Maneater is a progressive game that allows you to experience real-time growth based on your levels and accrued experience. While most of the game is rather seamless, leveling yourself can be a major pain.

Luckily, the entire concept of Maneater revolves around leveling up in order to evolve and become stronger. Whether you’re a Pup, Teen, or Elder, you always need to strive hard to reach the next stage in your evolution.

In this guide, we will be showcasing how leveling works in Maneater. This includes numerous activities that can significantly boost your experience bar. With that said, let’s jump in and get started!

How Does Evolution Work In Maneater?

Maneater | Evolution |
Maneater | Evolution | Source: WA

At first glance, leveling up in a progressive manner might seem logical, but it isn’t something that should be your main focus.

For this very reason, Maneater has introduced an evolution system that acts as an incentive for you to keep leveling up in order to achieve greatness.

With that said, here’s how it works:

Evolution Species Evolution Level
Pup to Teen Level 4
Teen to Adult Level 10
Adult to Elder Level 20
Elder to Mega Level 30

Your endgame starts once you’ve reached the Mega transformation. However, achieving that is not easy by any means.

Besides, there will be times when you’ve reached the correct level, but are still unable to go any further with your evolution if you specifically focus on leveling.

How To Level Up Faster In Maneater?

Once you’ve understood the basic incentive of the game, it’s time to get down to work. For starters, you’d need to stuff yourself with as much food as possible.

However, you’re not the only one with levels here. Each creature has its own level, and the higher the level of the creature you defeat, the more experience points you will gain.

Theoretically, you could choose to battle a creature 10 levels above you to gain a significant surplus of experience points. However, such a fight would also be considerably dangerous.

Besides, there’s no telling whether you’d be the hunter or the hunted in the first place. So once, you’re done prepping yourself, it’s time to take a look at the activities that can dish out the most bang for your time:

Step #1: Perform Hunts

Maneater | Hunts
Maneater | Hunts | Source: Wallpapersden

It goes without saying, but hunts are your major source of experience. By the time of writing, Maneater offers four major hunts that can be performed at their specific times.

While the battles are anything but easy, they’re more than worth the risk. Besides, the progression path of Maneater features plenty of hunt quests right after story ones.

Step #2: Eat, Eat, and Eat

Maneater | Sharks
Maneater | Sharks | Source: WC

As mentioned previously, you need to consume everything in your path. Certain fish are part of the missions, but there are also ones that you encounter randomly in the vast seas.

Don’t discriminate, and show them why you’re the apex predator. However, this can go both ways since discerning the enemy level can be difficult.

Step #3: Evolve Your Body

Maneater | Evolution
Maneater | Evolution | Source: IGN

This goes without saying, but in order to consume more, you need to have a body that can take in more.

Although there’s no theoretical limit to how much you can consume in Maneater, it’s crucial to remain prepared for battle at all times.

Currently, the Tiger Body is the way to go for faster leveling. However, you’d have to go through the stages of body evolution first to reach it.

How To Upgrade Your Body In Maneater?

Maneater | Evolutions
Maneater | Evolutions | Source AJBRUN

Body evolutions can be done from a Grotto as long as you fulfill the necessary requirements of evolution. This Grotto is usually indicated on the map, so just follow the directions until you reach it.

It’s generally denoted by a small cave icon, and is pretty easy to discern. But if that doesn’t work, consider killing yourself to respawn at the nearest Grotto.

Once you’re there, just open the Evolutions screen, and head to the Evolutions section in order to select your preferred body type.

Evolving to the tiger body can be time-consuming as it’s a high-tier transformation that requires a significant amount of nutrients. Just keep going this natural path until you reach the desired body type.

With that said, here are all the body types available in Maneater by the time of writing:

Icon Body Evolution How to Unlock Tier 5 Upgrade Cost
  Bone Body Defeat the Apex Hammerhead Shark (Sapphire Bay) 44,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
  Bio-Electric Body Defeat Butcher Boy Brady (Infamy Rank 6) 44,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
  Shadow Body Find all Sapphire Bay Landmarks 44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  Tiger Body Day One Maneater Bonus 22,000 Mineral, 22,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen

Maneater: Quest Rundown

Maneater | Quests | Source: Animevania

Quests are the best way to progress through the game. Plus, most of the evolutions are story level restricted. In other words, you need to reach a specific point in the game in order to unlock a certain evolution and vice versa.

There is a plethora of quests in Maneater, and while they vary in type, the experience you’ll gain from them is substantial.

With that said, here’s the entire story rundown of Maneater:

Prologue Quests: Surf and Turf

This section will act as your tutorial, and will make you complete the following mini quests before allowing you to leave:

Quest Names Quest Type
It Begins Start Menu Tutorial
Finding Your Sea Legs Main Tutorial
Terror of the Bay Story Quest
Meet Pete Story Quest

Chapter 1 – Jambalaya

Here are all the quests available in the chapter 1 of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Types
Pound of Flesh Story Quest
Cradle to the Cave Story Quest
Muskie Business Story Quest
Catfish Fever Story Quest
Midwest Zest Hunt Quest
Bad Day Sunshine Hunt Quest

Chapter 2 – Making a Splash

Here are all the quests available in the chapter 2 of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Types
Third-Cave Feminism Story Quest
Radioactive Waste Story Quest
Up the Junction Story Quest
Joltin’ Joe’s Story Quest
Grouper Dynamics Story Quest
Dixie Mafia Disposal Service Revenge Quest
Hungry, Hungry for hobos Revenge Quest
Birds of Passage Revenge Quest
What a Dump! Hunt Quest
Beat a Dead Horse Revenge Quest
Take a Bite Out of Organized Crime Hunt Quest
Mouth Like a Sewer Hunt Quest
Bank On It Hunt Quest
Nuclear Option Hunt Quest
Ooh, Barracudas Apex Quest

Chapter 3 – Sea Change

Here are all the quests available in the chapter 3 of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Types
Cave New World Story Quest
Uh Oh, Better Get Mako Hunt Quest
Fin Some, Lose Some Revenge Quest
Golden Opportunity Revenge Quest
Neighborhood Fang Problem Hunt Quest
The Sport of Kings Population Quest
Cave In Population Quest
I Spit on Your Cave Hunt Quest
Between Two Holes Hunt Quest
Ace in the Hole Revenge Quest
In the Rough Revenge Quest
Block Buster Revenge Quest
Prima Sphyraena Hunt Quest
Big Mack Population Quest
Mako War, Not Love Apex Quest

Fawtick Bayou Part II

Here are all the quests present in Fawtick Bayou Part II:

Quest Names Quest Types
Taking Out the Trash Population Quest
See you later Alligator Hunt Quest
Fiyo on the Bayou Population Quest
What’s the Crocodilly Yo Hunt Quest
Whole Lotta Rosie Apex Quest
Family Update Story Quest

Chapter 4 – Blood is Thicker than Water

Here are all the quests available in the chapter 4 of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Type
Shark of Constant Grotto Story Quest
The Parrot Trap Population Quest
Mother Ship Hunt Quest
Carnival Sins Revenge Quest
Bay for Blood Revenge Quest
Cabana Republic Population Quest
Treasure Hunt Hunt Quest
Fisherman’s Friend Hunt Quest
Lighten Up Population Quest
Come to the Light Revenge Quest
Put the Hammer Down Apex Quest
Hammer It Out Hunt Quest
Marlin of Error Hunt Quest
Big Mama’s House Revenge Quest
Payback’s a Beach Revenge Quest
Personal Project Story Quest
Pete: The Revenge Boss Quest

Interlude Quests: Cleanup II

Here are the main quests present in the ?Interlude portion of Maneater:

Quest Names
Crawfish Bay
Dead Horse Lake II
Golden Shores
Sapphire Bay

Chapter 5 – The Great White Way

Here are all the quests available in the chapter 5 of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Types
I’m a Cave 4 U Grotto Quest
Roger & Me Hunt Quest
Seal Their Fate Population Quest
Disturb the Peace in Prosperity Revenge Quest
Jump the Shark Hunt Quest
Beach Bummer Revenge Quest
A Hard Days White Hunt Quest
Off the Menu Population Quest
Chopping Spree Revenge Quest
Wish Sewer Here Hunt Quest
Pinniped Problems Population Quest
What’s Up, Docks? Revenge Quest
Raving Lunatic Revenge Quest
Mako It Happen Hunt Quest
Royal Flush Apex Quest
Fish Food Story Quest

Chapter 6 – Whale Hello There

Here are all the quests available in the chapter 6 of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Types
Whole Grotto Love Grotto Quest
Black and White and Dead All Over Hunt Quest
A Turtle Disaster Population Quest
Finger Food Revenge Quest
Construction Bite Revenge Quest
Jaws for Alarm Hunt Quest
Slow Pokes Population Quest
Walk This Way Revenge Quest
Trawl in a Days Work Hunt Quest
Pond Scum Revenge Quest
Something to Pond-er Hunt Quest
Skate and Die Revenge Quest
What the Shell? Population Quest
Hammer? Please Hurtn ’em Hunt Quest
Killer Queen Apex Quest

Interlude Cleanup III – Dead Horse Lake III

This is a standalone mission that serves as an interlude to the series. Completing it will unlock chapter 7 of Maneater. (Tramadol)

Chapter 7 – The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Here are all the quests present in the (by the time of writing) final chapter of Maneater:

Quest Names Quest Type
Cave, The Best For Last Grotto Quest
Oil’s Well That Ends Well Revenge Quest
Swimming With The Sharks Population Quest
Yacht-Blooded Hunt Quest
Any Fin Goes Hunt Quest
Sewer Cetacean Hunt Quest
Routine Maintenance Revenge Quest
Reef Chow Fun Revenge Quest
A Fright at the Museum Revenge Quest
Whale-Heeled Hunt Quest
Hammer Horror Population Quest
Undiscovered Treasure Revenge Quest
The Legend of Bobby Lee’s Gold Hunt Quest
Wide-Eyed Population Quest
You’ve Got Whale Apex Quest
A Bigger Boat Story Quest
Mega Shark vs. PT 522 Boss Quest

Maneater: Evolution Breakdown

Maneater | Sharks
Maneater | Sharks | Source: Engaget

As mentioned previously, there are a total of five shark forms that are gained through evolution.

  • Pup: Initially, you start as a Pup, unknown about the ways and dangers lurking in the ocean.Your main goal here is to attain a few levels from the introductory missions to reach your initial evolution a.k.a the Teen Shark Form.
  • Teen Shark: Here, you’re going to learn a double jump ability along with a greater lung capacity.
  • Adult Shark: Upon reaching level 10, you’d become an Adult Shark that promises an overall boost to your stats and vice versa. This evolution opens up a lot of gates for your minor evolutions and serves as a gateway to the midgame.
  • Elder Shark: Once you gain another 10 levels, it’s time to reach the Elder Shark stage, and gain a bunch of buffs to your overall body. There’s a lot to do in your Grotto, so you should ready up well in advance.
  • Mega Shark: This is the final stage in the evolution process that promises the rank of Maneater. This stage is the current level cap of the game and signifies you as an apex predator. Customize yourself to become the best!


In essence, you will need to mainly focus on the story in order to level yourself up. While doing so, be sure to gobble up anything and everything in your path. However, there’s no need to overestimate your capabilities, and challenge animals stronger than you.

Despite them giving an awful lot of experience points, the danger is simply not worth it in most cases. Once you unlock the advanced Grotto, be sure to upgrade to the tiger body type to optimize your experience gain in the shortest possible time.