Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a 4v4 multiplayer game that puts you in the shoes of outlaws from the Robin Hood tales. It’s a bit like a multiplayer version of Assassin’s Creed. Between you and your team, you need to steal the key from the Sheriff, open the vault, and then successfully steal the treasure. It’s a great game if you love multiplayer titles with a difference. It’s also a game with a full roadmap for content that’s coming in the year ahead. In this Hood: Outlaws & Legends Year 1 roadmap guide, we’ll cover everything that’s coming to the game over the course of the next year.

hood outlaws and legends year 1 rodamap guide
Image Source: God is a Geek

Season 0: Litha

Litha is the first season in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. It’s not quite started at the time of writing, but it’s coming sooner than you might think. This season packs in a brand new map called Mountain. It’s set in the foothills of a mountain, and is covered in snow. It’s very diverse, offering a lot of opportunity for long shot kills. In addition to the map, the season adds a new game mode.

We don’t know what this mode will be, but think it’s likely to change up the core formula. Right now the game is quite rigid, and changing that would open it up for even more enjoyable matches. Finally, the season will conclude with two seasonal events. These will task the community with performing certain tasks. Again, it’s not known what they will be, but they’re sure to get people playing in ways that they haven’t before.

Season 1: Samhain

This season is the most exciting in the Hood: Outlaws & Legends Year 1 roadmap because it sees the addition of a new character. There are four in the game already, a Brawler, a Hunter, Robin with his bow, and the Mystic who heals and reveals enemies. It will be interesting to see what this new character does. The game feels like it’s missing a trapper, someone who can distract enemies and draw them away from other players. If this is what the character does, it’ll totally change each match.

This season also brings more events. These will probably revolve around earning gold and completing tasks once again. It’s always good to have something to work towards as a community, so this will be very well received. The developers need to make sure it runs smoothly though. The game’s bugs and issues haven’t given it the best view for the larger public.

Finally, the season adds in some free cosmetics. These will allow players to change up the look of all of their characters. There’s already a wide variety in the game, but players are quickly earning all of these. Adding new ones in will keep things fresh and open up more opportunities for players to express themselves through the look of their characters.

Season 2: Yule

This third season ties in with Christmas. As a result, we should expect a lot of holiday-themed things to be going on. The roadmap shows that a major new gameplay addition is coming with this season. We believe this could be a set of missions for each character. There’s one in every character’s menu already, but more would give players a lot more to do. We also think that players would greatly enjoy this mix up in gameplay.

As expected, more community events will also come with this season. These ones will probably be even more well received than the others because there will be more people looking for Christmas-themed games to play. Adding more stuff like this into Hood: Outlaws & Legends will only make it stand out more to everyone who enjoys a multiplayer entry.

Lastly for Yule are more free cosmetics. Once again, these will be exactly what the community wants. We all love dressing our characters up in themed costumes. Hopefully, these ones will make characters look like Santa Clause. It would also be nice to get some authentic Yule costumes from around this time period though. That kind of attention to detail would go a long way for players.

Season 3: Ostara

The game’s final season for Year 1 takes us to spring 2022. Ostara is the festival of spring, so it makes total sense that this is what the final season is called and themed around. The big new addition here is yet another major gameplay addition. It’s hard to say what this will be, but a new game mode would be nice. We think that a mode that tasks one team with guarding the gold while another attempts to steal it would mix things up way more than anything else. It may take a year to develop this mode though, hence why it would come in Ostara.

As you should be expecting, more community events will also be a part of this season. These ones, and all in the roadmap, should probably take some influence from, the festival the season is based on. For Ostara, that’s spring and sacrificing animals for new life in the year. It’s something that could provide weird gameplay buffs in each match, changing each game mode ever so slightly for a limited period.

The last item on the list is more free cosmetics. As we’ve mentioned, these are great. Having more to wear around the current season would bring back older players and make the game look inviting to new ones.

After this, we hope that there’s a Year 2 roadmap to dive into. The names could be the same since they’re all themed around festivals, but the content should be better than what’s come before. Regular seasonal events are always fun for communities, but building upon the gameplay that’s already there is what players will want at this point. It’s extremely hard to say what will come. The only thing we know for sure is that if the game maintains a decent number of players, generating a good income, then there’s no reason that the second year of content won’t come. Although, everyone will still have to pay for it as they did with the Year 1 pass.