Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is a massively complex game. While you’d think that moving the focus of an RPG to alchemy alone would make things easier to understand, that’s simply not the case here. This has never been more evident in the case of the Atelier Ryza Wind Shoes recipe. That’s why in this guide we’ll be covering exactly how to obtain the recipe, and why you need to.

Why do I Need the Atelier Ryza Wind Shoes Recipe?

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As you play through Atelier Ryza, you’ll notice two things that are restricting your exploration of the world right at the start of the game. The first are points where air is focused to a point. You can eventually use these to bounce up to a new area, but in the early game they’re locked off.

The second thing you’ll see are stepping stones. These take you across rivers to inaccessible areas, but again they’re locked off at the game’s start. You need to get through to the middle of the game at least before you’ll be able to use either of these.

The problem is, the game doesn’t tell you how to access these areas through each of these methods. You need to get the Wind Shoes recipe well before, and then have the ingredients to craft said shoes. With these equipped, you can now access the areas that are locked off by these two specific features.

In fact, you need them by the end of the game, otherwise you won’t be able to access anything.

How to Get the Atelier Ryza Wind Shoes Recipe

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To get the Wind Shoes, you’ll need to put a bit of work in first. As soon as you get the Bestial Air recipe, you need to make as many low-quality ones as you can. The goal is to level up your skill in crafting them, but you’ll also need them later on. Once you’ve created as many as you can, it’s time to get the ingredients.

Next, head out into the world and get Delphi Rose and Trihorn. These are going to be part of making the shoes. You can find these in the Leisie Valley, so head there and start collecting.

Next, you need to wait until you have the Sorcery Rose recipe. When you craft it, you can craft the alternative recipe, which is the Wind Shoes. However, there’s a little more work required before you can use these shoes for what you need them for.

You need to craft these shoes with the Lightweight and Wind rider effects on them. This will let you both skip across stones, and ride the wind up to new locations.

That’s all there is to it. Just make sure that you apply both effects to the shoes before you go out into the world and start using them. There’s nothing more annoying than when you think you’ve got the right item but you’ve actually missed one tiny aspect. Check out the video below for a visual explanation of how best to add these effects.

If there’s something about these shoes that you think we missed, let us know in the comments.