Sims 4 – the newest release to the life simulation game series of “Sims”- makes it easier for the user to develop numerous skills in their Sims to assist them in their daily lives and occupations.

Each skill is gained through performing tasks related to the specific skill, with different levels and benefits of advancing in the skills. 

The ‘charisma’ skill is among the many classic skills available in the sims world.

Through this skill, your Sims can become more popular and influential, hence making it one of the most important skills to acquire. So how do we get the charisma skill in Sims 4?

How to Get Charisma Skill in Sims 4

How to Get Charisma Skill in Sims 4
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The most effective technique to obtain the Charisma skill is by simply practicing a speech in a mirror in the sims world.

You can use the mirror and click on the item interaction called “Practice Speech” which allows your Sim to obtain it directly. 

Though, it’s preferable to start with the “Psych Up” option if your Sims will develop Charisma faster when combined with Confidence.

Provided that your Sim is not already experiencing another emotion, this option will activate the Confident Emotion for 4 hours.

Next, make your Sim execute the “Practice Speech” command.

Another alternative is to talk to another Sim for a brief period of time.

You will either unlock the charisma skill or advance to higher levels if you use interactions with other Sims.

Importance of the Charisma Skill

The major benefit of Charisma is an increase in Relationship gains.

The threshold is raised somewhat, and more encounters will be received positively rather than resulting in humiliating occasions.

Basically, charisma has a direct impact on two game mechanics: the pace of relationship growth between Sims when they interact socially, and the success rate of such interactions. 

So, if your Sim is socially active, increasing Charisma is a requirement.

Remember that Charisma affects all social interactions, especially romantic relationships.

Good Charisma results in a better rate of success while telling jokes and performing amusing things.

More social interactions become possible as the Charisma level rises, such as funnier, cheerful, flirty, or enchanting introductions.

This means that if you try to flirt with another Sim, it will be well received as your Charisma helps in wooing the Sim.

Even more, you can even succeed in asking favors from other Sims, such as taking a loan from a Sim or asking for a job promotion as you level up in this skill.

Levels for the Charisma Skill

How to Get Charisma Skill in Sims 4
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As mentioned earlier, when a Sim’s Charisma level rises, they will have access to additional opportunities to meet other Sims.

While the effects of an increased Charisma Skill Level on Friendly Contacts are clear, a higher Charisma Skill Level increases the probability that Mischievous, Romantic, and Comedy Social Interactions will also be received favorably by the other Sim.

There are a total of 10 levels.

With each level, you achieve different ways of interaction as listed below:

  • Level 1 – Make successful jokes and learn other Sims’ attributes faster.
  • Level 2 – Brighten Day
  • Level 3 – Make a charitable donation online, practice pick-up lines in the mirror, and engage in flattering interactions
  • Level 4 – Smooth Apologies and Cheerful Introduction
  • Level 5 – Launch a Social Network on a Computer, Practice Storytelling in the Mirror, and Make a Flirty Introductory
  • Level 6 – Sweet Talk and Upload Pictures to Computer.
  • Level 7 – Request Small Loans from Sims and Repay Loan
  • Level 8 – Create New Hashtags and Enchanting Intro
  • Level 9 – Request a Huge Loan from Sims
  • Level 10 – Create a viral video and contact your boss to negotiate a promotion.

Tips to Level up Faster

How to Get Charisma Skill in Sims 4
via Carl’s Sims 4 Guide

Whether you want to level up the charisma skill faster for a speedy job promotion, or if you just don’t want the other Sims to react negatively to your Sim’s good old jokes, it is possible to expedite the leveling up process by using the following tips:

  • Purchase three books about Charisma by clicking on the computer or on a bookcase.
  • You can establish a social network after you reach Level 5. The best part is that you can immediately increase your Sim’s Charisma skill with each contact on social media.
  • If you wish to socialize with other Sims in your home, arrange a room with things that exude a Confident aura. Most encounters will be more successful as a result of a more confident aura, hence increasing your charisma skill level.
  • If you simply want to use a cheat to level up to the maximum level, you just have to press the Ctrl + Shift + C. Next, input the cheat code and max out your skill level or change the level number.


Getting and leveling up in skills available in Sims 4 is one of the important aspects of the game, and consequently, the Charisma skill is one of these important skills.

You can easily achieve this skill and advance to the next levels using our tips, and enjoy all the benefits that come along.

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