Bungie has officially revealed Destiny 2 The Witch Queen. The reveal took place on Twitch, where the developer outlined everything that’s coming with the expansion, as well as right now in Destiny 2 and in the far beyond future. This is the expansion fans have been waiting on for an extremely long time, and now it’s nearly here. In this guide, we’ll cover everything that was shown in the event, including some details you might have missed. Strap in, because this is an incredible expansion to an already outstanding game.

The Witch Queen Campaign

the witch queen
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The big news was of course the latest expansion and campaign. This expansion is, as everyone thought it would be, about Savathun. This is the sister of Oryx, who was Crota’s father. All three Hive characters have an intrinsic link with Guardians because Guardians have murdered parts of their family. Savathun is taking things to the next level though. While Oryx brought an army or Taken, Savathun brings an army of Hive that use Light powers as Guardians do. These Hive Guardians are far stronger, and they’ll be a real test of any player’s merit.

The expansion will contain a new campaign that is being pitched as very similar to DOOM or other hardcore FPS titles. Bungie wants to give single player fans something to sink their teeth into, and this seems to be it. Players will fight back against Savathun in her Throne World, but it’s not clear if they’ll defeat her. She’s created pocket universes around the area that make it difficult to fight, and players will have to battle with new rules to actually win.

The campaign will be accompanied by a series of seasons, as Beyond Light was. This will keep players engaged long after the main expansion is done with. This expansion launches on February 22, 2022.

Legendary Difficulty

Another new aspect coming to Destiny 2 with the expansion is Legendary Difficulty. This is an incredibly challenging game mode, and will push players up to and past their limits. It’s designed for those who want to make the most of every activity, but struggle to find ways to make them challenging enough. This will do that and so much more.


The Glaive is a new type of weapon that’s somewhere between a melee and short-range attack. It can be used to spear enemies and hurt them, but there’s also an energy weapon charge that will burst out of it to cause damage. It’s the best of both worlds and something that’s likely to mix up the meta when it comes to hardcore player strategies. Whether it works well in all game modes remains to be seen. However, there’s definitely space for a weapon that blends both of these attack types into one.

Weapon Crafting

The Glaive is a new weapon that players will be using, but it’s crafted, no earned. This is part of a wider system that players will use to build specific weapons they want, with rolls they’re after. It’s a response from Bungie to the fact that it’s impossible to pursue a catered roll of a weapon. Instead, it’s all about luck. This will no longer be true. New and old weapons will be added to the roster that can be crafted, and this will expand over time to bring a host of new challenges to the game that players can take on, rather than looking for rolls of weapons they already have.

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary

Bungie turns 30 this year, and that’s going to be very present in Destiny 2. The game will be getting a host of new challenges to take on, as well as brand new rewards. These will be themed around Bungie’s past games, so there will be all sorts of crossovers between them. It’s likely that we’ll see some sort of Halo crossover weapons, but we don’t know what they’ll look like. What is clear is that there will be cosmetic packs that bring all kinds of goodies into the game that are based on Bungie’s past IP. These will be monetized, but they’re only for fans who really want something to show off.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape

What Could Destiny 2 The Final Shape be?
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Bungie also revealed the name of the expansion after Lightfall. This will be called The Final Shape, and has a lot of connotations that seem to suggest that the Traveler and Darkness are gone. Of course, this makes sense given that it will be the end of the Light and Dark saga in Destiny 2. This is the story of the game that has been driving forward since Destiny 1. Finally, there will be some sort of closure. However, Bungie also doubled down on the fact that Destiny 2 will continue. The game won’t be ending there, and there’s going to be so much more on offer as we move forward.

Seasons Will Contine

Perhaps the best news fo the event was that seasons will continue for the foreseeable future in Destiny 2. These are the crux of the game’s story, how it’s told, and how players interact with it. They’re going nowhere, and that’s a good thing. Starting now with Season of the Lost, the story of Destiny 2 is set to continue in this fashion for a very long time. Bungie has spearheaded what it means to be an MMO with Destiny 2 and seasons. While other games were the original inspiration for Destiny 2, it’s Destiny 2 that leads the way now.

That’s everything that came out of the showcase with Bungie. The event was, by all accounts, the best players have ever seen. It packed in a lot of content into a short space of time, and all players were thrilled with what they got. Season of the Lost is now live for all players to get into, and it’s the prologue to the upcoming incredible expansion. This is absolutely where all players will get the most out of Destiny 2 in the lead up to the next expansion, and it’s where all players will come together to take down the queen from the Hive who wants to destroy us all.