Keeping your troops happy is one of the most important things in any army and Bannerlord is no different. Hiring troops is the easy part, and keeping them happy usually is easy as well, but some new players may find their party’s morale hard to raise. Having high party morale is important for raising the leadership skill, and also helps raise the stewardship skill if you follow one of our tips! Here’s how to raise party morale in Bannerlord!

How to Boost Your Party’s Morale in Bannerlord

Morale in Bannerlord affects a lot of things. Too low and your troops will start deserting you, looking for opportunity elsewhere since you’re such an incompetent commander. You can make sure it doesn’t get to this by keeping track of your party’s morale in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. There is a bunch of useful numbers here.

how to raise party morale bannerlord

Here we have six numbers. The first is your gold, the second is your influence, next are your hitpoints, after that is your party, then it’s the amount of food you have (not days), and after that is finally morale. You can hover over all of these and learn a little bit more. There is also an arrow at the very bottom right to expand this menu and bring up some other stats, as well as the three flags that opens up a menu to command an army when you are part of a kingdom. For now, we just want to focus on the morale stat.

how to raise party morale bannerlord

If you hover your cursor over the morale stat, a window will pop up displaying how exactly the game arrives at that number. Here are all the things that affect morale and how to either get it or avoid it.

  • Base – Base morale is always 50. If your morale is below this, you’re essentially in the negative. You should try and get it up past 50 otherwise bad things will happen if it keeps going down.
  • Recent Events – Winning battles and completing tasks from NPCs helps raise your party’s morale
  • Personal/Leadership – This buff comes from perks you may have from various skills that help your party’s morale
  • Food Variety – This is probably the easiest food buff to get after the first few weeks of in-game time. Just buy a bunch of different food instead of 50 packs of grain and you’ll see this modifier pop up.
  • Paying Your Troops – So you’ll never see this modifier pop up unless you don’t have enough money to pay your wages. If you don’t pay your troops, their morale will go down. Simple as that. Make sure you have enough gold to pay your wages!
  • No Food – Your troops will be happy if they have a lot of food to eat, they will be content if they only have grain, and they will be extremely unhappy if they have no food to eat!

There are a few things you want to remember while playing to keep your morale up. Always have enough gold. Always have enough food. Never enter a losing battle. If you follow these three simple things, your troops will never be unhappy and desert. Morale can seem hard to deal with at first, but it’s actually quite simple. Moreover, Completing Quests can also vary into “Recent Events” Because as comical as it sounds having everything cleared up Quests can make your troops feel a sense of accomplishment.

We also recommend that you realize the potential of keeping your troops happy. You don’t want your troops turning against you and deserting you because that will play a huge role in lowering your party morale instead of raising it.

We hope you found our guide on how to raise party morale in Bannerlord useful. If you’re looking for more Bannerlord content, be sure to check out the following guides!