The Hitman 3 Season of Pride roadmap is now live, as is the current season. This is the second part of the Seasons of Sins expansion collection. It’s yet another piece of add-on content that you can buy. However, if you purchased the Seasons of Sin Collection, you can actually access it as part of that bundle. In this guide, we’ll cover everything that’s coming to Hitman 3 as part of this season. This includes a lot of content, so strap in and read on for some details on your favorite game.

First, let’s clarify when this season is live. It started on May 10 and will end on June 14. You have between these dates to enjoy the content as it releases. If you’re reading this after June 14, then the only thing you’ll probably have missed out on are the Elusive Targets. Everything else should be safe for you to enjoy.

Hitman 3 Season of Pride Roadmap Guide
Image Source: Io Interactive

Act 2: Pride – May 10

May 10 marked the start of this new season in Hitman 3. Much like Season of Greed, it came front-loaded with a bunch of content for players to enjoy. We’re splitting this up because there is one thing that’s specific to the Pride expansion that you can buy for Hitman 3. That is the new Escalation. It’s called The Pride Profusion and adds a new unique twist to Hitman 3’s gameplay formula.

There’s a statue in the game that offers you a choice of weapons. The choice you make determines your targets, and how easy they are to kill. As a result, the Escalation is one of the more interesting the game has seen since its launch. In fact, it’s the best of the additional content so far. There are challenges that make the Escalation worth completing a few times whilst making different choices. Adding hours of potential time to the game.

The Sebastian Principle Escalation – May 10

The Sebastian Principle is a new Escalation, a three-part mission, that went live on the same day Season of Pride did. It’s set in Dubai and actually looks to subvert quite a few expectations. Don’t try to anticipate what you’ll be doing in this one. It’s a great excuse to jump back into one of the best maps in Hitman 3. Just make sure you’re ready for the murder.

The Iconoclast Elusive Target – May 10 to May 24

The Iconoclast is the second Elusive Target to be set in one of Hitman 3’s original locations. It takes you to Mendoza to kill a rival agent who is recruiting clients for their assassination agency. In a way, it builds upon the story of Hitman 3, putting Agent 47 and Dianna at the head of their own agency after the end of the game. The Elusive Target is only live until May 24, and you have only one chance to kill her. Fail, and you’ll have lost out on the rewards entirely.

The Icon Play for Free – May 14 to May 23

This might not be a part of the Season of Pride content, but it is something new. The Icon is a reworked version of the Sapienza location, complete with new missions, opportunities, and kills. It’s free for all players, regardless of whether you own it, between these dates. We recommend trying it out while it’s live. It’s one of the better areas that’s been reworked, and has some of the best set piece kills in the entire franchise.

Spawn on Me Featured Contracts – May 20

From May 20 you’ll be able to play a series of Featured Contracts from Spawn on Me. This will be a small collection of Featured Contracts that will be permanently added to the game. These are often the best user-generated contracts of a season, so don’t miss out on your chance to play them and get a Silent Assassin rank too.

The Pasqual Consortium Escalation – May 27

This is the last Escalation to be added to Hitman 3 with Season of Pride. It looks to be set in Mendoza, and will probably make use of the sniper rifle found in the fields to the side of the villa. This sniper rifle is infamous because, for a time, you could use it to get accidental kills. It was broken. Hopefully, the weapon is fixed by the time this Escalation drops. If not, this will be an incredibly easy Escalation to pull off.

Paris Free to Play – May 28 to June 6

Much like how The Icon is free for all players earlier in the season, Paris is free for these dates. This is a golden opportunity for fans to jump into one of the best maps in Hitman 1 and enjoy it. For some, it may even convince them that they need to invest in the full game and play it through Hitman 3.

The Black Hat Elusive Target – June 4 to June 13

The second Elusive Target that’s part of the Hitman 3 Season of Pride roadmap is The Black Hat. This one is set in Paris, a location from Hitman 1. However, Io Interactive is also making the location free for all players during this time. It means that everyone can take the Elusive Target on. We’d advise that you also take the time to explore Paris. It’s one of the best maps in Hitman 3 if you own Hitman 1 as well.

Hitman Community Featured Contracts – June 10

This is the second set of Featured Contracts for the season. They’re being made by Hitman Community, who are content creators focused on Hitman. They should, like all Featured Contracts, make for some excellent gameplay opportunities. These are always the best in a season, so don’t miss out on playing them.

Title Update – June 14

On this day, Season of Pride comes to a close. This update will add loads of fixes to the game that make it better overall to play. It will also be when the next Season of Sin launches. We don’t know what this season is, but we’ll keep you updated with a new roadmap as soon as we can. the one thing we would advise is to avoid playing the new season on the day. Wait a day so that any issues can be fixed before they affect you.