Fang is a cranky wolf Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’s got a long history with this game series, and as a result, he’s fairly sought-after in this game. you might even get 10 million Bells for him if you play your cards right. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fang Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about him, plus some details you probably never knew.

Who is Fang?

who is fang
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As we’ve mentioned, Fang is a cranky wolf Villager. He’s actually one of the few Villagers to have been in almost every game in the series. This means he’s a bit of a legend. His name is thought to be a reference to White Fang. That’s the name of a novel by Jack London. However, Fang is also a common dog name, so it might be that. The name could even be a reference to the fact that wolves have sharp teeth. Oddly enough, his Japanese name is a reference to the Russian province of Siberia.

His quote is a play on the words Vic uses. This indicates some personal history between the two Villagers.


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Fang’s birthday is on December 18. On this day, you’ll find him hanging out at home. He’ll be waiting for all the other Villagers to come around and celebrate with him. On this day, you should definitely head over and see him. Celebrating a birthday is great in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You get to play party games, give presents, and even have a cake or two. Those cakes will be extremely useful later on in your game. They give you special abilities that boost you through your work.

Fang’s Personality

fangs personality
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Unfortunately with Fang, we have to talk about the cranky personality type. Villagers with this personality are often agitated and grouchy at first sight. It makes them far more difficult to befriend than other personality types. As a result, you’ll need to put in much more work to become close with Fang.

If you disagree with Fang, he’s likely to get really angry with you. He may also refuse to do you any favors. This is something all cranky Villagers do. If you need him to do something or want to become his friend, don’t disagree with him. In reality, this would be a very toxic relationship. Thankfully, it’s just a game.

Fang will be hugely invested in his hobby, education. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic that he’ll challenge you to competitions related to it. This is something annoying that all cranky Villagers do. A nice side-effect is that he’ll get on with cranky, jock, and snooty personality types. These are all self-obsessed personalities that like to make fun of everyone else. Fang will be right at home if you have an island full of these Villagers.

The only Villagers that Fang will desperately dislike are peppy Villagers. They rub him the wrong way because they seem boring to him. Really it’s just because they’re so positive and he can’t seem to find one nice thing to say about anything in the world.

Fang’s Appearance

fangs appearance
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Fang is a pretty standard wolf. If you imagine a picture of one of these animals, you’ll be imagining him. It’s pretty clear to see what the designer’s intention was with him. He’s grey all over but has white markings around his muzzle and paws. He does seem to be wearing purple eye shadow, but no one’s here to judge him. At least he takes care of his appearance. His initial jumper is Christmas-themed, though that can change depending on the seasons you see him in.

Fang’s House

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Fang Villager Guide
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The exterior of Fang’s house is as basic as it gets. It’s all some sort of play on brown, which isn’t that inspiring. Still, if you want houses like this on your island, Fang is one of the Villagers that you need. The interior is fascinating though. It’s completely different from what you’d expect. The floor is tiled in a victorian style, and the wallpaper appears to be huge old windows. While there are a couch and a stereo system, Fang also has a writing desk and grandfather clock. He seems to prefer living in the 1800s rather than the 2000s, so he’s decorated his house accordingly. If that style sounds great to you, then you need to get him on your island.

Facts About Fang

There isn’t much that you need to know about Fang outside of the above. However, there is one interesting tidbit we have to share. Fang was absent from Animal Crossing: Wild World. The developers didn’t put him in the game. This may have been due to limitations on the game cart, or they might have wanted to remove him for a time. No confirmation of why he was removed from that game, in particular, has ever come out. Outside of that blip, he’s in every single game.

Most players love to hate Fang. The fact that he’s a cranky Villager makes him incredibly hard to enjoy being around. If you ever see a playthrough of an Animal Crossing game, you’ll notice that the player removes him more often than not. He’s actually made it into some videos about the most hated Villagers, and even just the most annoying.

Fang is evidence that not all Villagers can be beloved. Many are, and that’s great for those players who have a Villager they adore. Fang, however, is not loved by most. He’s the Villager you want if you need a grouchy character in your game. He’s a Villager that will fit in with jocks and other cranky Villagers, but not much else. If you’re trying to build a thriving community of positive Villagers, steer clear of him. He’s a good bet if you want an island full of Villagers that no one wants to see though. In a way, that would be nice. At least he would be surrounded by Villagers that he has a lot in common with. It still feels like a cruel idea for anyone to use though.