A new petition is making the rounds on the internet, in particular, in the communities centered around the highly acclaimed Kerbal Space Program. This petition aims to make Scott Manley, a famous YouTuber, the voice of the tutorial in the upcoming Kerbal Space Program 2.

While there are currently not an overwhelming number of signatures on the Change.org petition, we expect to see a large number of people sign in the coming days.

scott manley the voice of ksp 2 tutorial petition

Have Scott Manley, Kerbal Space Program’s Number 1 YouTuber to voice the tutorial for KSP 2. 
Scott Manley has taught thousands of people how to fly our first ships to orbital mechanics in game and in real life. This act of acknowledgement will be our way of returning back to our rocketman.
Scott’s voice has been known to boost success rates in missions by nearly 46.98%.
With this in mind, Scott should be reborn into Kerbin with the name, Scott Kerbal.

Text from the petition on Change.org

Scott Manley is a Scottish YouTuber, astrophysicist, and programmer. He is known for his highly insightful and educational videos about Kerbal Space Program.

He has degrees in Physics and Astronomy as well as a Master’s in Computational Physics. In his videos, he always brings science and physics into his discussion. Scott Manley is an educational resource both for Kerbal Space Program and anything to do with space.

With the recent reveal of Kerbal Space Program 2 at Gamescom, we found out that the highly anticipated sequel will feature an in-depth tutorial.

The KSP community obviously feels that Scott Manley has done a lot for both the game and the community as a whole and should be the voice that teaches new players.

He already has a huge repository of educational tutorials on YouTube, why shouldn’t he be included in the game that ships Spring 2020?

By 2023, the petition ahs reached 28, 861 Signatures, which fall a little over 6000 signatures short of their next goal. Since then, the subject matter has died down, and it doesn’t look like Scott Manley will be appearing in Kerbal Space Program 2 anytime soon.

Regardless, we hope to see him in Kerbal Space Program 2 represented by a Kerbal named Scott.