In a game that challenges players to be convincing liars, sometimes a bit of secrecy and nefarious plotting is necessary. What some players don’t know is that there is the ability to whisper to other players in-game. (Lorazepam) Here’s how to whisper in Town of Salem.


how to whisper in town of salem

During the day players can whisper to each other. Whispers are only visible to the player who sent it and the player who received it adding a whole new dynamic to the game. There will simply be a notification in the chat saying “John is whispering to Jack”. However, do note that a Blackmailer can read whispers even if they are dead. To whisper in the Town of Salem all you need to do is type in the chatbox the following: /w *player number you want to whisper to* [message].

Let’s break this down into its parts.

/w tells the game that you are trying to whisper to someone.

The player number tells the game who you want to whisper to. This is important! Make sure you double-check the player number. You don’t want your secret plan to go to the wrong person!

Lastly, you follow the player number up with your message.

Here’s an actual ingame example: /w 11 Don’t kill anyone next round.

This command will send a message from you to player 11. You can type out the player’s name instead of their number, but we suggest you use the number. It is much faster and there is less chance of making a mistake.

Things to Remember About Whispering in Town of Salem

  • There will be a notification in chat that says who you are whispering to, but not what you whispered.
  • A Mayor that has been revealed cannot be whispered to or whisper themselves.
  • If you are blackmailed, you cannot whisper.
  • Blackmailers can read whispers.
  • You can only whisper during the day.
  • You cannot whisper if you are dead.

And that is everything you need to know about whispering in Town of Salem! If you like Town of Salem check out these other games like it!