SIMs 4 features a plethora of career options, so you never have to get stuck on the same old path. However, this versatility comes with its own set of issues and annoyances.

As an athlete, you need to study your opponents in order to improve your personal performance. Unfortunately though, SIMS 4 doesn’t really tell you how the mechanic works.

Therefore, we’ve created a guide to showcase everything you need to do to study opponents and be the best out of the athletic bunch.

Studying Opponents In SIMS 4 – The How-To

Your SIM’s career works on a performance-based metric. The better your performance is, the farther you will go in terms of progression.

In athletic career paths, this form of progression is implemented through keeping track of basic necessities and doing your daily chores.

It just so happens that the major portion of your chores is to study your next opponent in order to grasp their weaknesses and strengths.

Having said that, here’s how you can study your opponents in SIMS 4:

Step #1: Source A Computer

How To Study Opponents In SIMS 4
SIMS 4 | Computer | Source: Wiki

To get started, you need to have a computer to access the information on the internet. If you don’t already have one, then you can consider purchasing a Deskblock, as they tend to be the best bang for your buck.

On that note, here’s how you can purchase / source a computer:

NamePriceUnlock Criteria
How Low Can You Go Deskblock Computer§800
Milton Word Processor§1,015Writer Career level 2
G.R. Saker Typesmithy Double Plus Good Edition§1,400
Respecterion Mid-Range Computer§1,440
The Regulation Station§1,500Detective Career level 2
Information Database§3,080Secret Agent Career level 9 – during the Diamond Agent branch.
Immersive Bend§3,360
All-in-One Powerful PC§4,000
Mayhem Portable Computer§4,600Criminal Career level 10 – during the Oracle branch. Cannot be placed in the inventory.
Top Secret Computer§5,400Tech Guru Career level 9 – during the eSport Gamer branch.
Ghostwriter Disappearing Desktop§10,000
Out of This World Desktop§15,100Scientist Career level 10
Standard Portable Computer§1,000
FreeRoam Portable Computing Device§1,650First time a SIM maxes the performance meter in Freelancer Career as Freelance Writer.
Customized Portable Computer§4,250
MyComputer UoG X19 Athena§4,250
S.I.Mac P.R.O Laptop§4,250Interior Decorator Career level 10

Step #2: Select A Professional Athlete

Once you’ve chosen a computer to work with, it’s time to choose the SIM that needs to research its opponents. This will only work with those in athletic career paths due to apparent reasons.

Once you’ve chosen your professional athlete, move toward the computer and click it.

Step #3: Initiating The Study Command

Tap on the computer and perform the following operations:

  • From the computer menu, head to Web and locate the Study Opponents bubble.
  • Tap on it and wait for the progress bar to finish.

As an indication, your SIM will head to the computer and will start studying. Depending on your SIM’s career progression, this can take a few in-game minutes or even a bunch of hours.

How To Study Opponents On A TV – SIMS 4

How To Study Opponents In SIMS 4
SIMS 4 | TV | Source: FandomSpot

Unlike PC, studying opponents on a TV is a two-step process. Just select the SIM and the TV, and choose the Study Opponents button.

If you don’t own a TV, then any of the following options will work just fine:

NamePriceFun ReliabilityBuyability
PenguinVision Children’s Television Set§27543Build mode
Been There, Watched That TV§50053Build mode
Trusty Companion TV§99555Build mode
InstaView Flat Panel TV§1,47565Build mode
InvisiView Flat Panel Tabletop TV§2,50078Build mode
InvisiView Flat-Screen HDTV§2,60078Build mode
GeniusVision Flat Screen Television§3,40088Build mode
GeniusVision Wall-Mount HDTV§3,50088Build mode
PlasmaTron 3000 Flat Screen TV§8,50089Limited
SpaceKeeper Mountable TV§1,92065Build mode
HDCurV Anti-Flat Screen Television§4,20099Build mode
Monolith Wall TV§9,99999Build mode
Projectotron Outdoor Movie Screen§2,50078Build mode
Projectotron Indoor Movie Screen§2,50078Build mode
Media Marathoner All-on-the-Wall§2,26025Build mode
Media Marathoner§2,89025Build mode


All in all, you just need to have a PC or a TV at hand, and the rest becomes a matter of navigating menus. Now, theoretically, you could take your time while studying your opponents.

However, we recommend you wrap everything up within 3-4 hours in order to maintain a good mood for your SIM. It doesn’t only help amp up your overall performance, but also enables you to do more than just AFK level your SIM.