Prey is one of the best sci-fi games out there. It provides you with so many different options for play style that you could easily sink more than 100 hours into it in extremely distinct playthroughs. While there’s more than just powers and abilities, it is those abilities that give the game such a unique feel in each playthrough. In this list, we\re going to cover the ten best skills in Prey. See if you agree with what we’ve written.

10. Mimic Matter

best skills in Prey
Image Source: Prey Wiki

This is the Typon power that every single player goes for in their first playthrough. It allows the player to transform into any non-living object. Yes, this is the exact same power that Mimics use throughout the game to troll players. Having it work the other way round is genius though. One of the main benefits of this power is shifting size, allowing you to get through tight spaces undetected. You can also use other powers at the same time, opening up more opportunities to take enemies out. At the highest level, you can even miimic complex machinery such as Turrets and Operators.

9. Psychoshock

Image Source: Samurai Gamers

This power is a little less impressive, but still very useful. It exerts a psychic attack against a target, causing damage to them and leaving them vulnerable. In particular, it’s useful against enemies that are weak to this type of attack. Some enemies in the game have a high resistance to all other damage types. Using something like Psychoshock will harm them enough that you can get in close and finish them off with a wrench.

8. Machine Mind

machine mind
Image Source: YouTube

Another very uninteresting ability. However, it’s also extremely useful. with Machine Mind, you can turn most robotic enemies and have them fight in your favor. This is useful if you’ve taken on too many Typhon powers and don’t count as human to any of your turrets anymore. You might also benefit from it if you’re in the middle of a battle with Operators that have been corrupted, or are just working against you. Those who want to take a more passive route can make the most of this ability for taking down Typhon enemies.

7. Necropsy

Image Source: Reddit

This isn’t a skill you’ll use so much as benefit from. Necropsy makes it so that you can harvest so many more materials from enemy corpses. This is incredibly beneficial if you’re fighting a lot of Typhon head on. It’ll also affect how much you get from using a Recycler. All of that stuff you pick up can then be used to craft more items. In the long run, this will only make your life easier. As long as you live long enough.

6. Firearms

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This skill is directly related to all the weapons in the game. With it, you’ll increase the damage you deal, as well as the critical hit chance. It’s a bit of a no-brainer for most players, but only if they want to do a human run. If you’re balancing your human abilities with Typhon ones, then it might not be worth getting this skill. When you can’t decide which run to do though, this is a good one to start with on a human ability run.

5. Impact Calibration

impact calibration
Image Source: Arqade

This is one of the best skills in Prey because it boosts your trusty wrench. This melee weapon is the first one you pick up in the game. With it, you can batter any enemy into oblivion given time. The problem is that most enemies hit like trucks in the beginning of the game. That’s why this skill can help you. It ups the power of your wrench by 50%, meaning that you too can hit like a truck. It’ll certainly make any Typhon think twice about coming near you to get a quick gut punch in.

4. Materials Expert

materials expert
Image Source: Reddit

Another understated entry in the best skills in Prey list. This one actually allows you to do two things. First and foremost, it increases the yield of all recycling by 20%. You’ll get 20% more stuff from everything you recycle. That means that you can then make 20% more stuff right from the start. You can also get on the path to upgrading certain weapons with this skill. Once again, if you’re on a human power only run, this is the weapon you need to be using.

3. Suit Modification

suit modificcation
Image Source: Polygon

We’d call this an essential skill for any playthrough. It boosts your inventory slots, meaning you can instantly carry more stuff. This has a few levels to it, and each one pushes the inventory size up. All you need to do is pick up the stuff in the game, and then you can recycle it all to make more Neuromods and feed your inventory expanding habit. It’s a vicious cycle that we wholeheartedly encourage.

2. Dismantle

Image Source: IGN

Throughout your time in Prey, you’re going to pick up a a lot of weapons. As you’d expect, most of these will be the same. You’ll invest in upgrading one, and after that you’ll just have useless copies hanging around. This is one of the best skills in Prey because it allows you to dismantle those copies. You can then use the materials from dismantling them to buy better stuff, or craft it. Trust us, this ability will change your life.

1. Repair

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This is the best skill in Prey. Hands down. It opens up so many routes at all points in the game. Without it, you’re going to struggle to advance in a way that’s accessible to your play style. The game funnels players through a standard route, but on subsequent playthroughs, you want some options. This skill opens up those options. Suddenly you can get an Operator to heal you, open a door, or even open a door yourself. You’ll also find that you can get a recycler working earlier in the game and begin adding more Neuromods to your brain faster than you did last time around.