Star Wars the Old Republic is a popular MMO based in the Star Wars universe. SWTOR has tons of players around the world, and some of these players have banded together and formed guilds using the in-game guild system. Guilds allow you to totally immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. Want to role-play your character in Star Wars? There’s a guild for that. Want to coordinate tactics in PvP? There are guilds that focus on PvP. Want to take on a hard raid? PvE guilds are for you! With so many guilds to choose from and different types, some players may find themselves hopping from guild to guild in the beginning. If you need to leave a guild in Star Wars the Old Republic, there is a very simple way to do it! Don’t worry, if you join a guild you are not stuck in it permanently.

how to leave a guild in star wars the old republic

How to Leave a Guild in SWTOR

In order to leave a guild, you simply have to type in chat the following command “/gquit” without the quotation marks. The / tells the game that you are entering a command and not a message. The g is used to denote that it is for a guild. There are a ton of other commands you can use with /g such as /ginvite, /gkick, /guild, etc. If you want to leave a guild in SWTOR, however, the /gquit command is the one to use.

Before you leave, however, you should be certain you want to because there is no rejoining unless you get invited again. Guilds offer a lot to players, especially their veteran members so guild hopping isn’t always advised, but we understand that sometimes guilds die or interests change. When that happens, it is time to move on and find a new guild. You almost always want to be part of a guild. Guilds help you quest, they’re great for socializing, they offer guidance if you’re confused about something in-game, and they provide bonus experience!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to leave a guild in Star Wars the Old Republic!