Sims 4, undoubtedly, is among the top life-simulation games in the market. With its many features, character traits, and diverse gameplay, it has persisted in maintaining its popularity.

Among these features is the Sims’ emotions, which are a fun and distinctive gameplay feature that brings the Sims to life.

Sims’ emotions are continually changing and are influenced by life experiences, social interactions, attributes, and other factors.

Among these emotions is the “Angry” emotion. It happens when a Sim has unfavorable encounters with other Sims and this mood might go from furious to outraged.

However, it is not inherently a negative emotion and we may require it on some occasions, so we may need help to research angry emotion in Sims 4.

Simple Ways to Research Angry Emotion

How to Research Angry Emotion Sims 4
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Whether it is to show your anger in not getting the promotion, or if it is just to express anger following unfavorable circumstances in the game, you need to know how to get your sims character angry. 

There are several ways to get your Sim to be angry, as we will discuss later.

First, you need to know how to do the basic mood outlet in Sims 4.

Simply click on your Sim.

Then use the “Research Angry Emotion” interaction.

This will put an anger moodlet on your sim, and then your sim will need to perform mean actions while the moodlet is active.

Here are the tricks through which you can get your Sim to be angry and research angry emotion:

1. View an Angry Painting

Players can discover many artworks, some of which might enrage a Sim in the Build Mode.

You should try to put several artworks in a room to make your Sim upset. 

2. Kick the Garbage Can in Anger

Doing object-based interactions such as kicking the garbage can reduce the chances of ruining relationships with other sims, so don’t forget to try kicking the garbage a few times after viewing an angry painting.

How to Research Angry Emotion Sims 4
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3. Voodoo Dolls

The voodoo doll is supposed to be an evil doll that can be obtained via fishing in Oasis Springs Park, digging in certain places while seeking treasure, or buying one from Madame Zoe.

Also, players are always free to engage with the doll.

Among these, you can poke the voodoo doll.

Poking the doll will give your player an angry moodlet for almost four hours in the game.

4. Interacting with Angry Sims

As a Sims 4 player, you can indeed interact with a lot of other Sims, and sometimes the other sims may be angry.

With these angry sims, you only get two options after clicking on them which are “Discuss angry mood” and “Try to calm down”.

This may influence your Sim too.

Note that an angry sim does not gain any work performance points.

5. Unfaithful Partner

For this, you do not have to do anything.

If your sim has an unfaithful partner and catches the partner flirting or being unloyal, it gets enraged with anger.

After seeing the unfaithful partner, they will lose their relationship points.

6. Losing Arguments

Sims can get really angry after losing an argument with another Sim.

Whatever they are arguing about and you see your sim starting to get angry, chances are that your sim is losing an argument.

How to Research Angry Emotion Sims 4
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7. Noisy Neighbors

While this is a trait that also angers in real life, sims are also likely to be annoyed by noisy neighbors and may express it in anger.

8. Interaction with Cowplant

Gamers can obtain the “Essence of Life” beverage by milking a cow plant.

This beverage lengthens your Sim’s life by a few days.

Sims who survive a Cowplant bite are given a potion of the state they were in just before being devoured.

As a result, the Cowplant also gives forth a purple potion of rage to the players, which eventually, makes your Sim angry.

9. Smashed Dollhouse

If the sim is a toddler, child, or just a sim with childish traits, and you smash a dollhouse in anger, they can get angry in return and express this while crying.

10. The Mean Vibes Trait

Mean vibes, which is a quality in Sims 4 that players can apply to their home if they wish to witness the drama, is another method to be furious.

Your Sim receives an angry moodlet each time a mischievous interaction occurs.

In the game, the social skill of mischief enables players to play practical jokes on other Sims.

An already pessimistic Sim may take this well, or it may wreck their day and make them angry.

11. Take an Angry Poop

Yes, taking an angry poop as a sim is another way to research angry emotion.

Just simply make your sim go to the toilet and take an angry poop.

How to Calm your Sim

How to Research Angry Emotion Sims 4
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You can calm your sim in a number of ways.

One of these ways is by taking a cold shower, drinking a Calming Chamomile Tea, or using a Punching Bag.

You can also try to distract your Sim with other emotion moodlets such as “Cheerful” through its action triggers.


Sometimes, you need to get your Sim to be angry to perform certain mean interactions for tasks.

Your sim may be “Cheerful” or “Good”, so this can be quite trivial, but the tricks as we discussed are just one of the many ways you can get your Sim to research angry emotion in Sims 4.