This week, Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six Extraction. Tomorrow, the game will be getting a full reveal as part of E3 2021. Ubisoft is holding a Ubisoft Forward event, and it’s there that all the in-depth details about this game will come out. For now though, everyone wants to know exactly what Rainbow Six Extraction is, and why they should care about it. The most basic way to explain it is that it’s a full game version of the Rainbow Six Siege Quarantine event from 2018. But there’s so much more to it than that. This guide covers everything you need to know about the game before Ubisoft Forward.

Rainbow Six Siege but PvE

While Rainbow Six Siege has a couple of PvE game modes, they’re sparse and empty. They’re nothing more than training modes that players use to get some easy credits and experience in the game. The only reason you’d play them is for a challenge when your internet is down. Even then though, there are better games to play. That’s where Extraction comes in. This is a fully fledged Rainbow Six experience but with a core PvE focus.

Players will be battling their way through a series of missions in a chain in every match. The idea is that each mission in the chain is progressively more difficult. There’s a safe room between every mission, so there’s somewhere to restock and get some health. You can choose to leave the mission chain after any mission if you think they’re too challenging. This will see you end the current chain with fewer rewards, but everyone lives. If you persevere and complete the chain, it’s likely that you’ll get more rewards for your efforts.

The mission chains will contain four or five missions that are all slightly different. You might need to rescue an NPC in one mission, guide them in a second, extract them in the third, fight enemies in the fourth, and then escape in the fifth. There are dozens of potential combinations, each of which will make your next round far more interesting as a result.

Still Operators

rainbow six extraction
Image Source: Hey Poor Player

The core characters in Extraction are still set to be Operators. These are the characters you use to play Rainbow Six Siege with. How many Operators from the full roster make the transition remains to be seen. In the Rainbow Six Siege Quarantine event, only a few Operators were available. This was due to balance issues and gadgets though. In a game with many of the Operators having gadgets that are useless in the event mode, there’s no point including them.

Expect to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Each will have gadgets and abilities that are built to support others or improve damage in PvE scenarios. This is a very different game, so all PvP elements will be stripped right back. However, it’s almost certain that the lore from Extraction will tie in with Rainbow Six Siege.

Infected Enemies

infected enemies
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The Rainbow Six Quarantine event is what inspired Extraction. In that game mode, a meteorite spread an infection to an American city. The city was sealed off from the rest of the country, and special forces were brought in to secure it and wipe out the infection. among those forces were a few Rainbow Six Operators. The infection began as a black mold, but quickly grew to attack and mutate humans. Soon, spikes appeared all over the environment, and they were reflected in the enemies. Some people tuned into smaller creatures, whilst others were transformed into hulking behemoths.

Based on our experience with Rainbow Six Siege Quarantine, we believe that Extraction has the same infection. It’s going to have over taken a small city, and Rainbow Six Operators will be tasked with extracting people and data from the infected zones. This will form the bulk of the story, though there’s bound to be something else going on too.


rainbow six extraction story
Image Source: GameSpot

No details on the game’s story have been released yet. However, it’s safe to assume that the infection in whatever location the game is set in is serious. Operators will be tasked with extracting people and data to gain information on the infection and save lives. The story will probably evolve over the course of seasons, as it does in Rainbow Six Siege. There might be a set of story missions each season, but the bulk of this game’s lore will likely be told through pickups like audio logs.

Players will probably be more interested in having a bombastic story, but that’s not how things work in Rainbow Six usually. If we look at past games, there have been story modes, but each story has been more flavor text for the real meat of the game, the multiplayer. Expect the same here, and if the story ends up being great, then it’s a nice surprise.

Will Rainbow Six Extraction be Free-to-Play?

extraction free to play
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Free-to-play is something that Ubisoft has been leaning into more and more. There’s no way that Rainbow Six Siege could be free-to-play now, because players have already spent money on the game over the years, but if it launched today it almost certainly would be. As a result, we believe that Extraction will be free-to-play. It makes sense with the current business model for Siege. Players pay for a battle pass each season, and they get a new Operator and content to work through.

Extraction will probably follow a similar path, but be free to download. Each season could add a new Operator and series of missions, building on the established story. This would work in a similar way to Fortnite, with a wealth of lore, secrets, and gameplay mechanics that have been added over years. This is definitely the vision for the game, and given the success of the Siege event, it’ll pay off in huge revenue streams for the developer.

Release Date

We may know a release date for Extraction tomorrow. At the time of writing, Ubisoft Forward is a few days away, and it’s a day away from the release of this article. We will produce a full guide on the game’s release date and full details once all of that information has been made public.