While Bandai only just dropped Code Vein last September, the modding community is already hard at work at pumping out extra content. We’ve compiled a list of the best Code Vein mods released so far and will keep this list updated as time goes on. Bookmark this page to come back and see what’s new! If you want to learn how to mod Code Vein, head on over to the Code Vein Modding Discord

Invisible Mask 1 For Male and Female Characters

invisible mask 1 code vein mod

This mod includes separate files for both male and female characters that will make the above mask invisible. This is a great mod for people that do not want their character to have a mask. Simple tweaks like this one are great examples of the modding community adding options the developers overlooked.

Improved Visuals and Performance

improved visuals code vein mod

This mod utilizes Unreal Engine 4’s various graphics settings that are not shown in Code Vein. This mod is simply a config file that alters the graphics of Code Vein. (bobbergdesigns) You should only use this mod if you are already able to run Code Vein at the highest settings. This mod tweaks the render distance for objects and terrain, increases sharpness, can help increase performance, and more. It is super simple to install and you can even customize some of the settings yourself. The page has some information on how you can customize the config file to your liking.

Playable Eva Costume

playable eva costume code vein mod

While Eva is normally just a companion that joins you throughout Code Vein, this mod lets you design a character to look like her! Simply install this lightweight mod and select costume #3 to pick the new Eva costume. You can further customize it by changing the color or choosing whether or not to display the skirt and necklace.

Custom Loading Screens

Code Vein features very dull loading screens. This mod replaces those boring brown loading screens with high-quality art from the game itself. While this mod isn’t groundbreaking, it does definitely help up the atmosphere of the game.

As Code Vein was just released back in September of 2019, the modding community is just starting to make mods. Check back every so often to see what other great mods this list has been updated with!