Bill is a brilliant Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’s a duck Villager who has clearly been made to be a certain way, and we love it. You’ll see what we mean as we get into this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bill Villager Guide. This is one character that you’ll definitely want to have on your island, providing you’ve got the space. In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about this guy, from his personality and appearance, to his house and birthday. We’ll also throw in some details that you likely didn’t know before today.

Who is Bill?

who is bill
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Bill is a jock duck Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He actually appeared on the cover of the very first game, which should give you an indication of how loved he is. He’s been part of the series since it started, though his appearance then showed him walking up to his house. An attitude that hasn’t changed over the course of all these games. His name, if you didn’t know, is a term used for the beak of a duck. It’s very common, and most western players will have picked up on this before even looking at this guide.

In Japanese, his name is actually the word for Century Egg. This is a duck egg that has been preserved in ash for several months. Not everyone will have heard of this, but it’s a relevant term for ducks in Japan that makes more sense than the name Bill does. Interestingly, he shares a catchphrase with another duck Villager, Drake. If you weren’t aware already, he’s also been in every single Animal Crossing game to date. Quite the feat.


bills birthday
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Bill’s birthday is on February 1. On that date, you’ll find him hanging out at home celebrating. He’s going to be waiting for other Villagers and you to pop over and celebrate with him. If you head over and take part, you’ll get to play some games with all those who are there. You’ll also be able to get hold of some cake. This is terribly important for building up your island later in the game. Make sure you save it for when you really need it.

One thing about Bill’s birthday that’s pretty damn neat is how you can use it to build your relationship with him. If you give him a present, it’ll help boost your relationship with him. What’s more, he’ll probably give you a present over the following days if you do this. It’s something that all Villagers do, but it’s just good to know in case you’re trying to boost your relationship. Take note and don’t let this pass you by.

Bill’s Personality

bills personality
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Bill has the jock personality type. This can be an issue, but only if you have the wrong combination of Villagers on your island. Jocks are massively into sports and exercise. As a result, you’ll often see them running around being active all over your island. Don’t worry, they’re not panicking, they’re just being themselves. This also means that jock Villagers are always motivated to do things, which is a nice change from lazy Villagers. The only issue is that they often come across as self-centered, so just watch out for that.

The one thing Bill is into more than being active is his hobby. He’ll probably challenge you to some competitions over catching bugs and fish every now and then. You don’t have to, but it’ll help your relationship if you take part in these little games with him.

Bill will get on well with cranky, peppy, sisterly, and other jock Villagers. The ones that they don’t get on with are lazy Villagers, and that’s because they don’t understand their lifestyle. They can’t get their head around someone wanting to sit around all day doing nothing. You may also see some conflict with snooty Villagers, who are also purely out for themselves and talk bad of all other Villagers. If you know you have these personality types on your island, be careful.

Bill’s Appearance

bills appearance
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Bill is a maroon duck, and that’s about it. He’s got white ringed eyes and a yellow beak, or bill. He’s also got a lock of brown hair, but it’s very hard to see this in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He actually wears a basketball top that looks like he players for a team named Nintendo, and is in the player position 10. This is a big reference to his personality type, and should give players an indication of it before they even talk to him. It helps all players make the right decision about whether to invite him to their island or not.

Bill’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Bill Villager Guide
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The exterior of Bill’s house is as standard as it gets. It’s a log-built house with a red roof. There’s nothing that stands out about it. If you’re looking for a house that does blend in though, then this is the best part of this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bill Villager Guide. It’s a brilliant house to tuck out of the way behind some trees and forget about.

The interior of Bill’s home is very different. It’s got wooden wallpaper and flooring for a start. Everything else in there is made of wood, from the table to the chairs, and there’s a distinctly Japanese theme to it. Due to this, it seems like he was designed to be based on the Japanese Century Egg rather than the standard duck animal his western name suggests.

Facts About Bill

There’s just one interesting thing to know about Bill. This is that he shares his birthday with one other Villager in the Animal Crossing series. The Villager is Rover. Don’t count on these two spending much time together on the day though. If anything, this makes life more awkward for you because you then have to split your time between the pair on their birthdays. Make sure that you don’t neglect one because the other will definitely tell them, and then you’ll probably be a Villager down.