items that will give you a step up in the world. Otherwise, you’ll be starting with literally nothing, and that can be very difficult.

Try Everything

try everything
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There’s a lot to do in the world of Red Dead Redemption besides the Blood Money content. This is a huge open-world like that of Assassin’s Creed. It’s got a lot to offer, and just because this new update is out, you shouldn’t try to avoid everything else in the game. There are story missions to work through, multiplayer events, world events, and loads of side content too. The Strangers are particularly interesting if you enjoy random encounters.

This is a game that you could easily get stuck into for months. All you need to do is ensure that you’re not neglecting the rest of the content on offer. The Blood Money content is new and fresh, sure, but there’s so much else out there for you to see and do. Rockstar Games has put a lot of effort into crafting a world for players to enjoy. It’s extremely stable and capable of supporting dozens of players on a single world.

If you like teaming up with other players, this is also a fantastic opportunity to make the most of that style of gameplay. As a group, you can take on loads of missions and ruin the world around you. It’s a great way to waste away an evening. You never know, you might even end up making friends along the way.