Cookie Run Kingdom has no shortage of unique and interesting cookies. While some of these are rather easy to grab, there are many others that require you to make a pact with the devil for better luck.

Despite the Mala Sauce Cookie falling in between, her combat prowess still makes her a worthwhile investment. However, equipping her with the best build possible isn’t a walk in the path either!

Therefore, we will be looking at the best Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings today to ensure, you can make the best use of her as a powerhouse in your team. With that said, let’s jump right in!

Who Is Mala Sauce Cookie?

Mala Sauce is an Epic Cookie released back in the Interdimensional Super Mayhem Update alongside the Twizzly Gummy Cookie.

Possessing a moderately dark under dough, she has crimson hair tied into pigtails. Most of her hair is hidden under her viking-esque helmet, and her appearance is optimized to match a raging valkyrie.

The Mala Sauce cookie plays a major supporting role in the Super Mayhem Event. She is the chieftain of the Mala Tribe and is as explosive as her appearance indicates.

Best Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings

Cookie Run: Kingdom - Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings
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Despite guides suggesting otherwise, the core way to unlock Mala Cookie’s full potential is by equipping her with the following toppings:

Searing Raspberry

This topping primarily increases the ATK damage of the Cookie it’s equipped on. It synergizes pretty well with the Mala Sauce cookie’s explosive ability and can amp her overall damage up to be a menace.

Stat Distribution

Here’s how Searing Raspberry’s ability effects work:

Equipment QuantityEffect
3 Toppings+3% increase in ATK
5 Toppings+5% increase in ATK


Here’s how Searing Raspberry looks at different sizes:


Best Farming Spot

You can’t go wrong with the Dark World 4. Despite it being limited to 3 tries a day, the chances for obtaining Epic Searing Raspberries are fairly decent.

Plus, you can always use cheaper stamina jellies in order to increase your harvest!

Solid Almond

This cookie topping increases the damage resistance of any cookie it’s equipped to. Since the Mala Sauce Cookie possesses a bruiser-like playstyle, some sort of tankiness is always good.

It not only helps you survive longer in battle but also gives you more time to inflict your damage. Pairing/switching this with the Searing Raspberry (according to the situation) is the way to go!

Stat Distribution

Here’s how Solid Almond’s ability effects work:

Equipment QuantityEffect
5 Toppings+5% increase in DMG Resist


Here’s how Solid Almond looks at different sizes:


Best Farming Spot

The 8-29 stage is the current way to go for obtaining Solid Almonds. Try to farm the highest normal world, and believe in your luck.

Why Is Swift Chocolate Topping Bad On Mala Sauce Cookie?

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Bonuses related to cooldown reduction are only viable on cookies with medium to low cooldown numbers.

A 5% reduction on a 15-sec ability (Spicy Mala Strike) will only shave off 0.75 seconds, which makes little to no difference in comparison to a 5% increase in DMG.

Since she deals 27.6% of her DMG as burn (per 0.5 seconds), she’s essentially applying that bonus many times over in a span of 15 seconds.

So, doing that math, it isn’t good to go Swift Chocolate topping on her!


All in all, Mala Sauce Cookie – despite being hot and spicy – lacks in her overall damage output. This can be mitigated by using the Searing Raspberry.

Consequently, you can also formulate her to be more of a bruiser using the Solid Almonds!