Lemnis Gate is an upcoming shooter with a hugely tactical edge. It’s a game in which you have to think about every single angle of the battlefield if you want to win. There are objectives to accomplish, enemies to kill, traps to lay and avoid, and so much more. But just what is Lemnis Gate? In this guide, we’re going to explain exactly what this game is. Giving you an idea of what to expect when it finally launches later this year. Let’s start with the basic stuff, and move through the more complex things as we go.

What is Lemnis Gate?

The game has two core aspects: shooting and tactics. Every match is made up of a series of 25-second time loops. There’s a range of characters to choose from, and once you’ve made a selection, you’ll have to use those 25 seconds to perform all the tasks you want to. This might be completing an objective, killing an enemy, laying some traps, or moving to the opposite end of the map and firing wildly. All time loops stack for the final round, so everything you do in every time loop can have an impact on future rounds.

Whilst controlling a character, you’ll be in first-person, moving and shooting as you go. When you’re observing, you’ll only be able to view the map from a drone. This gives you a good tactical view of the map, allowing you to observe what all characters are doing, past and present. This is particularly important when it comes to all the game modes.

Destroy or Capture Points

The two core game modes keep this title interesting. One sees players defending an objective whilst trying to destroy another, and the second requires players to capture points by depositing them in their goal. While you might complete the objective on your first round, the enemy can kill your character and negate your efforts. You’ll then have to decide whether to kill that character that killed you, or find a way to cause them issues before they can complete objectives themselves.

This is where tactics come into play. While it feels like you should run in and shoot everything in sight, that’s not always the best way forward. Instead, it can be more beneficial to take a character to an enemy’s goal and plant lots of traps. This will make life extremely difficult for them, and force them to take the traps down before doing anything else in future time loops.

In these ways and more, the game becomes more about managing what your enemy is doing. If you don’t, then they’ll run all over you and win every round.

PvP or PvE?

The game can be played against other real players or bots. You can even mix things up and combine both if you want to. There’s no set way to play. You’re also able to play against one other player for straight turn swapping, or in teams of two. This second, more complex, match type makes matches last a little longer, but it’s definitely the best way to play. More game modes may be added after launch, for now though, this is all that there is in the game. (https://hopeclinical.com)


There’s a huge roster of characters to play as in this game. Each one is unique and has their own distinct abilities. This makes it hard to master the game, since you can only play as one character per round. It will take hours of playing to find the best characters for you, but even this can change depending on what your enemy is doing. The abilities on offer range wildly from character to character.

One character is speedy, with an ability that allows them to run faster than anyone else temporarily. This is great for reaching objectives and avoiding gunfire. However, traps can be laid to kill this character easily, so they’re best saved for late in the match.

Another character has the power to drop mines and another still turrets. These are useful for making life very difficult for your enemy. Placing them around an objective makes it almost impossible to destroy or capture something because there’s simply too much gunfire and death. Yet another character has a toxic weapon that leaves behind damaging waste after firing, which can get you a few sneaky kills by the end of a round.

Release Date

The game will launch on August 3, 2021. It will be coming to all major platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Interestingly, the game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. This means that you can jump in and try it out without spending a penny. Considering the game is quite cheap already, this isn’t a huge win, but it is worth knowing. There’s not much else good out around the same time, so this will be a title to jump into.

Think Through the Chaos

what is lemnis gate
Image Source: Xbox Wire

This game is going to be difficult to master, and hard to even initially play. There’s a lot of stopping and starting, and even more to learn and master in your mind. However, if you take the time to understand the rules and get used to the controls, you’ll find something that you might enjoy here. It’s very different from the traditional Call of Duty and Battlefield titles you may be used to. It’s certainly not got a battle royale mode for you to drop into and survive in either. This is a game that’s about utilizing everything at your disposal to the best of your ability, including time. If you don’t, you’ll lose.

To keep things interesting, there’s a reward track. This awards you with new cosmetics as you earn levels and get better at the game. It’s a small reward that might make life easier for some people who want to feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck. Ultimately, there’s a lot to unpack here, and it’s going to take time. By the end of your journey of learning though, you’ll have a lot of shiny gear to show for it.