The FF7 remake is here and with it comes a few different mini-games like always. In chapter nine of the FF7 remake, Cloud does a little squat mini-game that some players found annoying. If you thought that was hard, prepare for a whole other level of difficulty. This time you’re not Cloud, you’re Tifa and you’re doing pull-ups against three other people in the gym. We found the pull-up challenge to easily be the most difficult mini-game in all of FF7. If you’re like us, here is a breakdown of what you have to do and a few tips on how to beat it.

How to Get the Pull-up Mini-game Challenge Hi-score in FF7

If you played the mini-game in chapter nine with Cloud, then you’ll already be familiar with the rules of the pull-up challenge. You use the four buttons on the right side of the controller to control your character during the challenge. You have to press them in the order they pop up on the screen which is where the difficulty comes in.

The first two opponents are easy. They shouldn’t be too hard to beat and we found them to be good practice. We got the mechanics of the mini-game down by the time we were done with these two chumps. Just let yourself find the pace of the mini-game and fall into a rhythm. The mini-game is split into two rounds and both of these challengers will fall off the bar a few times in each round giving you time to beat them. After beating them, the final challenger enters the ring, Jules.

ff7 tifa pull-up challenge vs Jules

Jules is unforgiving. In the first round, he may fall, but in the second round, he will push you to your limits and beyond. If you want to get the Peeress of Pull-ups trophy, you’re going to need to beat him which will require 43 pull-ups.

In order for you to get 43 pull-ups in this challenge, you’re going to need to focus. The hardest part about this challenge is that the game will throw into the mix buttons that you need to hit near simultaneously as another. This can really mess up the flow and rhythm you had going so be sure that you react quickly enough and get back into your old groove after successfully completing the sequence. If you can do that, you’ll beat Jules in no time. It may take a few tries, but we think it’s eventually a matter of time for anyone to beat the pull-up challenge in FF7.

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