Diseases are random events in Rimworld that will sometimes afflict your colonists. The frequency in which they occur depends on the biome you’re colony is in and the difficulty you selected. Deserts and Tundra see fewer infections than say a rainforest. Infections also have a random chance of developing regardless of the biome if your pawn gets injured. Muscle parasites are one of those diseases and here’s how to cure it in Rimworld.

Disease vary in symptoms and lethality. They all typically have various stages. Pawns will develop an immunity to the disease as time goes on. If they do not develop an immunity in time, they can die from it. The plague is a great example. If your pawn contracts the plague its a race against the clock. The plague will progress through stages till it hits 100% if it hits 100% your pawn will die. If you provide adequate medical care and penoxiciylline your pawns immunity will go up. If immunity reaches 100% before the plague, your pawn will be cured.

What do Muscle Parasites do?

Muscle parasites are not lethal and it is easily treatable! Don’t get worried and start a new colony when one of your pawns becomes diseased. It is actually a pretty mild disease by Rimworld standards and just makes your pawn a little lazy.

Your pawn will have the following in their health tab:

  • Pain +20%
  • Impaired Manipulation -30%
  • Impaired movement speed -30%
  • Tiredness x200%

So the symptoms are pretty mild as you can see. It essentially just makes your pawn require more rest more frequently and slows down their move and work speed. Your pawn will be sluggish, want to sleep a lot and get a mood debuff for being tired if he is on a forced work schedule and can’t sleep, and won’t be as efficient in his delegated tasks.

How to Cure Muscle Parasites in Rimworld

Muscle parasites are pretty easy to cure. All you need is regular medicine. Your pawn won’t need to rest throughout the whole duration of the disease. When your colonist gets treated, there is a “treatment quality” pop-up. You simply need to have the treatments add up to 300%. Sounds confusing, but basically if you get 3 treatments of 100% your colonist will be cured. 6 treatments at 50%, 10 at 30% etc. There is no “golden” number of treatments, you just need to hit that 300 total percent.

See? Muscle parasites aren’t the end of your colony and are certainly not the worst disease your pawns can get. It is quite easily treatable, just give them a routine dose of any medicine and they’ll be healed in no time!

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