Loud Lullaby is coming back to Destiny 2 with some additional perk options. The weapon was previously removed from the game, but now that Bungie is rolling back on sunsetting, it’s a viable option once more. This weapon is one of the most amazing Hand Cannons added with Shadowkeep. It’s not the easiest weapon to initially earn, but once you’ve got it, there are a few different rolls to look out for. In this Loud Lullaby Destiny 2 guide, we’ll cover how to get the weapon, and everything else you should know about it as well.

How to get Loud Lullaby in Destiny 2

loud lullaby destiny 2
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This weapon is intrinsically linked with the Necromantic Shard. It’s an item that’s part of the side content on the Moon for Shadowkeep. You’ll find it as part of one of the tasks for Essence of Brutality. It’s not on all the charts, so you’re going to have to really search for it. Luckily, we know exactly where. You want to head to the Hall of Wisdom to pick it up. This is an underground segment of the Hellmouth. First, head to the east of Archer’s Line and look for a tall entrance that’s glowing. Walk through here and continue until you hit the Hall of Wisdom.

Within this area is a space that’s illuminated by an orange chandelier. Keep walking down the corridor and you’ll be able to see it. You’ll find the Necromantic Shard here, and it’ll drop in the shape of a weapon plan. This is all you need from the area, so you can now back out and get away from the creepy location.

The other parts of the quest to get Loud Lullaby are easy. You’ll need to do some bounties, complete a few Lost Sectors and Public Events, and then you’ll have this Hand Cannon in your hands. Wonderful.

What is Loud Lullaby?

This weapon is a Hand Cannon in Destiny 2, part of the set added with Sahdowkeep. It’s regarded as being pretty powerful, and we’re going to go through the stats and perks for it now. These may vary depending on the perks you have enabled, so keep an eye out for the real detail in the roll you get.


  • Impact – 92
  • Range – 58
  • Stability – 25
  • Handling – 32
  • Reload Speed – 31
  • Rounds per Minute – 120
  • Magazine Size – 8

Hidden Stats

  • Aim Assistance – 60
  • Inventory Size – 48
  • Zoom – 14
  • Recoil – 98
  • Bounce Intensity – 2
  • Bounce Direction – Tends Vertical

As you can see, these stats have a nice curve on them that shows a huge amount of power where it counts. Unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to handle. That’s where the perks all come in though. Next up, we’re going to go through all the potential perks you can see this weapon drop with. Get ready for a big list.


  • Hammer-Forged Rifling – Increases range
  • Arrowhead Brake – Greatly controls recoil and increases handling speed
  • Chambered Compensator – Increases stability, slightly decreases handling speed, and moderately controls recoil
  • Corkscrew Rifling – Slihgtlyincreases handling speed, range, and stability
  • Extended Barrel – Moderately controls recoil, decreases handling speed, and increases range
  • Fluted Barrel – Slightly increases stability, greatly increases handling speed
  • Full Bore – Decreases stability, greatly increases range, slightly decreases handling speed
  • Polygonal Rifling – increases stability
  • Smallbore – Increases range and stability
  • Appended Mag – Increases magazine size
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • Drop Mag – Increases reload speed but wastes ammo still in magazine at time of reload
  • Tactical Mag – Increases reload speed, slightly increases stability and magazine size
  • Extended Mag – Greatly decreases reload speed and greatly increases magazine size
  • Steady Rounds – Slightly decreases range but greatly increases stability
  • Alloy Magazine – Faster reloads when the magazine is empty
  • Flared Magwell – Greatly increases reload speed and slightly increases stability
  • Grave Robber – Melee kills reload a portion of the magazine
  • Threat Detector – Increases reload, handling, and stability when enemies are close
  • Under Pressure – As the magazine gets lower, improves accuracy and stability
  • Outlaw – Precision kills greatly drop reload time
  • Subsistence – Partially reload magazine from reserves when killing enemies
  • Field Prep – Faster reload, stow, and ready when crouching, increases ammo reserves too
  • Explosive Payload – Projectiles create an AoE explosion on targets
  • Opening Shot – Opening shot of attack has improved accuracy and range
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm – Returns two rounds to magazine when rapidly landing precison hits
  • Demolitionist – Generate grenade energy from kills. Using greande relaods weapon from reserves
  • Multikill Clip – Based on the numbe rof rapid kills beforehand, gain increased damage after reload
  • Rampage – Kills grant temporarily incrased damage, stacks three times

Best Rolls

The best rolls with this weapon are entirely up to you. The thing is, it all depends on how you play, and what you want to use the weapon for. However, we have noticed that the combinations you should be looking for all revolve around reloading faster and dealing higher damage.

With increased accuracy, you’ll gain more precision hits, and more buffs to the way you’re using the weapon in general. This is what you want to mainly focus your efforts on, since the weapon doesn’t have much else going for it. Keep the damage you’re dealing high through perks, but always be aware of what you can do to make use of the increases to other stats through the other perks on this weapon.

There’s not much room for Loud Lullaby to be a useful weapon in every game mode. However, we do see that if you’re hoping to get a new weapon to use in strikes and raids, this is probably it. There are a few perks that relate to precision damage, something that you can keep up against a big foe like a boss.

When it comes to Gambit and the Crucible, there’s not much to say with this weapon. It feels like it truly misses the mark there. What you’ll be getting here is a brilliant and beautiful Hand Cannon though. The weapons added in Shadowkeep were some of the best-looking in Destiny 2 history. While each of them is fantastic in its own right, this is the weapon that you’ll want to chase if you’re good at making the most of Hand Cannons.