Astroneer is a hit indie space-themed exploration, survival, and crafting game developed by System Era. In Astroneer, you explore and shape far off worlds.

Explore the frontiers of outer space, risk your life in different inhospitable environments in the search for rare discoveries that unlock the mysteries of the universe.

With three different platforms to choose from and an amazing co-op experience, a lot of gamers wonder if Astroneer supports cross-platform play. The short answer is that it depends on what platform you are playing on.

astroneer cross platform gameplay screenshot

Be aware that multiplayer has the potential to be very buggy. Players hosting the lobby may experience performance issues as their system takes on a load of having to host a lobby.

Windows and Xbox

If you are playing on either Windows or Xbox, congratulations! Astroneer supports cross-platform play between Windows and the Xbox One. You can play with your friends on either platform.

Simply invite them to your game through the Xbox party feature on the Windows Xbox app or on the Xbox itself.

It seems that there are some issues that can be resolved if the Xbox player hosts the lobby. If you find yourself having trouble connecting to a lobby on Windows, try and have the person on the Xbox host the lobby.

If this doesn’t help, we suggest that both players restart their systems.

There is an official Astroneer Discord you can use to find people to play with! It includes all platforms. Simply pop a message into the channel and other players will message you back wanting to play!


There is currently no cross-platform support for the PS4. This means if you purchased Astroneer on the PS4 and want to play with your friends on Windows or the Xbox, you’re out of luck.

There is currently no information on whether or not the developers will expand cross-platform support for Astroneer, but we will keep you updated should any news come out!