Greedfall is a big game filled with massive quests. Some of those quests present you with choices, while others are a lot more straightforward. This quest, Heretic Hunt, sits somewhere in the middle. It’s the Greedfall free the smuggler conundrum that so many players find themselves butting up against as they attempt to steamroll their playthrough. In this guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about this quest and how to get through it.

Greedfall Free the Smuggler | Heretic Hunt Guide

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This quests sees you tasked by the Theleme ambassador to look into some heretics who are rumoured to be trying to find a smuggler that can get them out of Serene. At this point you’ll be given a guide point to Vasco, who is a good person to talk to about all of this before moving forward.

The Smuggler

Once you’ve talked to Vasco, they’ll reveal that the smuggler in question is in fact in custody. They’re being held in Naut Prison. The only issue with this is that only Nauts are allowed inside the prison. While Vasco tells you that there are no exceptions to this rule, there might be another, much more violent, way inside the prison.

While you could fight your way inside, there is an alternative. There’s a Naut disguise that you can pick up before going in. It’s located in the Harbor Master’s Office inside of a chest that’s upstairs in the building.

With the disguise equipped, or having decided to take the violent path, it’s time to see the smuggler.

Get inside the prison and go downstairs. If you’re dressed as a Naut then the smuggler won’t trust you. However, you can persuade him by promising to free him. You don’t actually have to free him if you don’t really want to.

The smuggler is going to reveal to you that he was planning on smuggling out a couple to the Border Alliance. This couple is still nearby, in a Naut warehouse.

The Heretics

This couple are the heretics that you were warned about earlier. As it turns out, they are actually historians who have discovered something that goes against the Theleme religion. Despite their attempts to recant their discoveries, they were still set to be burnt at the stake for uncovering them in the first place.

At this point, you have three options as to what to do with this couple.

  1. You could have the historians arrested. They’ll then be burnt at the stake.
  2. Alternatively, you can help the historians out and get them to safety with the Bridge Alliance.
  3. Finally, you can leave the historians to do whatever they want. They’ll try to find their way, but if you didn’t free the smuggler then they won’t get far.

You can talk to Sahin at the Bridge Embassy about the couple. He really hates the Theleme, so he’ll help you out. You can then go back to the Theleme and confront them about the truth behind these ‘heretics’. Be sure to take note of how your reputation will change in Greedfall with each decision.

That’s all there is to know about this quest. The decision is yours once you’re through it. Let us know if you enjoy the quest in the comments.

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