Armor is of vital importance in Greedfall. It’s a game in which the right armor can be the difference between you surviving a fight, or falling and dying at the feet of your first foe. In this guide, we’ll cover exactly what the Greedfall best armor is, and where you can pick it up for yourself. If you’re just starting the game, this is a great thing to aim for since it’ll serve you well later on in the story.

Major’s Collard Doublet Set

greedfall best armor sets
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This set can be found pretty early on in the game, that’s what makes it so good. With all the items in the set, you’ll get a bonus of 156 to your armor rating. For that, you’ll need the gauntlets, boots, and armor though. The only requirement with this set is 2 points of Endurance. While there’s no bonus beyond the armor rating, it’s a good early game set. One to go for in your first few hours.

This armor set is located in a couple of places. The armor and gauntlets are in the Magasvar Hot Springs, so head there and defeat the Guardian in the Vale of Great battle. This will net you those items from the body of a dead guard. Pick up the key on the guard too, since you need to use that in the wooden tower by the alliance outpost to get the boots.

Warrior King’s Outfit Set

warrior kings set
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This is another set to pick up early in the game. the total bonus is around 158 for all the pieces, and it has no requirements for you to wear it. Anyone can. The big bonus is an elemental poison resistance, something you’ll find incredibly handy as you move on.

To get this armor you need to go to Cerghanes, Vigyigidaw village. There’s a path to a tunnel here, and if you follow it you’ll find the boots in a chest. Kill a Guardian in the area to get the armor and gauntlets. This Guardian is called Steigar Falag and you’ll find it at the Rocky Steps.

Merchant Prince’s Set

merchant princes set
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This is a good set for later in the game, with a total armor rating of 189. It’s also a lot easier to acquire since all three pieces are found in one place. The requirements to wear it are still 2 points of Endurance, but it’s a small price to pay. On top of all this, it’s one of the better-looking sets out there.

To pick this up head to The Singing Waters in Wenshaganaw. Look for a wooded area and you’ll see a Guardian. This one is around level 17, so you may need to be pretty powerful before taking it on. Once the Guardian is dead, search the dead merchant in the same area for a key. Now you can follow the river to a chest where the armor awaits you.

Commander’s Armor Set

commanders set
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This set has the highest base armor points in the game at 242. However, it takes 5 points of Endurance to actually equip, so it’s more of a set you’re committing to than one that you have a choice over. Still, it’s a powerful end game set that will leave you ready for pretty much any challenge.

The biggest benefit of acquiring this set is that you don’t have to fight a Guardian to get it. To pick it up, you’re going to be completing Kurt’s loyalty quest. You’ll find it in a warehouse in Saint Matheus with the Coin Guard, hidden in a chest. You’ll need lockpicking level 3 to get it early, but completing the loyalty quest will unlock it fully.

Saint Matheus Armor Set

saint matheus set
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This armor has a decent base of 241, magic resistance, and you only need 4 Endurance to wear it. This makes it a worthwhile armor to chase, one that most players will be able to make use of.

To pick it up, you’ll be traveling to Vedvilvie. As part of the Origins of Theleme questline, you’ll find footprints in a cave. Follow them, and you’ll find yourself picking up this armor.