Papi is one of the less well known Villages in the Animal Crossing series. He’s a lazy male horse that’s only been part of the series since Animal Crossing: New Leaf, making him very new indeed. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Papi Villager Guide, we’ll be covering everything there is to know about this Villager. Hopefully this gives you an idea of how to best please this Villager if you want them on your island, and what they’ll be doing there.

Who Is Papi?

who is papi
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Papi is a lazy horse Villager. He’s got brown fur and says “Haaay” as his opening phrase, which is a reference to the fact that he’s a horse. It also references his laziness, since all lazy personality Villagers love to ear and relax.

Interestingly, while his body is brown, his arms and legs are stripy. Like a Zebra. This suggests that he’s actually an African Wild Donkey, which is a type of horse if you really think about it. It’s also possible that he’s a relative of Giraffes known as an Okapi.


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You’ll find Papi’s birthday is on January 10. He generally rises in popularity around this date because everyone wants to celebrate a birthday in the game. On his birthday, you should head to Papi’s house to celebrate with him. He’ll be hanging out there all day, and you’ll be able to have a party with him. This will boost your relationship with him, and it’ll probably result in you getting a present from him.

Papi’s Personality

who is papi
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As we’ve mentioned a couple of times now, Papi is a lazy horse Villager. This means that he’s laid back and has a relaxed lifestyle. It also means that he loves eating.

As a lazy Villager, he loves eating and fishing. These are some key aspects of his personality, so bear them in mind if you ever want to find him.

While Papi is going to get along with most Villagers, he’ll offend and confuse any jock Villagers you have. They love to exercise and get buff, which is the complete polar opposite of Papi’s personality.

On the plus side, Papi is definitely going to get on with peppy, smug, normal, cranky, and sisterly Villagers. This means that for the most part, he’ll have a lot of friends. Snooty Villagers might not like him though, but they have a really short memories so it won’t be something that they’ll hold onto.

Papi’s House

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Papi’s house is very normal, which is something I love about him. Villagers with normal looking houses can sometimes have crazy interiors, but Papi’s isn’t actually that crazy on either side. It’s a good all-rounder.

He’s got puzzle pieces as wallpaper, and has picked up a lot of pastel-coloured furniture. This means that his house is generally inoffensive and looks pretty decent. I’d say that it’s one of the better houses to explore and live in and around.

Facts About Papi

There isn’t much else to say about Papi, other than he’s considered to be one of the cutest Villagers in all of New Horizons. As this video attests to.

That’s it for our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Papi Villager Guide. If we’ve missed anything, please do let us know what in the comments.