Pixelmon is a popular mod for Minecraft. While the original mod was shut down by The Pokemon Company, it has since been reimagined as Pixelmon Reforged, which includes Pokemon from the most recent games: Sword and Shield.

In this guide on ‘how to switch Pokemon in Pixelmon’, we will explain what Pixelmon is and why switching Pokemon is necessary. We will also provide additional useful information.

What is Pixelmon in Minecraft?

Pixelmon is a great way to recreate the Pokemon series without needing to pick up a brand new console or game.

Keeping everything within the Minecraft ecosystem simplifies the management of all your Pokemon in one location. It eliminates the need to transfer them from one game to another.

With Pixelmon being the ultimate Pokemon experience in Minecraft, it of course features battles. Throwing out your chosen Pokemon is a big part of capturing new ones, and fighting other trainers.

However, mastering Pixelmon immediately can be quite challenging.

How To Switch Pokemon in Pixelmon

How to Switch Pokemon in Pixelmon

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together the mod’s default controls here. If you need to switch your Pokemon, or perform any other action, you’ll find the corresponding command key here.

  • Send out/Retrieve a Pokemon – R
  • Change Pokemon in GUI – [ and ]
  • Show/hide party UI – 0
  • Mount Pokemon/use an item – right click mouse
  • Select target for current Pokemon on the field – V
  • Use selected external move – G
  • Cycle through external moves – B
  • Open Pokedex – I
  • Open your Trainer Card – U

These are the mod’s default basic controls upon installation. You can reassign these at any time to tailor the gameplay to your comfort.

Why Change Pokemon?

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Switching Pokemon is crucial in Pixelmon. Similar to the main games, specific Pokemon are weaker against certain elements and stronger against others.

By switching your Pokemon during a battle, or when exploring the world, you can ensure that you always have the most suitable Pokemon prepared for upcoming fights.

Different Pokemon possess unique abilities, such as the capacity to swim or fly. Hence, it’s sensible to switch your Pokemon based on their abilities to facilitate easier navigation around the world.

Understanding the Necessity of Switching Pokemon

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Switching Pokemon in Pixelmon isn’t just a strategy for battles.

It also enables the complete utilization of each Pokemon’s unique abilities, allowing for effective exploration and interaction within the Minecraft world.

For instance, a water Pokemon can assist in traversing bodies of water, while a flying Pokemon offers a quick and efficient mode of travel across long distances or challenging terrains.

Default Key Bindings for Switching Pokemon

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Pixelmon has default key bindings that facilitate various actions, including the switching of Pokemon.

Familiarizing yourself with these controls can significantly enhance your gameplay and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Remember, these key bindings can be reassigned anytime as per your comfort and gaming preferences.

Advanced Tactics and the Role of Pokemon Switching

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As you progress in Pixelmon, you’ll encounter a series of increasingly challenging gym battles, reminiscent of the traditional Pokemon games.

These battles motivate continuous improvement of your team and tactical switches in your battle strategies, pushing your Pokemon training skills to new limits.

Whether you’re battling AI trainers, legendary Pokemon, or other players, the thrill of victory always provides an adrenaline rush, ensuring you keep coming back for more.


To conclude, mastering Pokemon switching is a vital aspect of Pixelmon.

It not only optimizes your battle strategies and exploration efficiency but also plays a crucial role in your journey to becoming the ultimate Pokemon trainer in the Pixelmon universe.

As with any game, success in Pixelmon hinges on understanding its mechanics and adapting your strategies accordingly.

This understanding ensures a rewarding journey in the Pixelmon world, filled with exciting challenges, fascinating discoveries, and the joy of becoming a Pokemon Master.