SIMS 4 houses a bunch of unique ways to enable you to do actions that otherwise won’t be possible. Unfortunately, these methods also introduce unconventionally in an otherwise simplistic game.

Therefore, simple actions like filling out reports can feel pretty tough and confusing. To add fuel to the fire, the tutorial shows nothing regarding such actions.

In this guide, we will be showing you the primal method of filling out Reports in SIMS 4. So with that said, let’s get started and jump right in!

What Is The Reports Mechanic In SIMS 4?

How To Fill Out Reports In SIMS 4
The SIMS 4 | Report Mechanic | Source: Pro Game Guides

Reports allow your SIMS to create summaries of what’s happening in your or your business’s day-to-day workflow.

This feature is only present if your SIM has a career in the business sector. In this career, you’d have to fill in daily reports of what’s currently happening.

This not only improves the performance of that particular SIM but also allows you to gain a higher wage over time. Consequently, you could also obtain specific bonuses or promotions.

In order to make a faster career progression of your SIM, we recommend you fill out reports each day without missing out on a single one.

Filling Out Reports In SIMS 4 – The Base How-To

In order to fill out a report, you need to head back to your home and sit in front of your computer.

From there, do the following:

  • Firstly, interact with the computer, and find the More Choices menu.
How To Fill Out Reports In SIMS 4
The SIMS 4 | Reports | Source: VGKami
  • In there, you have to find the Web submenu, where you’d need to tap the Fill Out Reports option.

Upon executing the mentioned steps, your SIM will instantly turn green with a briefcase hovering on top of its head. Make him sit in this position while focusing on his desk for as long as possible (till the report’s completion, preferably).

Once the report has been completed, the mission will automatically finish for the day. You don’t necessarily need to be on your personal computer in order to fill out reports, the public ones in the libraries will work just fine.

How To Check Report Progress?

You can verify your report progress by doing the following from your screen:

  • For starters, head to the Career Tab in the submenu at the bottom right side of your screen.
  • From there, tap on Daily Tasks, and scroll down until you find the reports’ daily quest.

If it says completed, then you’re good to go; otherwise, have your SIM work his brains out.

How To Make Reports Faster? – SIMS 4

How To Fill Out Reports In SIMS 4
The SIMS 4 | Reports | Source: Raider King

Your SIM’s job performance is decided at the moment of creation. However, this metric can be temporarily boosted by ensuring that it goes to work in a good mood.

The job performance of a SIM is affected by the following factors:

  • Daily Activities
  • Co-Worker Relationships
  • Mood

Now, you’d need to have your SIM eat well, stay focused, and be well-showered as a base metric for the mentioned conditions.

The rest really depends on its capabilities. Doing a job daily will naturally improve its work performance, so there’s no real need to go out of your way to keep your SIM happy.

However, be sure to perform the following in order to achieve the best results:

  • Regular showers
  • Feeding
  • Good Sleep

Can Your SIM Fill Out Reports In A Bad Mood?

How To Fill Out Reports In SIMS 4
SIMS 4 | Bad Mood Pose | Source: Red Lotus Designs

Yes and no. It really depends on how bad the mood is. A good mood can increase work performance, while a bad mood can drown your SIM down in the realm of uselessness.

Having said that, here’s how mood affects SIMs and their day-to-day tasks:

  • The SIM won’t build skills, no matter how many times you try it. A dialogue box will appear, mentioning that the SIM is in a bad mood.
  • Most of the SIM’s interactions will remain hidden until it regains a good mood.
  • The Job Performance metric will temporarily take a hit – causing the SIM to perform poorly at its careers.
  • You won’t be able to perform most of the social interactions. Therefore, your SIM will have a harder time maintaining relationships.

Aside from these, your SIM will also experience a few danger signals that can result in death. Therefore, you should not shake ice cream machines in the Kicktail Park – unless fireworks are happening.


In essence, filling out reports is a pretty basic in-game task as long as you have the necessary career for it. After that, it’s all about choosing a PC for your work and you’re pretty much good to go!