There are a variety of fabrics available for players to make clothing out of in Rimworld. With 8 fabrics to choose from, it can be hard for you to know which one is best for your situation. They all provide different defenses, insulations, and have different values. We’ve ranked all 8 from worst to best for you so you know exactly what your pawns should be wearing. Here is our take on the best clothing fabrics in Rimworld.

Before we go further, there are 5 factors we considered when making this list. They are sharp, blunt, and heat protection as well as cold and heat insulation. Sharp, blunt and heat protection are how well protected your pawn is against this kind of damage. Sharp damage is bullets

8. The Worst Clothing Fabric in Rimworld – Cloth

cloth rimworld worst clothing material

This is probably one of the first materials you will craft clothing with in Rimworld. It is also the worst fabric in Rimworld. While it offers the same blunt and sharp armor protection as the next four materials, it has half the heat protection of three of them and comes nowhere close to alpaca wool. One redeeming quality of cloth is that it provides a moderate amount of insulation against the cold and the heat. If your colony is based in a biome that gets cold and hot throughout the year, cloth is going to be your go-to fabric.

So how do you get cloth? Well, there are two ways. You can grow cotton plants and harvest them or you can wait for a trader to come by and purchase cloth. In the beginning, you’re probably going to be growing it if you need to make more clothing rather than buying it. While cloth is the least expensive fabric, your money can more than likely be better used elsewhere.

7. Camelhair

camel hair

Camelhair comes in at second to last due to the fact that it is only slightly better than cloth. It has double the armor against heat and more insulation against heat (it’s from a camel duh). It’s worth almost double what cloth is to merchants, the only problem is it is slightly harder to get than cloth. You can’t just grow camelhair in the ground.

camel animal

If you are in a desert biome, your pawns can tame them. They require no minimum skill level to tame so as long as you have food for them they can be an excellent source of early game fabric. Handlers can shear a camel once every 25 days for 100 camelhair. T-shirts require 40 of any material meaning you can get 2.5 t-shirts per camel.

You can also get 10 milk from your female camels every 2 days. Camels can be a good source of food and fabric if you do it right. And hey, if times get tough just bring your camel over to the butcher table!

6. Muffalo Wool

muffalo wool

Muffalo are similar to camels in that they can be sheared every 25 days for 100 wool and they can be milked every 2 days for 16 milk. However, in order to tame a muffalo and get all of that you need a pawn with handling of at least 4. Muffalo provide slightly more milk than camels, but it’s not that important unless you’re trying to make a dairy colony. What we care about is its sweet, sweet wool!

Muffalo animal

Muffalo wool has the same armor as camelhair (0.36) against sharp and heat damage but has a higher insulation factor for its respective climate. Muffalo wool provides a whopping 30 insulation against the cold and a measly 12 against the heat. It is worth the same as camelhair, alpaca wool, and megasloth wool. Muffalo wool isn’t exactly a cash crop in Rimworld, that title goes to megasloths which come in at number 4 so keep reading!

5. Alpaca Wool

alpaca wool 5th best clothing fabrics in rimworld

Alpaca wool is in almost the same boat as camelhair, but it has slightly better stats in some categories. While camelhair provides 26 insulation against the heat, alpaca wool provides 28 against the cold making it slightly better in its respective environment. However, it has only 16 insulation against heat compared to the base 18 cloth provides. It also has the third-best armor rating against heat at 1.1 compared to cloth’s 0.18 and camelhair’s 0.36.

alpaca animal

Alpaca wool is worth the same amount as camelhair and is gotten basically the same way. Alpacas require no minimum skill to tame and once tamed can be sheared every 15 days for 100 alpaca wool. Alpaca’s produce wool at a faster rate than camels and eat less. They do not, however, produce milk.

The reason alpaca wool is higher on the list even though it has slightly lower cold insulation than muffalo wool is due to the fact that they can be sheared at a much faster rate. 10 days of in-game time is quite a lot and you get an equal amount of wool off of both animals. Also, muffalo require 4 handling to tame while alpacas require none.

4. Megasloth wool

megasloth wool best clothing fabrics rimworld

Megasloth wool is a must-have if you’re building a colony in a biome that never sees temperatures above 0. This wool has the highest insulation factor against cold in the game making it Rimworld’s best clothing fabric for cold biomes. Don’t expect to slap it on a pawn in anything above a warm breeze because it has the worst insulation against heat right next to muffalo wool at 12.

How do you get your hands on this wonderous fabric and how do you turn it into money as previously mentioned? Well, it’s a little hard we’re not going to lie. First off, you should know megasloths are extremely tough. They’re huge. They’re hurt when they hit and they can take a lot of damage. It is the second hardest animal to tame in the game right below Thrumbos. You also have a higher chance to make it angry than to tame it so good luck.

First, you’re going to need a pawn with a handling skill of 9 or higher. We suggest higher. You can try and tame one with just the handler or you can do it in a slightly easier way. Well, we think its easier. If you get your pawns to down a megasloth (hopefully without losing a pawn), you can save it and then tame it. This minimizes the chance that it goes rabid and hunts your colonists down. Well, the megasloth is going to do that anyway once you start shooting at it, but at least you’re prepared!

Megasloth Wool Cash Crop

megasloth animal

Megasloths can be an excellent source of income. Once tamed, they can be sheared once every 50 days, but you get 400 wool each time! That is a ton of wool. Like, enough for 10 t-shirts ton of wool. Or 5 parkas if you need to keep your colonists warm. Megasloth parkas are the best insulator in the game against the cold.

The fact that you can make a ton of silver with a tamed megasloth and it being the best cold insulating fabric in the game puts megasloth wool at #4 on our list of the best clothing fabrics in Rimworld. On a side note, if you keep taming them they can be an excellent attack animal or caravan animal!

3. Synthread

synthread clothing fabric

Synthread is a space-age fabric that cannot be grown. You either get it by trading, picking it up off dead enemies, or through random drops. The clothing your starting pawns wear (if you picked New Arrivals) will be made from synthread. Congrats! Your pawns are wearing clothing made from the 3rd best fabric in the game.

Synthread is great because it provides better defense against armor and heat than most other fabrics in the game and provides better insulation against the heat and cold at 22 each (cloth is 18). Since synthread is so high-tech it is actually quite valuable to traders and you will find that they are willing to pay more for garments made from it than other materials.

2. Devilstrand

devilstrand clothing fabric item

Devilstrand is the best clothing fabric that can be routinely harvested. It is a great mid-late game fabric if your colony is located in a biome that does not see extreme cold. It has only slightly better insulation against the cold than cloth and camelhair, but that is not what makes it so great.

The reason devilstrand is number 2 on our list is because of its defensive bonuses. Devilstrand is the best readily available fabric when it comes to defense. With 1.4 armor against sharp damage, 0.36 against blunt damage, and an astounding 3 against heat damage devilstrand is amazingly strong.

Devilstrand mushroom

There are a few ways to get your hands on this fabric. You can trade for it, get it in random drops, or grow it yourself. Devilstrand mushrooms require a grower level of 10 or higher to be sown as well as being researched in the tree. It takes an incredibly long time for the plant to be harvested. In rich soil, it can take up to 29 days, half that if you use hydroponics.

If you plan to grow devilstrand I highly suggest taking a look at our previous post on the most efficient hydroponic layout so you don’t waste any energy or time. Each mature devilstrand mushroom produces 6 devilstrand. This means you would need 7 mushrooms for 1 t-shirt.

If you build a hydroponic layout the same way we showed you in that link above, you can get 576 devilstrand every ~15 days. 24 hydroponic basins x 4 plants per basin x 6 devilstrand per plant = 576.

Devilstrand is only rivaled by the extremely rare and valuable hyperweave. If hyperweave didn’t exist, this would easily be #1 on our list of the best clothing fabrics in Rimworld.

1. The Best Clothing Fabric in Rimworld – Hyperweave

Hyperweave the best clothing fabrics in Rimworld

Hyperweave is the best clothing fabric in Rimworld, it outperforms the other fabrics in almost every category. Hyperweave is only slightly beaten in the heat damage category by devilstrand (2.88 vs 3) and it is beaten by the main cold insulators in the game (alpaca, megasloth, and muffalo wool).

That’s not to say this miracle fabric doesn’t deserve to be at the top of our list just because its the most expensive fabric in the game, far from it. Hyperweave has an amazing sharp armor rating of 2 and a blunt armor rating of 0.54 which is the most for any fabric in the game. While armors will obviously outperform these numbers, no other fabric can.

Hyperweave has an amazing 26 in both heat and cold insulation making it on par with camelhair in the heat and pretty good at keeping your colonists warm in the cold. It is the most expensive fabric as mentioned before and there are only two ways to get it – random drops or by trading. If you managed to give every colonist a pair of Hyperwave pants and t-shirt then don’t even worry about building a ship to get off that planet. You’re doing just fine! You managed to outfit your pawns with the best clothing fabrics in Rimworld!

What’s your go-to fabric in Rimworld? Let us know your ideal gear for your pawns below!

Note: Thrumbofur was not included because it is technically classified as a leather. This list is solely for fabrics. Check out our Best Leather in Rimworld list if you’d like to find out more about that!