Chrono Cross remastered is out now and if you have not played the original game then there is a lot to take in. Do not worry though as the remaster is a great way of trying out the game for the first time. In this Chrono Cross beginner’s guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that should help you get started.

Chrono Cross Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Chrono Cross:

Talk To Everyone

As you progress through the game, you will encounter plenty of NPCs. We recommend talking to them so that you know what is going on when it comes to the plot of the game. Do not expect to be fed a lot of the plot as the game tends to keep you guessing.

Healing Is Vital

While attacks are important, healing is going to be vital as well, especially in boss fights. Ideally, your healing elements should be equal to your attack elements. You will need to heal often during boss battles, so do keep that in mind.

Get The IceLance Early On

When you get to Arni Village check out the cafe where you got the Heckran Bone. Before you enter the room, you will see a pot in the middle. Interact with it three times in order to get the IceLance.

Steal When Possible

We recommend stealing when possible. If you try this on a boss and it fails then you can run away and then try again. Bosses can have great loot that you can steal. So take advantage of that.

Getting RecoverAll Early

When you get to Viper’s Mansion, you will need to talk to the Dragon Handler in order to get the Manor key. Stay here and feed the dragons 40 times in order to get the RecoverAll early.

You Can Run Away, Even From Boss Fights

You can run away from fights even bosses. You can do this to change elements that you are using. Do note that if you steal something from a boss and run away then you will not get the stolen loot.

You Will Not Get All Characters In Your First Playthrough

Chrono Cross Tips

Chrono Cross has 45 characters that you can recruit but you will not be able to get them all in one playthrough. That is fine because there are 12 endings to the game. So you are expected to finish the game a couple of times.

Do Not Level Up Every Character

The game has plenty of different characters so you might be tempted to level up every one of them. We do not recommend doing that. Try out different characters and see what team compositions work for you.

Leveling up every character is going to take a lot of time and is not worth it.

Say No To Kid Early On

Chrono Cross Tips

When you encounter Kid and need to decide whether to not to recruit her, refuse 3 times. Doing this will allow you to recruit Kid later on and recruit Leena as well. Saying yes the first time around will result in not being able to recruit Leena.

These are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Chrono Cross.