Dread Hunger is a tricky game as it combines survival mechanics with deception. While playing the game, as the thrall that needs to make sure that voyagers never leave. If you are a crew member then you need to push the ship forward. You will need to use all the tools at your disposal in order to do both. In this Dread Hunger guide, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that should make things a bit easier.

Dread Hunger Tips And Tricks

The following are some useful tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Dread Hunger.

You Can Cook Raw Meat On Fires

Dread Hunger Tips

You will be up against the cold and resources are going to be limited. Fortunately, you can use raw meat. Throw it into a fire in order to cook it. Fires are also going to keep you warm.

Do Not Use Coal

Using coal in the boiler of your ship is the only way you can move it. It can be used to keep you warm as well but we do not recommend it. You should only use coal other than in the boiler of your ship as a last resort.

The Way Of The Thrall

As the Thrall, you will have special abilities. You can summon a blizzard that hinders the vision of other people around you. You can summon cannibal hordes that will attack people. You can also disappear and escape when you are in a tough spot.

Do note that if cannibals are unable to get to other people then they can attack you as well. They tend to target a single person and that could be you.

As a Thrall, you can build Totems that will buff your abilities. These can be traced back to you, so you need to keep that in mind. You can also traverse the blue ice walls when spirit walking. Wolves and cannibals can do this as well.

Have Players On Your Side

This game is all about deception and the art of lying, so you will need to have your team on your side. Be ready to make some sacrifices early on in order to remain in the good books. You can bring your team gifts.

Dread Hunger Tips

If someone suspects you then you can team up with an individual and gang up by using the cannibal ability. Do note that you should only make actual friends when you really need to.

Do Note Explore Too Much

While you might be tempted to explore the world around you, and you should definitely look into that, we do not recommend exploring too much. The main goal of the game is figuring out who the thrall is and if you are one then you need to master the art of lying.

You should also stay inside at night and out of the water in order to avoid freezing.

Healing Is Tied Directly To Hunger

Your HP regeneration is linked to your hunger. If your belly is empty then you are going to regenerate HP slowly. If you are full then healing is going to be much faster.

Laudanum can also be used for healing. You can craft it into a syringe in order to increase its effectiveness. This will also revive you if you are downed.

Poison Is Great For Weakening Crew Members

Poison really comes in handy if you are interested in weakening crew members before a fight. It takes a few seconds to kick in so you can poison a couple of people before they suspect anything.

Poison can be added to raw meat before you cook it. If you give a piece of poisoned raw meat to the chef cooking stew, the whole stew will be poisoned.

Get A Satchel ASAP

Since you are new to the game, you will be caught. When that happens you need to survive on your own. That is why we recommend getting the satchel as it increases your inventory space and allows you to hoard resources such as food.

Push The Ship

If you are not the thrall then figuring out who it is will take a while. Working on the ship and pushing it forward is going to help you win. You might not even want to bother figuring out who the thrall is.

Two Thralls Are Better Than One

If your thrall friend has been caught then you need to get them out of jail. This is going to help you as the two of you will have a better chance of winning.

These are some tips and tricks that should help you out while playing Dread Hunger.