Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord features a ton of new quests, one of which is called Family Feud. This is perhaps the easiest quest to complete and requires no combat skills as long as you can successfully persuade the opposing family in the feud. Here’s a full guide on how to complete the Family Feud quest in Bannerlord.

Starting the Family Feud Quest

bannerlord family feud quest

Whenever you go to a village or city, pay attention to the NPCs frames at the top of the screen. If you see one with a blue exclamation mark, click their portrait and it’ll tell you the type of quest they have available. Llum of Diantogmail here has a problem that we can help solve for gold, reputation, and experience.

bannerlord family feud quest

Once you start talking to him, he will explain his problem. His son killed a family member of some nearby village, now they want him dead and won’t accept blood money for his life. The father wants you to protect him and make sure that he does not die. If he dies, you fail the quest.

bannerlord family feud quest

Your next step in the quest is to find the son. He is hiding somewhere in the village, always on the outskirts. Don’t bother riding through the center checking the houses and farms, simply ride around the outside of the village in the forests scanning the horizon for a little shack or tent on the outskirts. This is where the son will be. We found ours here next to a house and a broken wall overlooking the rest of the village. We’ve also found them deep in the woods next to a campfire and a small round hut.

Once you talk to them, you essentially go through the dialogue and tell them that you will protect them and that everything will be okay. Why? To convince them to come with you to the victim’s family. They will eventually agree to join your party and go with you to negotiate with the victim’s family.

Negotiating with the Victim’s Family

Once you’ve talked to the son and he’s joined your party, your next step is to leave that village and travel to the village that has been marked on your map. The game automatically marks it so that it’s easier to find, but if you still can’t find it open up your quest log by pressing Q and find the name of the village and person you need to talk to. The village should be very close by so just take a quick glance around. We suggest you save before starting this part of the quest. The reasoning is quite simple, there’s been an ongoing complaint within the community that the game tends to glitch out at this part, thus making you lose all of the saved progress. Once you find it, go to it and talk to the victim’s family member.

bannerlord family feud quest

Once you talk to him, Do not be surprised by the aggressive tone. Moreover, do take note that you’ll be met with three dialogue choices. The first one will cause him and the other people around him to become hostile. You will be forced to fight and kill them and defend the son. If the son dies, you lose the quest. The last option will essentially let you enter a minigame where you have different chat options that have a chance of ‘charming’ the other person.

You need two successes or one critical success. If you fail the minigame, you fail the quest unless you can successfully defend your target. There are percents next to each dialogue option that indicate your chances of charming or failing. If you fail, just go back to your save before you started talking to the victim’s family and try again.

Once you succeed, you’ll get the gold, the family feud will be over, and you may even gain a skill level in charm. The Gold that you’ll be gaining from this interaction/Quest would go all the way to 500 Denar. Additionally, Your relations will decrease with the victim’s family, but they will increase with the son’s family. And once you leave the settlements and all, the son would automatically leave your party given that the quest has been completed.

We hope this guide to the Family Feud quest in Bannerlord helped you out and hopefully, you’ll remember in the future how to complete it. We find that the hardest part is finding that damned son on the outskirts of the village!

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