When it comes to resources, Astroneer has more than its fair share.

Combined with the scope of the game, being able to travel between planets and collaborate on larger build projects, it can be quite daunting trying to figure out how you make everything.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide for how to make glass in Astroneer.

How To Make Glass In Astroneer

How to Make Glass in Astroneer

Making glass isn’t a hugely complicated process. First you need to get out there and find some soil.

This is a very common material to find on planets, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. It’s bright green in most cases, and it’s usually nearby regardless of what planet you’re on. (Zolpidem)

Once you’ve found a good vein of soil, fill up your canister with it. Take that soil back to your base, and put it through your Soil Centrifuge. You’ll want to go into the Centrifuge’s menu and set it to output quartz.

Once the Centrifuge is done processing soil into quarts, take the quartz over to your Smelting Furnace. The Furnace will take in the quartz and produce refined glass, which you can then use to craft a number of items.

What Can You Craft With Glass?

Glass is just one part of the puzzle for these items, you’ll also need the correct modules and other materials to craft some of them.

With the Backpack Printer Module you can use glass to create a Small Oxygen Tank and Small Wind Turbine.

With the Small Printer Module you can use glass to build a Medium Solar Panel or Medium Wind Turbine.

With the Medium Printer Module you can make the Chemistry Lab and Atmospheric Condenser with glass.

Finally, with the Large Printer Module you can use glass to create a Solar Array.

Glass is a really useful resource that will get you set up and started with your adventures in Astroneer.

Over time, it will be a key component that you use to build many of the more advanced structures, which will in turn allow you to explore further.

The best tip we have for how to make glass in Astroneer, and keep it coming into your base regularly, is to find a decent soil deposit somewhere on a planet, and set up nearby.

Soil is easy to find, and with the right infrastructure you can have a constant supply of glass.

Let us know how you get on refining glass in the comments.