Zell is a smug deer Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’s possibly one of the most smug Villagers you’ll come across in the game, making him more annoying than anything. However, he’s not without his charms. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Zell Villager Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Zell. From his personality to his house, all the facts are contained here. We’ll even throw in a few details that you probably didn’t know until today.

Who is Zell?

Animal Crossing- New Horizons Zell Villager Guide
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As we’ve already mentioned, Zell is a smug deer Villager. He’s been part of the series since Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so not for as long as most Villagers out there. His initial catchphrase is actually a reference to the way that deer will jump on all four legs at once in the wild. If you look up a video of deer jumping, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. His name is also though to have been inspired by the word gazelle, though this is incredibly hard to pin down. This is actually a type of antelope, but given the animal types are set in Animal Crossing, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Interestingly, Zell has a unique birthday, but we’ll get onto that in the next section.


zells birthday
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This is an incredibly important part of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Zell Villager Guide. Zell has the same birthday as Tommy and Timmy, the shopkeepers. This means that the day is even more special than it usually would be. The date for these birthdays is June 7, so you need to pop over and see the shop first before heading over to see Zell. He’ll be hanging out in his house all day, so he’s easy to find. Once there, you can take part in some party games, and even get some cake for showing your face. Save the cake, because it will help you in building up your island later on in the game. Finally, there’s also a big advantage to relationship here, because you can enhance yours with Zell by giving him a gift. Do this, and it’ll boost that relationship right up. He’ll also give you a gift the next day in return because he’s awesome.

Zell’s Personality

zells personality
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Zell has the smug personality type, and that’s not ideal. At least we don’t think so. Smug Villagers are generally quite kind and polite, maybe even acting like a gentleman. However, they also love themselves a bit too much. Zell is all about talking about himself, so you might end up avoiding him if this sounds like a terrible bore. However, smug Villagers do get on well with almost every other Villager in the game. Their personalities are a mix of many others, so while there’s a lot of annoyance, it’s also easy to have a smug Villager like him on your island. All you need to do is leave him alone and he’ll get along with everything just fine. The one thing to look out for is when he starts to talk about himself. Avoid him like the plague and go about your own business. There’s no need to get so involved and annoyed. We certainly did.

Zell’s Appearance

zells appearance
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Zell is a deer Villager, but he looks like a blackbuck antelope. This is deliberate, and you can see it done with a few other Villagers in the game. This is because the developers have specific animal types and need to make all the Villagers fit within them. Despite him actually being an antelope, he falls into the deer category. He’s got white fur with a lovely black pattern going all over his body. He even has the iconic spiralled horns of the animal that inspired his look. His hooves are white, and the only [arts of him that look different are the insides of his ears as well as his eyes. These are the less standard aspects of his face, and they stand out more because of his unique appearance among deer Villagers.

Zell’s House

zells house
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Zell is one of the few Villagers to have a house that suits his looks. It’s got darker walls and ends with a pointy roof with a white top. It’s as if he’s been transformed into a house, which is exactly what all Villager houses should look like. If you’re looking for unique houses to collect and assemble together on your island, then this is one of the first to start with. He’s not a desirable Villager by any means, but he does have a cracking house.

The interior of Zell’s house is what you’d expect from the top floor restaurant in the space needle in Seattle. The wallpaper shows windows with a night sky beyond them all around. It feels like there’s no privacy. The flooring is high quality carpet, the sort of stuff posh hotels use. He has a pool table, lovely leather chairs, a gramophone, and a piano for background noise. It’s like he took a hotel and put it inside his house. While it might seem shallow, it suits this smug Villager down to the ground.

Facts About Zell

Unfortunately, there’s nothing more to know about Zell. However, we do see the fact that his birthday is the same as Tommy and Timmy’s as a pretty interesting fact. It’s almost as if the developers wanted to make you life awkward on that date. If you spend too much time with Tommy and Timmy and forget, you’ll annoy Zell. Spend too much time with Zell, and who knows what the shopkeepers will do about it. This is the first real instance we’ve covered of Villagers and major NPCs sharing a birthday. While there are no in-game references to this, it’s possible that they will be added at a later date. Tidbits of information and small remarks are at the heart of Animal Crossing lore, and we believe that it will be expanded here in some way in the future. Use this knowledge wisely though, and make sure you pick up three presents for the twins and Zell on this day.