Maneater is a phenomenal game. While it’s an RPG, it’s a very different kind of RPG because it puts you into the role of a shark that’s ravaging the surrounding coastline. Over the course of the game, as with all RPGs, there are sets of gear you and earn and equip. These make up some of the skins that you’ll be able to use in the game, on top of the purely cosmetic ones. In this guide, we’ll cover all the Maneater skins you can use in the game to make your shark look phenomenal while eating as many humans as possible.

Maneater Skins

At the time of writing, there are five skins that you can equip your shark with. They are as follows.

Bone Set Skin

Image Source: IGN

This skin is made up of the following pieces of gear.

  • Bone Teeth
  • Bone Fins
  • Bone Body
  • Bone Tail
  • Bone Head

With all five pieces of gear equipped, you’ll get a bonus to damage reduction. You’ll unlock each piece by defeating the Apex Predators around Port Clovis. It gives you amazing damage resistance and makes you a lot tougher when ramming enemies, including hunters.

Bio-Electric Set Skin

Image Source: IGN

This skin requires you to be wearing the following gear.

  • Bio-Electric Teeth
  • Bio-Electric Fins
  • Bio-Electric Body
  • Bio-Electric Tail
  • Bio-Electric Head

The bonus you get with all five pieces equipped is to your bio-electric damage. This skin is unlocked by defeating shark hunters throughout the game. It’s designed to shock enemies and make them easy targets for you to much on while they’re stunned.

This skin is one of the harder ones to unlock because you need to kill so many hunters to earn it. Each hunter is incrementally harder. If you’re not a high-level shark then this could be an issue.

Shadow Set Skin

Image Source: IGN

This skin is unlocked with the following eqipment.

  • Shadow Teeth
  • Shadow Fins
  • Shadow Body
  • Shadow Tail
  • Shadow Head

This skin provides a bonus to your max speed, making you so much faster than the standard shark. You’ll unlock it by finding landmarks throughout the game. This isn’t too much of a challenge, and it’s a nice distraction from the carnage of the rest of the game. I find exploring to be a great way to level up if you’re sick of being killed by a certain apex predator.

Speed makes you very difficult to kill. In fact, this skin is great for taking down shark hunters who use targeted shots.

Basic Skin

Image Source: IGN

This skin is the basic shark skin. You don’t need anything equipped to have this on. The downside is that it doens’t provide any bonuses. ( In fact, without anything equipped, you’ll be worse off than you are with random pieces of gear on.

Tiger Shark Skin

Image Source: YouTube

This skin is actually a piece of DLC for Maneater. It does’t provide any practical bonuses, but it does make you collect more nutrients from caches around the game’s world.

Those are all of the skins currently in Maneater. If you’ve got a favourite, let us know which one in the comments. If you’d like to know more about how to level up in the game, check out our guide here.