Animal Crossing is filled with out-of-the-blue items that are often hard to find in real life solely due to their rarity. While most of these items become known one way or another, the Mussel seems to be an anomaly.

With an entirely unique mechanic backing the creature up, it’s only normal for the creature itself to be this special!

In this guide, we’re going to debunk the mystery around the Mussel in Animal Crossing while sharing both in-world and in-game facts. With that said, let’s jump right in and get started!

Mussel – New Horizons

In Animal Crossing, a Mussel is a deep-sea creature. that has been added to the game just recently. It was introduced as a part of the Diving mechanic since that is the only way of obtaining it.

What Is A Mussel In Animal Crossing
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Introduced in the Wave 1 of the Summer Update, the Mussel releases a periodic stream of constant bubbles from underwater – which can be seen through the naked eye in-game.


Mussels are located on the seabed level of the sea and are available in different sizes. The smaller ones produce smaller bubbles, while the larger ones produce bigger bubbles.

How To Capture Mussels In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

As mentioned previously, the only way to obtain Mussels is by diving into the seabed. You will need to have a wetsuit in order to be able to dive.

After that, just follow the bubble trail, and you’d be able to find and capture Mussels without an issue! We recommend you go for the bigger bubbles since the Mussel size yields better benefits.

Active Time + Geographical Location

Mussels are generally active during the entire day but are only found in the following months:

  • June
  • July
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

These little creatures are present in the northern areas of the map.

How Much Is A Mussel Worth In Animal Crossing?

A Mussel has a sales price of 1500 in Animal Crossing New Horizons. While this might sound expensive, you need to have luck on your side to capture these.

What Is A Mussel In Animal Crossing
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Besides, there aren’t many in the seabed, to begin with, so this much is quite justified. Alternatively, this also means you can collect a fair number of them to make a bank.

Mussel – Real World References

The Mussel is a name used for families of Bivalve Molluscs that are found in the saltwater and freshwater areas of the sea.

What Is A Mussel In Animal Crossing
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They’re a pretty clean and nutritious source of protein and are sustainably farmed in order to ensure there’s little to no negative impact on the environment itself.

In Animal Crossing, they’re given the scientific name of Mytilus Edulis, belonging to the Mytilidae family.


All in all, the Mussel is a pretty obscure creature that’s introduced for the sake of the new diving mechanic in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

You will find good value in capturing it, and upon every capture, the game will display a message saying: “I got a mussel! It’s been working out.”