Horizon Forbidden West is similar to Zero Dawn but it takes Aloy to new places, gives her new content, and puts her up against new machines. Even if you have played the previous game, you could use a refresher or learn about some of the new things that the game has to offer. In this Horizon Forbidden West beginner’s guide, we are going to go over some useful tips and tricks that should make the game easier for you.

Horizon Forbidden West Tips And Tricks

The following are some of the tips and tricks you should keep in mind when playing Horizon Forbidden West:

Keep Level Progression In Mind

When playing the game, you might want to complete the main story and ignore the side missions. If you do that then you might be out of sync when it comes to leveling. This will put you at a major disadvantage and machines might kill you in a single shot.

In order to avoid that, we recommend exploring the world around you, taking down machines that you find in the world in order to gain XP and complete side missions. Side missions reward you with a lot of XP and you can quickly get skill points that you can invest into making Aloy more powerful.

Turn On Climbing Markers

While Horizon Forbidden West has climbing, you can climb everything or go anywhere that you want. You can only climb where there are yellow markings. You should head into the settings and turn on the Climbing Annotations to make things a bit easier for you. Setting this to always on will allow you to see where you can climb all the time.

Complete The Melee Pits To Increase Spear Damage


If you complete all the melee pits, you will be able to challenge a human boss. Beat the boss and you will get +1 spear damage permanently. This will come in handy if you do not want to rely solely on the bow.

Which Skills Should You Unlock First?

Horizon Forbidden West Tips

If you put in the grind then you can unlock most of the skill tree and you might even be able to get all the skills. Early on, skill points are few and you should invest in the warrior and hunter trees before the others. These are going to increase your survivability. The others are nice to have but these are the two that you should prioritize.

Compete In The Arena To Get Legendary Gear Early On

The arena has a series of challenges for you to complete and you might want to level up and get better gear before heading in and trying it out. We recommend trying it out early on so that you can get legendary gear. You can decrease the difficulty of the game to quickly get through the challenges in order to get the legendary gear and then turn the difficulty back up again for the rest of the game. This is not going to affect the medals or the gear that you get.

Just Take Out The Leader At Rebel Camps

You do not have to take out all the enemies in order to clear a rebel camp. All you really need to do is defeat the leader. You can skip the other enemies. As long as the leader is dead, the camp is going to be cleared.

Excess Resources Need To Be Collected From The Stash

As you pick up resources, your inventory space is going to be filled up. When that happens, the resources that you collect are going to go to your stash. These can be found in settlements. When you are low on resources, they do not automatically pop back from the stash. You need to manually get them back.

Defeating Machines Effectively

As you progress the game, you will encounter machines that are larger and tougher to beat. Blindly shooting arrows at them is not going to take you far. Machines are weak to specific types of ammo that you should use. They also have parts that act like weak points that you need to target in order to deal increased damage. There are parts like projectile launchers that you can knock off in order to disable the attack.

Defeating Machines Effectively

Some of these parts can be picked up in order to use against the machines. So keep these points in mind and scan the machine before attacking it in order to see the ammo type it is weak against and all the points that you need to target in order to deal the most damage.

These are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Horizon Forbidden West. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on where you can find all the Cauldrons.